Wednesday, September 16, 2009


'Lo all.

Not enjoying this whole sick thing. Debated whether or not to go to school, came down to a coin flip, which sent me to school. Halfway there I realised I could have stayed home and played GH5 all day. Damn.

Lotta arguing about the pantry appeal in homeroom. See, we figured we were winning, and we even started bringing in money, but the other day we saw Aiden's homeroom bringing in heaps of longlife milk. The bastard chucked in heaps of money. These homeless people will be shocked at the amount of food us stupidly competitive teenagers are bringing in.

First up was biology, Mr Bacon drew a lot of pictures, then media, got a bit of work done, turns out Ms Robbins is going to Pearl Jam too. Weird.

At recess, us musos had to go for a lecture in the lecture theatre, because the techies had defaced the Sunday School's song thing. Then us concert band kids got a lashing from Fearless Leader.

Get to hall late, find seat at back, annoying. First play was Dargo's, it was about fairy tales. Jake was popular, plot made very little sense. Meh, in my opinion.

Then Blundell's, written by Emily. She cast herself as a whore, naturally. It was about pirates. We lol'd. Not too bad, Lulu makes a good pirate, Nick was shocking enough as Bruno.

Lunchtime. Nothing interesting. Headed to hall, at back doors. These opened after the front doors. So again, we got seats at the back. Couldn't hear anything.

So, Tisdall's play. Really couldn't hear anything when Sam or Rossy weren't speaking. This lead to a lack of engagement. Play seemed pretty meh. Towards the end, the entire crowd was chattering. Poor actors on stage, oh well.

Then Binks. No pressure. Plot vaguely resembled Beetlejuice. Was pretty funny, Jason and his brother were standouts. Steve's cameo was pretty good.

They announced the results before they let us go, Blundell last (WHAT?), then Tisdall (WHAT?), then Binks (DAMMIT), then Dargo. No one was particularly happy with this. In my opinion, should have gone Tisdall, Dargo, Blundell, and Binks to win it.. Oh well.

After school, tag along with a few kids, get bored, run to shop, get stuff, sprint home, and try out GH5. First thing that struck me was how easy All Along the Watchtower was on hard. I suppose that's more of a band thing. Still. Gonna try Sultans of Swing next, that'll be interesting.

Then off to work, very quiet, so I had to peel ten thousand potatoes again. Jezz got bored, so he showed me his professional dishwashing method (again), and helped out a bit. His kid got his nose broken at school today, which started them all taking about UFC for some reason.

Get home, intermittent internet, kinda bored, going to play GH. Yes, I'm a boring person, sue me.

Tomorrow, if my head isn't exploding, double maths, and a good chance of having to my lit review, dammit.



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