Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rental Car.

'Lo readers.

Jesus god. You know those days that just seem to drag like all hell, and you finish first period and you're expecting recess, that sort of thing? Bloody hell, had that today, irritating.

Speaking of which, after being neglected this morning (WAKE ME UP!), assembly that I nearly fell asleep in, then psych, where they made us knit. It was confusing. I would have prefered to keep working on the tasksheets.

Then lit, Mrs Cartledge was in a good mood. Oliver challenged her to a game of rock paper scissors, she refused and bagged him out all period. Oliver kept his arm up though, well done that man.

Recess. Hungry.

Media was The Castle (funny), then half of Oliver's horror presentation. Kept pissing on Twilight, it was pretty cool.

On my way to history, Sam grabs me and steers me to the chapel. Boy's choir. Wtf. Played along, it was just Mrs Candy trying to tame Pat and the rest of us, and we're only there to get out of a class. Oh well. I can't sing anyway.

Lunch was deathball, game called halfway through cos of meh.

Stupid maths was dull. I understand the work, but the tests and exams are open book. Puzzling.

Finally bio, Zulhaika and I looked up geckos cos we were bored while Lulu and Claire did cool animals. Screw them.

After school, pick up grass for bio project, and try and work through lit thing. I should be able to get it finished tomorrow night. Quiet night really. Bored.

Tomorrow is more beach running, hopefully it'll be less windy and I'll do better so I can get chips. That's a hell of a lot of motivation, really.



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