Monday, September 14, 2009


'Lo all.

So tired.

School was meh. Had no problems with SAC, funny to watch my writing deteriorate then improve.

In lit we had to do oral reviews. Emily stumbled through hers, sucks to be first, Oliver did his usual shtick, Goody seemed enthusiastic, Ryan did pretty well. Cartledge was not rarely amused.

Then bio in the computer rooms, Zulaikha and I nearly finished. Got Claire excited about Pirates 4. Lol, Pirates.

Lunch was fairly boring, then deathball. Releases frustration. Got Gav hard enough to make him drop halfway, hilarious.

In history, my hopes of finishing my essay in class were dashed cos we were watching a movie. Terrible acting, made it slightly funnier than it should have been.

Finally media, were taken out to the sun, had textbook read to us while Oliver gathered grass for Patrick, who ended the lesson by kicking the huge pile of grass all over the year tens.

Missed band, went home to do history. Almost done, too, and now I have 5 sources! Aiden reckons we missed out on a good band, since none of the year elevens (other than Jake and Georgia) rocked up, no one to reign in the little kids, so Mr C walked out.

I have a new screen. It's very wide. I am so tempted to go wallpaper hunting. But no. Just got to format this essay, and force the printer to work.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Might have to do my review. Will have to put up with all these damn people again, when things are starting to sink in. I want to sleep, dammit!



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