Friday, October 30, 2009

Catch Hell Blues.

'Lo readers.

Today, I visited the show. But I did not go on any rides. Damn teachers. Damn weather too, it must have hit 30o, then it started pissing down!

Anyway. Get to school, everyone's a bit pumped, and it was warm. Went over to showgrounds with the media class, got lost with Oliver and Ruby, and did some reconnaisance. Not interested in paying $10 entry + $8 rollercoaster + other rides. Need to save money for Pearl Jam, among other things.

Then bio, which is revision. The NEAP practice exam had at least two questions that had the wrong answers on the answer sheet. I don't trust NEAP.

Recess, Lulu got a pair of cakes. She was so excited because Claire had given her the new Michael Buble album. Happy birthday, man.

Lit, everyone was terrified and relieved. Handed mine in, more work for the weekend to do, then we watched more movie. There was lesbian mudwrestling and a surprising amount of nudity. This movie is nuts.

Maths was a test, easy until the last question, which I did thrice and still am unsure about.

Then lunch. Awesome. It was getting damn hot, and humid, but there were clouds coming over. Patrick had decided to try and break his 800m record, and Aiden and Sam decided to try too, Aiden in barefoot. Idiots. Chilled out on the concrete for the rest.

History, more work for the weekend. I've got to write a thing and a presentation for media, then a prac report for biology, then a set of literature questions, then work on this damned history thing. Hurm.

Psych was good, spare in the library, Isaac, Hayden, Ryan and I just chatted on the couches. I'm enjoying spares so far.

After school (GOT MY FIRST A IN LIT FOR THE REVIEW YES), went down the street, found a cane for $15 (which will get more use than a 2min ride), then caught up with the droogs. Ended up in KFC as it started pouring. Hayden has a pretty party dress, which will look amusing.

Get home through the rain ("not going to the show now" "nope"), check news, chill out. Sorted out costume too, Alison agreed to do the eye thing, which is good.

So, tomorrow looks busy. Work all day, then off to Jason's in the evening. Need to get a few pictures, hopefully there'll be a few girls sober enough to take lots. And hopefully there won't be too much whinging, been far too much lately. Everyone needs to chill out, and get smashed.

No post tomorrow night, I'm afraid.



Thursday, October 29, 2009


'Lo all.

Tired. Ridiculously tired.

So, woken up far too early, then realised I'd forgotten my history books. Wrote it down on my hand.

Rode to school, Denny seems in good spirits despite nearly exploding his head from a migraine the other day. He had Jellea Beans. There is no real difference from real beans.

Chapel was dull, except for the chaplain calling one girl cute, and a flashy thing on the other side. In homeroom we had to vote for the prefects. I really hope I don't get picked. Also shouted at each other over year twelve jackets, the vocal minority seems to have picked the lamest design. Ah well.

In bio, we finished the textbook. Now it's just revision, joy.

Recess. Meh.

Double maths was as fun as always. Got some revision on everything done with Alison and Jordan, talked to Jasper about movies (he may be a dick, but he has good taste), and Emma and Jordan tried to teach me how to do makeup. It makes no sense. You're all insane. If it wasn't for this costume I wouldn't bother ever. Why would you do it every single day, hell.

Lunch was good, Denny and I got food to shut Oliver up, we made a large mess, swapped stories, the usual.

Psych was a spare again, so went to library to read the paper and chat with Shona. I've noticed that they've turned a lot of book I've read in the past (ie, Magician, Max Ride, Redwall) into 'graphic novels'. Hurm. Max Ride was a bloody manga.

Then lit, Cartledge seems to have gotten message that I'm terrified about this essay, though the rest of them were surprisingly behind. I reckon I'll get a C+, or a low B. Got to watch more cheesy movie, stupid half naked man was riding an obviously fake tortoise. We laughed. I wonder if there is a limit to how many jokes one can make about getting 'love juice' smeared on people's eyes. Maybe this stupid play really is a comedy.

After school, headed down the street, no canes, shops shut early for some reason, and then home, and then down the street again for walk. Had a buttload of deliveries, maybe I need a bigger bag. Saw Shona again ("ZOMG VAMPIRES!" "... uh.. yeah, cool...?"), then Pat and Ryan (we laughed), then Cameron Lucas, then Ruby looking lost with some flowers, and Alison who was whinging about costumes. Then Aiden was lounging against the library, we discussed exams and the show, which I rode past. All the rides seem ridiculously close together, it'd be funny if they crashed into each other.

Back home, Diana and PD were around, got some mad loot (FOR SALE - GANGSTA GANGSTA ROCKSTAR HATS), including a Zep tshirt and Monster shots (will have to show Jess), we discussed show rides and stupid people at airports.

And this evening, cleaning up lit essay. I forgot my history books again, dammit.

Tomorrow, hand in essay, maths test, Pat's going to try and break his 800m record, and might visit the show, I dunno. No one else is, disappointingly.



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Hard Day's Night.

'Lo all.

I have just finished my lit essay draft. Woo.

So, this morning, bitched about aforementioned essay with Ryan, still no exam timetable, which is getting scary, and we had to get our hats marked off. Nazis. *joking don't banhammer me*

First up was bio, took notes, pretty meh. Have to write a report over the weekend, dammit.

Then media, another report to write over the weekend. Joy.

Recess. Quiet. Lotta kids bailing on the show.

History was quiet as well, we have a report to write soon. Probably be over the weekend too, dammit. Oh well. I can cram on Sunday.

Then maths, revision. Tom and I helped the usual suspects, who were arguing over names for their year twelve jackets. I'm going with Fordy because I'm unoriginal.

Lunchtime. Pretty meh til Pat found a soccerball. Brings back memories, though I don't really remember the game being played so fast. I still suck. Can climb fences though.

Cricket was pretty meh, getting a bit better, but we lost by 27 runs. Hurm.

After school, screamed home, got another hundred words on the essay, then off to work, where a wombat was under the deck. Wtf. Work sucked, there was a function and a show and all these bourgeousie people going to watch the symphony orchestra. I wanted out early. Ah well.

Home again, finally finished essay (1260 words, need to add to conclusion I think), and chucked on the bibliography. Mrs Cartledge seems to have accidently forwarded my email exchange with her to the entire class. Hurm.

Tomorrow, double maths, prefect voting, work, picking up a cane, and Diana and PD and Dempsey are coming back to Australia, so that should be fun.



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stretched Linen Over Contorted Bodies.

'Lo all.


Nero's Day at Disneyland has the best titles.

Got to school this morning, almost exciting cos we got to sit up the back in assembly. Soon as it was over, Ms Dyke yelled at us. Meh.

Then psych, pretty scary. Just Shona and I sitting in front of Mrs Clemens trying not to make any noise.

Lit was scary too, I'm worried about this essay, but we'll see.

At recess, had a look at the rollercoaster. They've got buttloads of sick rides this year, the problem is going to be money.

Then media, have another essay to write, joy. Music lesson was pretty meh too, expected to do more work there too. It can wait.

History was meh, went over sheet, took notes. Nothing to write home about, really.

Lunchtime. Fairly bored. Bugged Alison, got a hat off Sam (mine now), business as usual.

Maths wasn't too bad, in revision mode now. Emma and I listened to music. Not too fussed about the test coming up, will have a good cheatsheet. Even if it's done the lunchtime before!

Then bio. Claire and Meg showed me pictures of me sleeping (which is creepy), then Claire was in a mean mood, making fun of Jack and I. Not Gavdog though, cos he's in the choir, not just the men's chorale. Meh. She has red hair lol.

After school, headed down the street with Sam and Emily, got a $70 boiler suit for $30 (AWESOME!), bowler hat (bit too small), and some chips. Got home, halfway through essay (700ish words!), and the costume looks good. Need cane, suspenders, cup (not sure about this one), and the eye makeup, of course. Should have a look for a bigger bowler hat too, I suppose.

Tomorrow, cricket, work, finishing essay. Should break a thousand words tonight, I'm not really planning on sleeping.



Monday, October 26, 2009

Short Fuse.

'Lo readers.

Argh. Monday.

Get to school, usual suspects, 'Derp de derp races, derp derp'. How interesting.

First up was double SPARE WOOOOOOO! Went to library, didn't do much.

Then recess, talked to Jason, he's getting his hair dyed purple, and he's enjoying waking up late. And it looks like I'm in for Saturday night, awesome.

Lit was quiet, got to watch more movie, which still seems ridiculously corny.

Then bio, got questions out the way, had an aside with Mr Bacon about creationism. He's not allowed to comment, interesting.

Lunch. Pretty dull. Amusing, every now and then.

History was alright, pop quiz (AZERBAIJAN EXISTS, DAMMIT!), then going over article.

Media. Talked about Requiem for a Dream (this has been high on my list for a while, anyone have a dvd of it?), then revision. Computers were being retarded. Talked to Emma about Jason's. Oliver's hooked bad on this magic game.

Good mood ebbed away when we got to band, cos there were buttloads of little kids, one kept on staring at me, and we played easy stuff. Dull. Afterwards hit Spotlight to check out masks, everything seems cheap. Inspiration struck me on my way home, if I can get a boiler suit, might be I won't go as the grim reaper...

More band was ridiculously dull, felt like I was wasting my time. Not nice being forced to carry an entire section by yourself.

Get home, Cartledge seems to dislike my rough plan (maybe it's a bit too rough... probably shouldn't have noted 'gone nuts'), and the three lines I had when I sent it to her were all wrong too. Hurm. Still, at the moment I'm 200 words down after the intro and the start of a paragraph, the trick will be referencing. If I screw up the referencing I fail the entire semester, how's that for pressure.

Tomorrow isn't doubles day, which is good, plus we get to sit up the back in assembly. Woo.

Had a look at the showgrounds, the carnies all arrived overnight, looks like we've got us a mini roller coaster, the giant drop, the centrifuge one, the zipper, and a new one. I don't want to waste too much money though, need it for tshirt and bootleg at Pearl Jam... and BDO... and Boxing Day... hurm.



Sunday, October 25, 2009

Probably End Up Dead in a Ditch Somewhere.

'Lo everyone.

Today was quiet. Went to work, survived the grey hordes of old people going to see a music about menopause, then caught up on the news; apparently the cup was pretty dull, unless you won money.

Have planned essay, but I need more internet to google more. I wasted it all on youtubes and movie trailers, aren't I stupid. Kids all came back, I miss quiet already.

Tomorrow's going to suck, as usual.



Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pressed in a Book.

'Lo readers.

Today was quiet. And it was warm. I love weekends.

Had to go to Stratford, pretty boring, marched, survived, so did siblings. Beardman seemed bemused.

Then everyone nicked off. After wasting far too much time on youtube, found myself some stuff to talk about in this essay. Haven't started writing yet though.

Think I've made a mistake.

Anyway, found some more Nero's Day at Disneyland, which is good.

Tomorrow, work.



Friday, October 23, 2009

Muckup Day Redux.

'Lo all.

Hell. One more year.

So, got to school, went to hall, got to play with candles, then we lined up, watched Jack's band play, then we sang, didn't die, the year twelve's soppy slideshow sputtered a few times ("SCOTTAAAY!"), so Jack's band had to rescue them again, and Steve ate his candle, blew out other's candles, and nearly burnt a few people. Emily and Jenny had an argument mid song almost, pretty funny.

History was dull, we tried to find Simpsons clips. Completely relevant, funnily enough. Bullsheet was mildly amusing.

Recess was too quiet. Lots of chalk messages from the year twelves. Yes, we're counting.

Then we eventually nicked off to the common for a while, saw lots of birds, took water samples, fairly dull. Obviously, this grass is all manmade, and this is a fascinating specimen of sign. Still optimistic.

Got back in time for lunch, year twelves started emerging. Sound system was going, blowup obstacle course/jumping castle was up, wadey pool inflated. Lots of girls in bikinis running around with elephant masks and water guns, and the blokes were down to their underwear throwing water bombs at random kids. Few girls got hit, and I think they got the bbqs on the other side of the quad. Sam and Isaac decided to join in guerilla style, and threw more water bombs from behind some buildings. Pat dragged us to the home ec kitchens for free pancakes. A good lunchtime, but ours will be better.

Then lit. Screeching halt to the excitement. Watched more of stupid movie though.

Then the assembly. It started off promising, and they played some Zeppelin. Awesome. Halfway through the jock's movie, Mr Nick stopped it, because it showed how to get into the gym, how to play a dangerous game involving basketball, slow motion hit to Campbell Heath's balls, then a montage of 'how to play nicely at lunchtime'. Amusing. Finished early, and then they let the balloons go again. Two went early, and one went late. Not bad.

After school, we were all pumped (ZOMG ONE YEAR), then Denny and I tried to fix GH and failed. Have been putting off lit homework since.

Tomorrow, marching in Stratty, then everyone's going to Melbourne. Feel like the only one not doing anything this weekend, but then I'll be able to finish this damned essay, which is good. Have fun doing it with a hangover, kiddies.



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Their Last Day.

'Lo all.

So, today was the year twelve's last day. They were pretty pumped.

Sick of bikes breaking. Hurm.

First up today was psych, which was a bit awkward for Shona and I cos all the year twelves were going nuts.

Then media, did a surprise test, fairly easy.

Recess. Meh. Had a beachball being thrown around.

Double lit was as fun as always. Noticed on the model exam we got that two years ago, the lit class had around a month to do their 1000 word essay. We have ten days. Awesome. Got pretty sidetracked about permanent records.

Then lunchtime, dragged ourselves to the rehearsal thingy, Ms Dyke was arguing with the janitor dude, but we had to sing anyway. Then wasting time.

Maths, just talked to Emma and Jasper and Tom, fairly meh. Sometimes it seems like Tom and I are the only ones paying attention, pretty sad.

Psych again, the crossdressing had started. Darby and Sunderland looked pretty funny, specially when the dresses started ripping. Then we got to escape, kids had their circle in the middle, lot of shouting and mooning, then they counted down and grabbed a hose. Looks like fun. Us year elevens all seemed to have this look of longing, but it's weird. 12 months and we'll be doing that, how weird.

After school was work, nothing interesting. Home, grabbed some stuff for the lit essay, should have plan done by the weekend, which gives me all week to write it. I think?

Everyone seemed to be in a good mood tonight. Facebook was actually funny. I do bite my thumb, sir.

So, tomorrow is muckup day. Sing on stage in the morning (crap), then a biology excursion, then the awesome lunchtime extravaganza, one more class, then the big assembly. Should be good.



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Team Mongoose.

'Lo all.


It's always kinda weird on an overcast Wednesday, cos you dunno if it'll rain or not, and if they'll cancel sport or not, and if they'll give you double lit if it is cancelled.

So, us droogs get to school (bike tyre is fine), lit first up. "HERE KIDS, HAVE THIS SHORTENED ASSESSMENT TASK!" but it's still 1000 words and complicated? "YEP! SHORTENED!" My idea got shouted down, instead she said I had to do more work. I figured I had an interesting angle. Wish I could have had my essay planned out on the board like Isobelle's.

History, talked about ol' Gorby, pretty slow. Half a geography class too, lot of pointing at maps.

Recess. Meh.

Psych was quiet, kept my head down and did work. Can tell you the difference between differential and inferential statistics properly now.

And media, almost finished report, Pat pissed off the teacher, we discussed BDO.

Cameron's first house meeting went pretty smoothly, but he has to learn how to shout.

Lunch was quiet. Used some of Denny's elastic bands for a slingshot.

Then we played cricket, haven't done this since the summer. Rusty as hell. Bowling was wide, batting was just blocking. Oh well. Binks won though, awesome. Bustrip home was amusing, Harry was ripping on Nick about him cheating on his girlfriend with some ugly chick. Funny.

After school, we decided to get chips before hunting for a costume. Sparty's was expensive and limited, but we found some cheapo ones. I got a grim reaper one, Sam got a bandit (NOT Zorro), Jake got a vampire, and Aiden got a 60s dress. Ran down to the park, got changed, scared some people, and signed up. 5 bucks for a 10min run, hmm. Our run was pretty easy, cept at the start Fraser arrived swearing at us. Sam and I got in front, kept up with each other to the end, then he got in front on the hill, the bastard. Everyone seemed impressed with our cheap, crappy costumes.

Stuck around for a few hours, Pat and Aiden's team were scary good, Mr Clapper survived, and we got free stuff (Aiden B got a $10 voucher, bastard). After mucking around on the flying fox and getting sworn at by a McNamara kid's friend, we ended up getting bronze medal for our section (Pat's team won, naturally). We shouted a lot, the mayor tried not to smile too much, it was pretty cool. Walked home since THE GODAMN BIKE HAS ANOTHER FLAT TYRE ARGH.

Get home, everyone's angry, meh. No BDO tickets yet, I'm starting to get worried. Finished media thing, need to print that, and as soon as this is finished, going to google some stuff for lit. Hopefully I can print that too.

Tomorrow is double lit, and the year twelves going nuts in the afternoon. Should be fun.



Tuesday, October 20, 2009


'Lo readers.

Good day, today. I think.

Bike tyre was still good this morning, which is a good sign. Then get to school, no assembly, just house meetings. Fairly quiet.

Double history. Googling activity. Emily vs Jasper. Pretty funny.

Recess. Woo.

Double media, had to do a paragraph, then we did revision out in the sun. Windy though.

Lunchtime. Hot. We wandered around, ended up in front of a classroom while the kids did their english speeches. A swarm of bees went over a building, and hovered around in front of the year sevens, who screamed. There were buttloads of them. Isaac said they were harmless (for he owns bees and is wise, or something), so he walked up and had a look. Kids were still screaming. Then they all 'parked' themselves (according to Sam), to protect the queen. Pretty cool, not every day you see a horde of killer bees terrifying year sevens.

Maths was slow, Mr Brennan cracked at Caz, and Tom and I didn't get much work done. The bees had put up tape around their new hive.

Biology. Quiet. Lecture, easy questions, jokes. Got some music off Claire, too.

Went down the street after that, got chips with Ryan, Denny disappeared, lotta douchebags and guidos down the street. Picked up some supplies, gotta pick up some more tomorrow. Then home, checked out new music (very triple J-ey, Claire), and wasted time. Pirate mode on facebook makes it almost worth it.

Tomorrow, think we're playing cricket, then a fun run down at the lakes. Haven't done any training, and it'll probably be hot. Ah well, least it's not a race.



Monday, October 19, 2009

Devious Stares.

'Lo all.

I'm tired and confused. May go as far as dazed and confused, even.

Stupid bike tyre was flat again this morning. I don't get it.

It was mercifully quiet early today, at least with one earphone in. Biology first up, we're nearly done, which is cool. Excursion Friday, woo.

Cautious optimism.

Psych. Meh. Did a crappy old practice test with doubled questions. Define learning set was there twice. Hurm.

Recess. Hungry. Cameron won house captain, well done that man. Should be an interesting year next year.

Lit. Swapped stories on who was what captain, then more reading play. We don't have to do the big comparative essay, yay.

Maths. Ew. Getting the hang of whatever we're doing, caught up on a bit of gossip. It's still confusing. Leaves doubts about the pissup after the Show.

Lunchtime. Surprisingly warm outside, so the teachers cracked down and made us wear hats. So we dragged some tables into the shade, Hayden, Isaac, and Sam got busted climbing on the roof. Then a massive game of catch across the quad. Talked to Emma about books.

History. Doing cold war again. Meh.

Finally media. Teacher finally snapped at Pat, but we got to check out all the artwork in the hall.

Band was fairly meh, but afterwards we got free food. Pretty cool.

Came home, talked to Amaya (2 hours since she arrived home from NY), 'upgraded' calculator, then more band. Painfully dull. Want to quit.

Tomorrow, doubles day. My favourite. Need to go shopping, had an idea...



Sunday, October 18, 2009


'Lo readers.

Today I slept in. And it was glorious.

Did my homework too, got something good, played a bit of guitar hero, South Park was on. Good day.

Going to have a crap week, naturally.

Tomorrow is Monday. Yuck.


Anyway, the end.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

No Feelings.

'Lo all.

Worked today. Pretty easy. Gave up on peeling potatos though. The chefs think I'm a robot. Lack of sleep. Scotty told us about his adventures in Ringers involving an entire bottle of bourbon. Well done that man.

Come home, haven't done much. Should be doing lit homework, but there's always tomorrow. Everyone seemed kinda bored tonight.

Tomorrow, sleep in. SLEEP! ZOMG!



Friday, October 16, 2009

New Ice Age.

'Lo readers.

Jesus. Sick of this crappy weather!

Rode to school through vicious headwind with Denny whinging, then it starts spitting. First up was media, we went over some regulations stuff, which might be interesting, I dunno. Pat got an idea for his thing next year, involving the swimming pools and that bath stuff that turns the water to jelly...

Biolology next, no physics kids, so it was fairly quiet.

Recess was boring, as far as I can remember.

Then lit, had to do reading. Stupid plays. It's worse when there's funny words.

Maths was dull, Denielle and I did barely anything. It's Friday.

Lunchtime. Bottle soccer was shut down fairly quickly, so we used a few of Julian's waterbombs. Funny, girls usually visit the toilets in groups, for whatever reason. Us blokes usually don't, today we had to use the sinks. Pat wedged himself above a stall, very creative new way of using a toilet, then we went out, Denny hooked the waterbomb above Kelly's locker. You can jam it in between the door and the edge, so it stays there until someone opens it, then it falls down and explodes on the ledge. Which it did. Kelly wasn't happy, so she chased Denny around. While she was doing that, Julian hooked up the second waterbomb. She came back, opened her locker, and got bombed again. Oh god we lol'd hard, the poor girl.

Then history, pasted everything to the poster, tried to think of reasons why it was important, and laughed as Nick got kicked out for being sexist to the feminists.

Psych. More questions. Meh.

After school, it was spitting, but we decided to go down the street anyway. By the time we were a block up Desailly street, it started pouring. POURING! The guys sprinted to Jess'sss, and when she caught up she let us in. While her and Potter dried up a bit, us guys were downstairs laughing, then her dad walked in. Awkward.

Visited maccas, lots of other grammar kids there, then random shops as Sam hunted for coloured contact lenses. Got a bit held up in Laugh@Life in one section, then in Sparty's, then Toy Kingdom, where we met Alison. She's still alive after a CAT scan and buttloads of tests, good for her. Patrick is planning on 'raiding' the Stratford playground, so he wants to kit Denny, Jake, and I out in plastic armour. I figure we should film it. Found myself John Lennon style glasses, leeettle too small though.

Nicked off back home, checked news, then out again after a shower. Didn't do a lot when we met up with everyone, escaped during the jazzbands for some harmless mischief involving the tables, then back for cards during the intermission. We played pretty meh, then the sinfonia all burst into tears for the year twelves. Mr Iverson will not cry for our year, I reckon.

Tomorrow, work, then lit homework. Meh. Least I don't have to do the big clean up. I hope it won't be busy. Just jinxed myself, obviously.




Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beard of Zeus!

'Lo readers.

Jesus god. Wet and cold and windy all day today. Where is the spring weather?

Denny caught up with me when I got to school, cos he was late. I had to laugh. Chapel was fairly quiet, then a meeting in the hall. "YOU KIDS ARE GOING TO BE THE MOST SENIOR PEOPLE IN THE SCHOOL IN A FEW WEEKS, SO START BEING RESPONSIBLE!" Then a buttload of stuff about prefect voting. From squinting at Ms Dyke's form, looks like she's voted for either Lucy Andrew or Lulu, and what might have been Sally, I'm not sure. I'd vote for them.

Bio was quiet too, watched video, did work. Pretty meh.

Recess was cold.

Double maths. Boring. Alison nicked off for half an hour, so Tom and I tried to help Denielle. This linear stuff is tedious. Oh well. Need to talk to everyone who's going to the Big Day Out, Bernice had a good idea about staying down in Melbourne. Might be we should all do that, or something.

Lunch was quiet. Went to the singing thing, more people went, so it was actually alright. Funny though, the girls are all in tune, but they're too quiet, and us blokes are just shouting the words, so we're hideously out of tune. Oh well. Fairly boring after that, cept the kids in Ms Romien's room were playing uno with the card-vomiting machine. I've noticed something amusing about Thursdays, t

Psych was meh. Lots of really complicated questions about stuff we barely covered, which is annoying. Clemmo did she say she doubted some of it would be on the exam though. Tori and Georgia say there's going to be a jumping castle and lots of inflatable pools. Disappointing, people!

Then lit. We were all terrified. Mrs Cartledge seemed tired, but amused by Jasper and Oliver. It was a bit awkward every now and then. But then, it did say something about Cupid's 'love-shaft, and as a room full of teenagers, we are supposed to laugh.

Went home with a tailwind, then back down the street. Dare I say it, run was boring tonight. Nothing interesting.

Come home, start checking out music from Isobelle, looks like some interesting stuff. Started sorting out hard drive, deleted lots of useless crap. Why give me a .rar of a movie without the password? Damn boardos. Watched Anchorman, it's still awesome.

Tomorrow, well, it's Friday, and we've got a school thingy at night. Meh. As long as it isn't raining.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


'Lo all.

Not too bad a day really.

This morning, before Denny rocked up, sun was out, no wind, I was optimistic. Then I went to get lunch, and it was cloudly. By the time we left the house, it started spitting. WTF. Not cool. Literally, it was freezing.

So, first up was biology, which was fairly quiet. Kids were talking about electing house officials. How exciting.

Media was pretty quiet. Ms Robbins gave me an awesome idea for next year's production - fake advertising campaign about iPods being bad, ala smoking. Should be fun. I have a few ideas, one involving Pat getting punched and another involving a brain and a pig's ear.

Recess was cold. More shouting about house officials.

Then history, more of the same. Lauren and I had done the work, Goody was missing his and Tom was missing a photo, so we'd all be done if the internet had been working. But it wasn't. Oh well.

Maths was dull. Girls were all stressing about house officials speeches. The poor things.

Then house meetings. Every single speech repeatedly mentioned how much the person 'loved Binks', 'PARTICIPATION! PARTICIPATION!', and how long they'd been at the school. And lots of ', uh, yeah's. Cameron had a pretty good speech, specially when he said it was his birthday, and Aiden laughed at Oliver for being debating captain. I reckon Nemo will be house captain, her or Annie. But it's fairly even. We'll see.

Lunchtime was wet, cold, and boring. Against my better judgment, followed Aiden and Gavin to some singing thing for the year twelves. We need more, kids, so come along, we really need you otherwise it'll be stupid. At least the hall had no freezing cold wind.

Sport was cancelled, of course, so off to biology again. I'd already done the work, so chatted to Gav and Zulaikha. The field trip to the common should be fun, unless it's wet.

Then lit. Everyone was terrified, but no one showed up. So, Jasper got possessed, and made an offering to the Fan Gods of April's (unzipped) pencil case. We lol'd. Had a look at the Dolly Doctors and laughed at other people's misfortunes and stupidity. Good lesson.

Rode home, had coffee, was abused by Fraser's little fat friend, went to work, wasn't too bad til near the end, when there was a buttload of stuff to do. That's why this post is late. However, the chefs took pity on me, so I got a heap of bacon, fried fish, chips, and ribs. They were a bit scared when I started eating, cos I was bloody starving. Meh.

Tomorrow is Thursday, I believe we're voting for prefects and stuff. I really hope I don't become a prefect. I'm not interested in going on stage every week, nor am I interested in trying to control buttloads of ungrateful kids. Plus I'm not photogenic, and I probably don't fit in with the school's ideals. So yeah, I'm not interested. Aiden, Derek, and James, among others, have good chances of getting school captain, and so do Claire, Lulu, and maybe Isobelle or Molly? I dunno. Might be a left field winner. Will be interesting, I think.



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stop Breaking Down.

'Lo all.

Today's weather was schizophrenic. Getting sick of freezing at recess and then it goes all hot by hometime. Meh.

So, woke up too early today, dragged myself to school with a surprisngly low tyre, assembly first up. Year twelves were running it, their last proper one. Weird. In a year we'll be doing the same thing.

Psych first up, I finished another practice test while the year twelves discussed their parties and soundtracks for the big muckup day assembly. They should totally go with Riverside, it's so easy for us to sing.

Lit. No Cartledge. More going over play. Meh.

Then recess, cold and dull, as usual. Tom threw a grape at Hayden, who didn't see him, so he chucked it at Melissa, got it down her dress. We lol'd. Excellent shot.

Media was fairly quiet, got more report out of the way. Metal bands are ridiculous, sorry metalheads.

Then history, went to other classroom, finished biography, cleaned up bibliography, started the next thing. Doing better than Patrick, he's done all his work but his group isn't doing anything. Ironic?

Lunchtime. Pretty quiet. Lot of kids doing things, so hung out with the droogs and pretended to be interested.

Half an hour maths, caught up with Alison (she swapped appendix stories with Jasper, I'd laugh if she gets the cooler scar), then nicked off to choir. No, we aren't skipping class, we're exploring new ways of being creative. I swear.

Catch the last twenty-ish minutes of biology, Zulaikha and I worked out that our last week of year elevens involves a day off, then a day at school, then two days on the tertiary tour ("LETS VISIT AS MANY UNIVERSITIES AS POSSIBLE IN ONE NIGHT GOGOGO!"), then another day off for the valedictory (or Pearl Jam). Awesome.

Walked home with flat tyre (buying self mini pump, god damn), then finished history homework and talked music with Isobelle. Checked out Julian's massive harddrive, at the moment I'm copying a few movies over. Looks like it may take a day or so, hurm.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. GIS times. Everyone's going to be competitive, there's house official elections. I'm not going for anything, because I don't do a lot cos I'm not good at it. I reckon it'll all end in tears eventually.



Anyway, the end.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bold Arrow Of Time.

'Lo readers.

Gotta love psychedelic rock.

Argh. Monday. It was freezing bloody cold, then it rained, then it was really hot, then it rained, and now it's cold again. Crazy Victorian weather, man.

So, today was meh. Froze on the way to school.

First up was double psych, once we staggered out of homeroom. Corrected a practice test, I must have been pretty out of it, got a low mark. Think I marked myself too harshly though, ah well. Then another practice test, fairly easy.Year twelves were going on about sneaking mates into Salefest.

Recess was meh, nothing important that I can remember. Followed by lit, we had to watch a bit of A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999). Seems to follow on from Lurhmann's adaption of Romeo and Juliet, where you take a Shakespeare story, put it somewhere weird (California, 19th Century), and make big name actors spout Ye Olde English. Boring.

Bio was quiet, they've begun talking about prefects and school captains. I reckon Claire and Derek, possibly Aiden. I'll vote for Cameron though.

Lunch was fairly boring, everyone disappeared again so Julian and I discussed ways of rigging lockers so things explode.

History was quiet, started my biography, then got distracted. Oh well. Tom was looking up demotivators and I got Isobelle hooked on another internet fad. Oh yeah, and Garfield Minus Garfield, look it up.

Finally media, started my report, Patrick was being difficult with Kristen. Funny though.

Band was dull, we got out early, girls were dancing and we kicked trees. Not bad at all.

Then home, trading music with Isobelle tomorrow and nearly finished the lit essay.

More band, only kid in my section. Annoying when the big section solo comes up.

Then home (thank gawd), finishing essay and talking to Amaya. We've encountered a difficult plot twist, it seems. Wonder what will happen next.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. This week has to go faster.



Sunday, October 11, 2009

Drains and Spills.

'Lo all.

So, today, went to work, it was fairly quiet. Discussed Salefest (surprised Nick, Jasper, and Will got in), and the Big Day Out (suck to not have tickets like Cooky), then half an hour from finishing, a shard of plate that was stuck in the sink stabbed my finger really goddamn deep, so blood was pissing out. Didn't particularly hurt, but too much blood for a bandaid. Scotty grabbed a buttload of towels and a rubber band, which I upgraded to a glove and a rubber band, so I could finish. The waitresses all thought I was dying, one suggested I should get stitches.

Got home, lit homework. Not doing too badly. Noticed I was missing my media textbook, which is annoying. Sidetracked by Emma (Skins ftw), and Isobelle (we looped from Nostradamus to stoner music, not bad).

Tomorrow is Monday. Not looking forward to it. At all.



Saturday, October 10, 2009


'Lo all.

So, woke up, went to work, fairly quiet. They played the first disc of Mothership. Man. Zep makes potato peeling that much more enjoyable, specially when all the chefs are screaming to the Immigrant Song. Then Jez rocked up, with ten minutes left, and gave me the huge bloody stock pot to clean. I said I was knocking off in ten minutes and abandoned it. I feel sorry for whoever has the evening shift tonight.

Rode home, they were setting up a stage next to the Kasbah. Weird. And there were lots of 20somethings wandering around. I was exhausted, got home, showered, tried to do a bit more lit homework, then walked down the street.

There were lots and lots of 20somethings now, and most of them had blue shirts on. There was a live band playing on another little stage in between the Black Pub and the chicken shop, lots of bouncers and cops wandering around. Heaps of people. They all seemed to be in a good mood, had a couple of people come up to me (mildly intoxicated), and asked if I was going to join in, since I was wearing a blue shirt too. Ah, to be eighteen!

Met the others outside the cinema, dragged them all to have a look, they seemed amused. Sam and Isaac looked exhausted, can't blame them. Meg got buttloads of tictacs, happy birthday. Alison seemed alright, despite lack of appendix.

We visited maccas then nearly all the girls nicked off. We were stuck. What to do? Went to the chicken shop and watched all the drunk people stagger to the next pub. Most of them were dressed up (Noah's Ark theme), including a few ridiculously orange (and hot) girls.

See, Salefest is like a glorified pub crawl. Every year or so, they organise bands to play at each pub and in strategic places on the main street, then you go along for the ride. It looked really fun, can't wait for next year.

After pushing through the scrum outside Jack Ryan's, we visited the water tower, then Sally, Emily, and Denny left. Hayden, Aiden, Sam, and I headed home, booted up guitar hero, pretty fun.

Right now I'm trying my hardest to get the second paragraph in lit finished, and not be distracted. I did find the trailer for Toy Story 3 though. Jesus. I remember seeing the first one in the Geelong cinema when I was like 4.

Anyway. Tomorrow is more work, then when I get home I'll finish off this essay. So tired, argh.



Friday, October 9, 2009

Great Cultural Revolution.

'Lo all.

So last night, amid all the excitement, all the tickets they had available at midnight for the BDO were sold out in less than five minutes. Due to a combination of failed credit card number attempts and MASSIVE FREAKING LAG, we missed out, though Isaac and Aiden got their tickets. Grimly decided to go to bed.

This morning, reminded Beardman of importance, and went to school on a bike with a punctured tube with a bemused Ryan. Aiden, Isaac, Denny, and I swapped stories, turns out Jasper got his tickets too, though Lester and Jack missed out, poor bastards.

Was antsy all through psych waiting for a text message. We had to do another practice test, I took my time on this one. Maybe because I was distracted. The boardo year twelves were discussing whether they would be doing anything wrong if they used a oujia board in the boardo. I lol'd.

History. Got a cryptic text message while discussing Them Crooked Vultures with Jasper and flicking through Nelson Mandela biographies. It became maddening, for whatever reason people started to care and worry.

Called Beardman at recess, he got a ticket! Yay! Got myself a muffin to celebrate. Isaac and Hayden were wondering whether they should sell their tickets, since they didn't really like the lineup, and they could make a considerable profit. Hurm.

Caught up with Claire on the way to bio, she got a ticket with April, and she was so excited. Then in bio we got to use the lightboxes and play with prisms (DSotM album cover, first thing I did...), then we had a physics crash course on conservation of matter. Fell asleep during a video almost.

Lunch was fairly boring, Tom had this disgusting story from Chuck Pahlanuik, who wrote Fight Club. It was pretty funny, but everyone else seemed absolutely disgusted by it, specially Isobelle. Course, all this shouting makes kids curious. Kelly seemed shocked as well, so did Jason and Daewoo. Dunno what was funnier, the story or their reactions.

Lit was quiet, went over essay structure and introduction to Midsummer Night's Dream. Dull. Lysander better be bright yellow.

Finally maths. Great idea, having maths last on a Friday. No Alison to annoy (can you laugh yet? We don't want to accidently kill you), so hung out with Jordan and Emma while Tom embarrassed Kelly.

Limped bike home, started fixing it up. There's this bird who lives in our yard now, he has a dud wing, so he eats the cat's food and squawks at you if you look at him funny. The cat was sitting there, tail flicking, watching his every move. Then he started swooping her. Cat didn't like that, bolted. This cat is getting old.

Anyway. Checked news, turns out they sold 45,000 tickets for the BDO today. I'm looking forward to it now, not only is Tame Impala playing, but most of the droogs are going, should be interesting. Speaking of which, had to sprint down the street (on the BeardBike), the usual suspects were picking up supplies for their next experiment. Wonder how this one will turn out.

Dragged to a band thingy, wasn't too bad, I played crap, though I suppose it went fairly quickly. Kids and Dad played in front of the crowd, won a bottle of wine and a go on the percussion for it.

Fraser just walked past looking like one of those chav thugs from England, sans brass knuckles. I lol'd.

Right. Tomorrow, work all day, and if I'm not dead, might go hang out with Meg and the horde after their movie, it being her birthday and all.



Thursday, October 8, 2009


'Lo all.

Trigger happy at the moment. Waiting for midnight. Oh yes.

Today sucked. Too ridiculously cold. Chapel was mercifully short with Ms Henry as the chaplain stand-in, then wasting time in homeroom.

Media was quiet, emailed sheet to Ms Robbins. Think it's unfinished, but oh well.

Recess. Cold. Talked to Lulu and froze.

Double lit was annoying. It just didn't seem to end. And the notes on the board made no sense, made Isobelle and I laugh. WHERE IS CARRIAGE? NO!

Lunch was fairly boring, everyone nicked off to something or other, so Jason and I wandered around annoying the girls. Too much gossip at the moment.

Maths was quiet, Jordan revealed she didn't get Fight Club and Emma and I recited the Llama Song. Tom and I couldn't figure out the calculator, turned out one of the functions was munted up anyway.

Then in psych, practice test, surprisingly easy. Means I get a free period tomorrow morning to do lit homework.

After school, went down to work, lot of bonus places Jackson ave way, pretty quiet. Saw Pat and the droogs, girls were heading to Alison's for a surprise party, Sam was thinking about crashing. On the highway past Domain, tyre burst, so had to walk through the ghettoes to do the last few deliveries. RAAAGE.

Get home, Isaac gave me a buttload of Tame Impala demos and live stuff, and right now WE'RE HALF AN HOUR AWAY FROM BDO TICKETS hopefully.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be tired. Double bio though.



Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Propane Nightmares.

'Lo all.

It was bloody freezing today. I thought this was god damn spring. Jipped, I tell you.

School was meh. Lit first up was quiet, then in history, group work. Goody, Lauren and I got going, and Tom went on Married to the Sea. He'll still do better than us three, the lucky prick that he is.

Recess, cold.

Psych was quiet too, just practice exams, not having too much trouble, but they're tricky. Media was similar, I'm getting the work done, but it's tedious.

In house meetings they said something about elections. Cameron Vale for house captain 2010 (failing that, school captain!).

Lunch was boring. Funny to watch though, damn happy people. Then dragged to sport, was not fun. There was only one other year 11 in soccer, so I hung out with Aaron and discussed poker. Too many stupid kids. One kept on screaming, and another one kicked the ball into the tree and couldn't get it down.

After school, it was raining. Went down the street for money, got chips with the droogs, come home, watch Hero, start history homework... pretty same-y.

Tomorrow... double lit? Work in the cold? Nothing to look forward to. Then at midnight, there's a slim chance I'll get me a ticket to the Big Day Out. That'd be cool.



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spanish Castle Magic.

'Lo readers.

Too tired. Riff to title was stuck in head all day, infuriating!

School was meh, assembly was boring cos they handed out lots of certificates, and then in history, during a discussion on racism, Isobelle mentioned we do more class discussion in history than we do in lit, which is supposed to be the more discussion-y class. Weird.


Double media was fairly quiet, teacher tried to make us stay on task, we tried as hard as we could. Distinctly heard White Stripes from her laptop though. Showed Emma a ragethread, she laughed, so everyone else had to have a look, including the teacher. Awkward.

Lunch was cold. It hailed at one point. Hailed! We didn't do a lot. Followed Sam and Isaac around, abused small children, watched Pat trying to climb a wall. Girls were smart, most of them, they went to the library or choir.

Then I skipped maths, went to the boys choir. None of us can actually sing (cept Millsy), nor are any of us there to sing (cept Millsy). We're there to skip a period. Derek requested mmbop. Hurm.

So, boring, then biology, took notes from a video that seemed so off topic it's funny. Jokes about giant clams and sexism from Mr Bacon though.

After school, wasted way too much time on the computer. Seemed like my entire afternoon disappeared. This is not good.

Speaking of which, lunchtimes are beginning to annoy me. This isn't good because it's basically the only time other than recess to chill. I dunno. A week ago I wouldn't even have been awake when the first bell went, I think that's the main reason, see. I need more sleep! Then we can start to focus on other things.

Fraser is watching Transformers on tv. First thing I noticed was how washed out the colours are; every person is orange, and all the backgrounds are blue and far too bright for natural nighttime. Then I saw how bad the acting is. So much money for such a meh film, oh well.

Tomorrow is sport in the cold, and I suspect that it may be cancelled. I hope it doesn't though. Need to take money out to pay for things like MCC membership and BDO TICKETS ZOMG. Yes, the lineup's a bit lukewarm, but I guess it'll be a fun day, specially since a lot of people have said they're going.


Tangentially mk2, buying lots of New Moon opening night tickets and scalping them to stupid fangirls. Win? Even if it doesn't work, we can still troll as stormtroopers.



Monday, October 5, 2009

Ghosts n Stuff.

'Lo readers.

Jesus god. Not a good day today.

Woke up relatively early, Denny and Ryan dropped in and whinged at Guitar Hero, then off to school past fields of broken TVs and huge monitors.

Good god. It was cold, and there was so much noise, and the damn kids kept on coming up with stories about more exciting holidays than mine.

First up was biology. I nearly fell asleep towards the end, which tells me either a-boring class, or b-need more sleep.

Then psych, 88% on my practice exam. Teacher thinks I'm 'getting the hang of it.'

Recess. By now I knew I was over school. Specially when the hunger kicked in, so got myself a donut. So much jam.

Now, Mrs Cartledge's father died suddenly over the weekend, so she was off sorting that out. For lit, we had Mrs Champion. At first, she's ok, but then it drags on, specially since we don't know anything about figurative devices. Funny watching us all take stabs at definitions. She let Isobelle off the hook for not having done the homework, and even offered to help. We were shocked.

Maths, business as usual. Would have fallen asleep here. No Alison, you didn't miss anything.

Lunchtime. Went out to flying fox, game started pretty meh, deteriorated quickly, with Pat shouting "THIS GAME IS DETERIORATING WHAT THE HELL" every thirty seconds. Found another reason why I dislike school, maybe it was just the tiredness. Had to laugh though.

Anyway, then history, and we got to watch the end of the movie. Bloody research thing to do though, hurm.

Finally media, teacher gave up on lecturing, told us to fill out graph thingies. Mine is a bit sparse, oh well.

After school, band. Boring.

Come home, check news, get as much stuff on this Mississippi thing as I can, off to band, boring. Pipers were in, infuriating as ever.

And here I am.

I give myself a week before I start getting back into the rhythm for school. That or I'll just give up. Sick of it anyway, want more holidays.

Tomorrow is doubles day (already?), which I'm not particularly looking forward to.



Sunday, October 4, 2009

Frances Noonan Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle.

'Lo all.

So, yesterday, dragged myself to work, thought it was pretty quiet til I found a WHOLE GODDAMN NEW BAG OF POTATOES.

2 hours later, finished the potatoes, chucked another rack in the dishwasher, and ran like hell. Then drove to Sunbury, not much to report. Brian seems alright, kids driving Marianne mad in Queensland.

Then this morning, woken up far too early (Fraser decided to keep me awake by hurling abuse and footballs at me for a while), then drove to Barfold. Cause of daylight savings, thought we were late. Got there through rain and missed turns, everyone's alive, got free food and burnt stuff. Good afternoon.

Drove home, no major problems here, though Melbourne was crawling so we took a detour through the city and past the MCG instead of through the tunnel.

Back home, printing lit homework.

No, I'm not looking forward to school tomorrow. At all.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, October 2, 2009


'Lo all.

So, this morning, woke up, flicked through textbook over coffee, rode to school, caught up with the droogs, then into the hall.

I had a feeling that this practice exam was easy because it was a practice exam; there is no way the actual exam will be as difficult as this. I only had real trouble with one or two questions. Finished a good hour and a bit early, nearly fell asleep.

Then freedom, so after picking up more school shorts, down the street for chips with Hayden, Emily, and Sam. Saw Denny and Pat, preordered Them Crooked Vultures album, then we basically did nothing. Saw Annie, Bernice, and Belle in Target, and Jasper in EB, ended up in Dimmies where Pat and Denny bought themselves singlets... women's sports singlets. Bright pink. ...

So, home, didn't do a lot. Got pretty bored, so was Aiden, cos it looked like nearly everyone else had gone out. Pricks. Decided to retreat to the shed.

The Machinist - ***********
Tom reccommended this to me, been on the list though. Holy hell. This movie is really really really good. Cept, the main character hit a bit too close to home, seriously. I pray I never get that skinny. Feels like a mix between a Nolan and a Hitchcock film. Go and find this movie, it's ridiculously good.

And here I am. I feel like staying up tonight, but I don't think I should, because of work tomorrow. Oh yeah, we'll be away, so no blog post tomorrow night.

See, I say don't stay up tonight, but I said that last time, couldn't get to sleep til 2. Hurm.



Thursday, October 1, 2009

Talons & Stucco.

'Lo readers.

So, yesterday, not a lot. Aiden dropped in, we traded bootlegs, discussed cricket. Then I finished my lit review, sent it to Cartledge.

Today, woken up by Tom, we then looted a rocking chair from a house a couple of blocks away (couple of funny looks from passing motorists), then had a go at guitar hero. Course, it crashed before the end of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Then work, which was fairly boring. Gave my copy of Midsummer Night's Dream to Ryan, saw Tom, Jack and Pat leaving their exam, hung out with Meg and Lulu til I realised I was late, almost abandoned in a nursing home by the nurse, which was annoying.

And then, went out, lost a game to Alan, laughed at a facebook argument, and now I'm wondering how the hell I'm supposed to crash early tonight.

Tomorrow, exam (not worried, got 38/44 on a practice test before), then clean up this lit review, then possibly going out again, need to talk to a few people.