Friday, October 2, 2009


'Lo all.

So, this morning, woke up, flicked through textbook over coffee, rode to school, caught up with the droogs, then into the hall.

I had a feeling that this practice exam was easy because it was a practice exam; there is no way the actual exam will be as difficult as this. I only had real trouble with one or two questions. Finished a good hour and a bit early, nearly fell asleep.

Then freedom, so after picking up more school shorts, down the street for chips with Hayden, Emily, and Sam. Saw Denny and Pat, preordered Them Crooked Vultures album, then we basically did nothing. Saw Annie, Bernice, and Belle in Target, and Jasper in EB, ended up in Dimmies where Pat and Denny bought themselves singlets... women's sports singlets. Bright pink. ...

So, home, didn't do a lot. Got pretty bored, so was Aiden, cos it looked like nearly everyone else had gone out. Pricks. Decided to retreat to the shed.

The Machinist - ***********
Tom reccommended this to me, been on the list though. Holy hell. This movie is really really really good. Cept, the main character hit a bit too close to home, seriously. I pray I never get that skinny. Feels like a mix between a Nolan and a Hitchcock film. Go and find this movie, it's ridiculously good.

And here I am. I feel like staying up tonight, but I don't think I should, because of work tomorrow. Oh yeah, we'll be away, so no blog post tomorrow night.

See, I say don't stay up tonight, but I said that last time, couldn't get to sleep til 2. Hurm.



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