Sunday, September 13, 2009


'Lo all.

No post last night. Got back late. Had to be social.

Anyway. Yesterday was work. Pretty quiet. Gotta work on Wednesday, same day GH5 and Backspacer come out, drag.

Get home (Fraser's mad as party had six teenagers rolling around on their bikes, two BIG ARSE SPEAKERS that were playing crappy metal, and one bored looking girl), have shower, Denny says he's coming round. Hurm. Head down to chicken shop and chill, then meet Sam, Molly, and Kelly at train station. Walk back to my place, Kelly says she's never seen Fight Club before. Our jaws drop.

Walk down street to meet the rest of them, didn't really do much. Got to cinema, saw Megan there, and Jason limped in.

Inglourious Basterds - *****
First Tarantino film I've seen in the cinema. Pretty damn good, too, think this is the best film I've seen (at the movies) this year, so far. The soundtrack was pretty cool, dunno if anyone else picked up on that. And holy hell, the violence! Hot damn. Go and watch this movie, it is really really good.

Came out giggling, then the rest start quoting District 9, which is supposed to be even better. Walk home via Annie's, all crash in shed, watch Kelly try to play Guitar Hero, argue over movies, and endure stilted conversation with a drunken and oblivious Beardman. Funny. Then Ryan ditched us, Denny and Kelly shotgunned the bed, Hayden and Nemo had couch and floor, and I had chair. Again. Hurm. Once they settle down and the chicos stopped flying around, Kelly and Denny both want to watch Starship Troopers, so we did. Crashed properly at like 4ish?

Woke up at seven (SEVEN!) cos I forgot to turn off all my alarms. Didn't get up til like eight. We discussed house plays, Kelly and Denny nicked off, Hayden and Nemo nicked off, I start trying to do homework a bit shellshocked.

Anyway. Spent all day doing lit review, and watching Dylan Moran standup. The (amazing) French was online, which was cool. Now, just need to finish two media questions, make sure I've got everything for the SAC, and all is relatively well.

Tomorrow, speaking of which, is the last psych SAC, which shouldn't be too difficult, then band and crap. Not interested.



Anyway, the end.

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