Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beard of Zeus!

'Lo readers.

Jesus god. Wet and cold and windy all day today. Where is the spring weather?

Denny caught up with me when I got to school, cos he was late. I had to laugh. Chapel was fairly quiet, then a meeting in the hall. "YOU KIDS ARE GOING TO BE THE MOST SENIOR PEOPLE IN THE SCHOOL IN A FEW WEEKS, SO START BEING RESPONSIBLE!" Then a buttload of stuff about prefect voting. From squinting at Ms Dyke's form, looks like she's voted for either Lucy Andrew or Lulu, and what might have been Sally, I'm not sure. I'd vote for them.

Bio was quiet too, watched video, did work. Pretty meh.

Recess was cold.

Double maths. Boring. Alison nicked off for half an hour, so Tom and I tried to help Denielle. This linear stuff is tedious. Oh well. Need to talk to everyone who's going to the Big Day Out, Bernice had a good idea about staying down in Melbourne. Might be we should all do that, or something.

Lunch was quiet. Went to the singing thing, more people went, so it was actually alright. Funny though, the girls are all in tune, but they're too quiet, and us blokes are just shouting the words, so we're hideously out of tune. Oh well. Fairly boring after that, cept the kids in Ms Romien's room were playing uno with the card-vomiting machine. I've noticed something amusing about Thursdays, t

Psych was meh. Lots of really complicated questions about stuff we barely covered, which is annoying. Clemmo did she say she doubted some of it would be on the exam though. Tori and Georgia say there's going to be a jumping castle and lots of inflatable pools. Disappointing, people!

Then lit. We were all terrified. Mrs Cartledge seemed tired, but amused by Jasper and Oliver. It was a bit awkward every now and then. But then, it did say something about Cupid's 'love-shaft, and as a room full of teenagers, we are supposed to laugh.

Went home with a tailwind, then back down the street. Dare I say it, run was boring tonight. Nothing interesting.

Come home, start checking out music from Isobelle, looks like some interesting stuff. Started sorting out hard drive, deleted lots of useless crap. Why give me a .rar of a movie without the password? Damn boardos. Watched Anchorman, it's still awesome.

Tomorrow, well, it's Friday, and we've got a school thingy at night. Meh. As long as it isn't raining.


Anyway, the end.

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