Tuesday, October 20, 2009


'Lo readers.

Good day, today. I think.

Bike tyre was still good this morning, which is a good sign. Then get to school, no assembly, just house meetings. Fairly quiet.

Double history. Googling activity. Emily vs Jasper. Pretty funny.

Recess. Woo.

Double media, had to do a paragraph, then we did revision out in the sun. Windy though.

Lunchtime. Hot. We wandered around, ended up in front of a classroom while the kids did their english speeches. A swarm of bees went over a building, and hovered around in front of the year sevens, who screamed. There were buttloads of them. Isaac said they were harmless (for he owns bees and is wise, or something), so he walked up and had a look. Kids were still screaming. Then they all 'parked' themselves (according to Sam), to protect the queen. Pretty cool, not every day you see a horde of killer bees terrifying year sevens.

Maths was slow, Mr Brennan cracked at Caz, and Tom and I didn't get much work done. The bees had put up tape around their new hive.

Biology. Quiet. Lecture, easy questions, jokes. Got some music off Claire, too.

Went down the street after that, got chips with Ryan, Denny disappeared, lotta douchebags and guidos down the street. Picked up some supplies, gotta pick up some more tomorrow. Then home, checked out new music (very triple J-ey, Claire), and wasted time. Pirate mode on facebook makes it almost worth it.

Tomorrow, think we're playing cricket, then a fun run down at the lakes. Haven't done any training, and it'll probably be hot. Ah well, least it's not a race.



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