Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Brick In The Wall.

'Lo all.

Very interesting plot twist today. Maybe a little predictable, but still. Wonder where this will go.

Anyway. Denny has worked out that the plants in our backyard will start growing fruit soon. We will soon have to chase him away, dammit.

Get to school, everyone's a bit meh, mercifully short assembly, then double history. Supposed to be doing a bit of research, no internet. Got to a point where no one could do anything else, so we just buggerised around. I worked out how to play SimCity.

Recess. Hungry. I'm using up far too much money. We need more things to eat, Beardman. It started pouring, which was funny because everyone jumped under the shelter. Then Oliver, Jake and I bravely crossed the quadrangle to the lecture theatre.

Stupid idea really. All of double media I was cold. Got to watch most of Citizen Kane though. Review when we finish it. Not sure what to think about it so far. And there's something about his sled I can't quite pick. Reminds me of Mr Burns.

Then it was lunchtime, thank gawd. More rain. At one stage, Sam, Gavin, Aiden and Isaac all lifted up Hayden, and carried him over to Naomi, then they all started laughing. Young love. Then Mr Smith took them into a classroom. We didn't understand. Ended up with Hayden and Nemo standing there awkwardly, and all their friends standing around giggling. Poor kids.

After all that excitement, maths. Pretty quiet. Bren-dog actually wants us to do work for the next test, dammit.

Finally bio, got through half the questions, got Gavin in trouble with Lulu and Claire, and Mr Bacon explained his dream of driving a bobcat around. He is a cool guy. Must be the valium.

After school, fix up Denny's bike, go to swimming pool, meet Sam, go on treadmills for 2km (SO BOOOORING!), go on vibrating box (wtf), then jump in pool. Lotta fatties rolling around, and little kids having lessons. Still, not bad. First time I've visited the pool since it got redone. It was relatively cheap too, maybe I should go again. Like I need more exercise.

Get home, flick through some homework, talk to a couple of people (fallout is bad, mkay), new SW sprues look good. Watched The Wall again, I still don't really like the soundtrack (BAAAWWW DADDY DIED IN THE WAR + synths), but the imagery is so cool.

Tomorrow, gotta get up early. That's the bit I don't like about cross countries. Well, that and the run. And the bus trips up and down. And the whole pain thing. Hmm. Still. Aiming for a top ten spot. Aren't I optimistic.

Speaking of optimism, keeping a weary eye on the proceedings. Sick of all this. Damn teenagers.



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