Friday, September 11, 2009

"Can we go to the milk bar now?"

'Lo all.

No Dayne, we can't.

Slow day today.

Got a lift to school, first up was a psych SAC, no real problems with it except for one question, but oh well.

Then history, apparently I'm doing fine on my essay. Gonna finish it on the weekend.

Recess was quiet. Jake and Pat were wearing suits for some reason.

In double bio we had a prac where we had to "burn weed", cover test tubes of said "weed" in tin foil, and were later encouraged to talk to these test tubes. Kinda funny. Got to burn all sorts of stuff.

Bus trip up to Bairnsdale was quiet. Much of the afternoon was spent wandering around, and playing cards. Not much interesting, really. We got heaps of pizza, eventually.

Concert itself was pretty meh, we didn't screw up too badly, and this little kid kept poking it's tongue out at me.

Bus trip home was quiet too, took the piss out of Twilight with Isobelle and Claire, and listened to the year twelves shouting chapel hymns.

Tomorrow is going to be tricky. Working all day, then going down the street. Going to watch Inglourious Basterds eventually. Not sure what happens next. Probably not going to be a post tomorrow night.

New Powderfinger album going to be released in November. Cool. Hope it's better than their last one.




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