Wednesday, September 23, 2009


‘Lo all.

No post yesterday cos I didn’t feel like it. I’ve noticed that the last few posts have had practically no content, and while this is the holidays, and it’s expected, I felt I had very little to add. More worryingly, cos I skipped yesterday, might be I’ll skip more days in future. Meh. Doesn’t really matter.

Anyway. Yesterday, work didn’t call, so I could have gone camping after all, which was annoying. Downloaded a pair of Placebo albums cos Annie said so, thought they were ok.

Today I picked up World Tour and a new guitar, which is better than the old one, plus now I can sell the old one to Fraser. Fairly meh song selection, looking forward to unlocking Hendrix. Bloody Paramore was on there, strange.

They’re saying Massive Attack for the Big Day Out next year, which is weird. I mean, holy hell I’d be going if it was true, but I can’t picture them in a big festival setting. It’d be to promote the new album (downloaded the EP last night, not too bad), but I’ve heard they’re arriving in February. Will be keeping an eye on this. Massive Attack and Pearl Jam in the same six months means I could die relatively happy.

Right. Tomorrow, I dunno. Should probably be social. Will probably end up playing GH and ignoring people, before I go to work. Should start lit or media homework.



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