Friday, September 18, 2009

District 9.

'Lo readers.

Aaaaah. End of term. Feels good man.

So. Scribble out evaluation of lit speech from yesterday before school. I forgot to mention this yesterday. Emma and Isobelle were pretty believable since they haven't finished their books, and Jasper didn't say like too much. I rushed through mine. Meh.

Get to school, everyone's still whinging about The Facebook Wars. So very funny, the FIRST BLOODY TIME I SAW IT. God damn.

First up was media, finished thing, Ms Robbins got a bit sidetracked and told us to look up her brother's band.

Then biology, had to do worksheets. Very easy to get through them, so I vandalised mine. Claire and Lulu almost got us all playing hangman.

Recess. Fairly quiet. Tom bought cake. Lulu dragged me back for more.

Literature was fun (shock), got marks on review back (B!), started Emily Dickinson stuff, then got completely sidetracked. Mrs Cartledge gave up by the end.

Maths was also pretty meh. Since it was all calculators, not much work.

At lunch, they said there was free food, so we all headed to the bbqs. Not sure why there was free food, but after a while there was. Pat and Julian had an eating competition (called off after 9 sausages each, I think, cos they ran out of sauce), and I drifted between groups. Emily and Annie were excited because apparently there had been a mixup with the results for the plays, so they were going to announce them at assembly. This got real boring real quick when the rest of the girls started being all self congratulatory about The Facebook Wars. Boring.

Anyway. Bell went, go to homeroom, get report. Didn't fail anything, which is good. Then assembly, get kicked out of seats, have to sit near back, Aiden's homeroom won the pantry appeal (of course), and Binks won the house plays. Woo.

After school, headed down the street, bought Backspacer, ate chips with the droogs, then home. Kids all nicked off, so I listened to new album. They gave me two free full bootlegs, which is pretty cool. Album itself is surprisingly meh, it's pretty radio friendly. Ah well. Worth a listen, I suppose.

Then bored, then down the street for District 9. Awesome trailer for The Wolfman, and only Denny and Aiden showed up, oh well.

District 9 - *****
Yeah, it's pretty good. Original as hell, too, though occasionally the dialogue seemed a bit cliche. Visually very good looking, made the prawns believable. I liked the allegory in the first half. Really liked the dreadnought at the end, love me some powered armour. Looking forward to the unneccesary sequel.

Got a lift home with Aiden, and here we are.

Tomorrow, sleep. That's about it. Not an invitation.


Anyway, the end.

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