Monday, September 7, 2009


'Lo all.

Hell. Annoyed. And it's only Monday.

Got lit finished before school. Half the usual suspects were there, usual stilted Monday morning conversation. I'm not designed for Monday mornings.

Bio first up. Reproduction in mammals and stuff. Meh.

Then psych. Got 46/48 on a quiz with Tash and Georgia. Pumped for SAC.

Recess. Hungry.

In lit we officially finished Wuthering Heights. Thank gawd. Now we get to do more poetry, yay!

Maths was quiet, cept for Alison trying to strangle me.

At lunch I was bored and hungry. A game of bottle brandy devolved into keepings off. Very, very, very amusing to watch. Pat tried to program Akari's little machine to tell him swearwords in Japanese.

In history, did research. Start essay tomorrow, I guess.

Media was stuff about media ownership, which does interest me a bit. The whole manipulation-of-the-masses thing, at least. Might be a good unit.

After school, sun was out, went to band, didn't get overly bored to death cos Lulu's little brother was scribbling on the whiteboard. Then it started pouring. Absolutely pissing down. Argh. Exhilarating ride home to Pendulum, felt like I'd been dunked in a pool fully clothed.

Get home, interesting developments on the facebookery, more band which sucked, Fraser tells me I'm wanted by a pair of "bongrat gangsta gangsters" for "looking at them funny". Whatever. Let them kill me then.

Really tired. Soon as Dexter's finished, going to crash. Might improve mood. Damn teenagers.

Tomorrow is doubles day. Meh. Then Sam reckons he wants to go to the gym for a 'cooldown sesh'. I dunno. I don't do enough exercise to warrant one of them, I think. I dunno. Haven't been to the pool or gym since it opened.

Cookie for the kiddie who can tell me what the title means.


Anyway, the end.

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