Thursday, September 3, 2009

Radio Silence.

'Lo all.

Bad mood. Sentence structure will suffer.

This morning, Denny rocked up, but my bike's tyre was mysteriously flat, and the pump wouldn't work on the valve. Walked to school confused, then suffered a bland chapel.

In homeroom, Lulu did another thing on year twelve jackets. I still think it's a bad idea, especially since we have to pay for them, and we probably will only be allowed to wear them on Wednesdays.

Bio was quiet, took down notes, fairly easy, cos we're doing conditioning in psych at the moment.

Recess. Getting sick of it.

Then double maths, which got slower, and slower and sloooweerr. Swapped music with Emma and attempted to reason with Alison.

Lunchtime. Deathball. Bree's getting damn good. Year twelves decided to join in. Awesome. Makes the flying fox bit more interesting, since you're swinging for life and limb. They tried a basketball with Gavin, poor bastard. Would do this again.

Good mood evaporated during psych, got half a tasksheet done though. One and a bit left, then that's it for psych.

Finally lit, Cartledge in a good mood again, screamed through three chapters. Oliver and Jasper have something going on, I swear.

After school, go to work, Denny rocks up, we ride around, go past school where Sam and the yellows are dancing, and Alison stole my bike. By the time we got away, and to the nursing home, it started pissing down. Damn.

After that, waiting for Mrs Cartledge to reply with my corrected draft. Working on that now. Fraser challenged me to teatowel fight, he has no technique, so I got him really hard on his arm. Little bastard.

Things need to be improving. I have no motivation. Holidays soon, I'll be sleeping more, so I suppose I'll be happier.

Tomorrow is double biology Friday. Nothing encouraging. Hurm.


Anyway, the end.

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