Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beach Running: Electric Boogaloo.

'Lo everyone.

My feet hurt. Should I invest in new runners or not? I dunno.

Woke up ridiculously early today, which sucked. Got on bus, usual suspects are there. No big back seat. Pretty meh trip, everyone was a bit tired and stupid, though Meg tried to get through buttloads of health homework, and Jess wrestled with a moral dilemna. We tried to give Jake a mohawk with Sam's hair gel ("IT'S FOR AERODYNAMICS!"), didn't work very well.

Get to beach finally, pretty windy. Nervously ran around a bit as other schools arrived. Sam thought it'd be fun to jump off ledges.

Watched the first race go, was frozen, and given running shorts. Jesus god. Bastard things felt like they were designed for a grade four kid. Never again. Then we got marshalled, sent to line, and off. All seemed so quick.

Going to indulge a bit here. First klick or so was pretty meh, had an alright start but slowly dropped back, was in around fifteenth ish going up up the stairs. Seemed to go a lot faster than last year. Aiden got in front by the time we hit the grass, and basically stayed there the whole time.

Over the hill through the trees, kinda warm compared to the other side. Sun even came out. Overtook a few kids on my way down, almost came to a complete stop at the stairs I'd forgotten about on the other side. No bonfire this time either.

Hit the big beach, could vaguely see Pat pretty far away, and Will about three kids in front. Figured I'd try and catch up to him. Overtook a few more people, which was good, but I had the entire yellow team right behind me when we hit the dune. Bloody karma, I tell you. Duelled him all the way up, started sprinting as soon as I saw the buses. Apparently it was a thriller finish. Monique said there was a muckup, and I actually ended up with eleventh. Was hoping for top ten, this'll do. Got tenth last year, apparently.

Aiden won our race, Pat got seventh, Will got tenth, and Jake and the year nine sub managed to survive. Sam and Tom both beat Steve and James, so they were happy.

Anyway. Finish. While the girls are getting ready, go and jump of huge sand dunes, which was cool. Ended up doing flips. Then all the girls went, and we got told to go back to cheer the rest on as they came in. Jess got 7th in her race, Nemo got 11th, and Jordan got 12th. The next race was funny, girl got to the end of the track and started walking when she still had fifty metres to run, and another girl ran up and nearly overtook her. We laughed. Meg got 5th, Alison got 12th, Lulu got 26th. Hayden got beaten by his little brother, so Jake got a free lunch from Ms Dyke.

We ended up winning the carnival, I dunno if our team won our race, but I think we did. I hope we don't, if we won we have to go up in assembly.

Bustrip home was pretty mellow, everyone was tired, I got a double seat, so chilled out. Some boring movie was on, no one seemed that interested. Stop at maccas, pretty boring, then everyone seemed to be falling asleep around Traralgon.

Back at school, catch up with Agnik (apparently it was pouring all day), and there were year eights walking around dressed like dunces for medieval day. Home, showered, finished lit homework, and talked to the usual suspects.

Think I've found a way of getting out of the house Saturday; soon as I finish work, creep back home, shower, hang out down the street, then catch up with the droogs for Inglourious Basterds. After that, see what happens.

Tomorrow, double lit. Meh. Doing more poetry, how exciting.

Where is the french girl when I need her. Get on regular msn at a sane hour, man.



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