Thursday, September 10, 2009

Unfinished Sympathy.

'Lo all.

Ah hell. Things are getting interesting.

Right. This morning there were all these punk kids in the backyard (it is only going to get worse).

Chapel was dull, Denny almost didn't get a seat, pretty funny. Brendog had to do the reading, and it looks like one kid's in an induced coma because of a car accident. Bloody hell.

In extended homeroom, Tom manically put up more Married to the Sea pictures.

First up was media, watched the rest of the movie.

Citizen Kane - ****
Imagery was pretty cool. Bit slow. Good story, I guess.

Then we got to watch Nick's media film, starring himself, Will, and Guy. Poor Lenny, gonna have to ask him about his mad dog acting skills on Saturday.

Recess was fairly quiet.

Double lit was terrifying, as usual. I zoned out in the poetry, almost got up when the bell went. We discussed Muckup Day, teachers have turned into nazis. We'll have to be creative. They can't suspend all of us!

Lunch. Talked about pokemon. Bored. Very, very bored.

Then maths, Tom, Alison, Jordan and I all swapped answers so we were all 90% finished. Got into an argument with Jasper over music. Never ever thought I'd meet someone with such Pitchfork-approved taste, and has never heard of it. He thought we shouldn't care about 'old' bands like the Beatles because we can't relate to them. Fair point, but can't we just enjoy the music? NO, he says, COS IT HAS TO HAVE MEANING! Interesting.

Psych, flicked through textbook. Going to cram a bit tomorrow morning, everything should be alright (famous last words).

After school, headed down the street for work, met Ryan and Denny for chips (interesting position Denny's found himself in), apparently they want to come to my place Saturday night. Hurm. Entire point was to get OUT of the house Saturday. Ah well. Work was ok, couldn't find a dvd of Dazed and Confused anywhere though, disappointing.

Get home, more people want to stay Saturday night. I am a bit confused. 'Beached Az' was on the tv. You know a meme's become unfashionable when they put it on the tv.

New iPods today, new nano looks exactly the same, but it has a video camera in the back, and a radio. Woah. Not particularly interested. New iTunes too, I prefered the old one. Muse and Beatles albums hit /mu/ in the same week, scarier place to visit. Next week, Pearl Jam and Guitar Hero 5, to waste my holidays on.

Tomorrow, miss some school for band. Most of the time will be spent wasting time. Should be fun?

Karma's going to kick my head in and chop off my balls, I think.



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