Tuesday, September 15, 2009


'Lo readers.

Getting sick again. Not cool.

School was meh, psych in the computer rooms first up. Passed both my SACs, not too bad.

Then a music lesson, Mr C was whinging about kids quitting and me not playing trombone. Funnily enough, I want to quit.

Didn't have to do my speech in lit, which was good.

Nothing much happened at recess.

Then media, with a sub. Got half the work done.

In history, got to watch more bad acted movie. Can't really complain.

Lunch was really boring. Copied Alison's cheat sheet for maths, think she had everything, which was good. Then bored. Really bored. Everyone had nicked off.

Maths was a test, no real problems with it.

Finally bio, Lulu was pissed off so we ended up browsing demotivators.

Went home, Denny decided to play stupid flash games on facebook, and copy all my music. He got about a fifth of the way through it all. Then not a lot. Sick, not much homework, bored.

Tomorrow, house plays. Apparently Dargo's is crap, Blundell's is meh, Tisdall's is pretty good, and so is Binks'. It'll be close, I think.

District 9 is finally coming to Sale, going to go and see it on the weekend. Hell yes.



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