Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adventures in Dimmeys.

'Lo readers.

Right. So, yesterday, woke up, urgent looking text messages from Meg, telling me to get the hell down the street. WTF, says I, so I go through vicious headwind. Jess is standing there grinning and Sam and Hayden are looking tired and confused. Apparently, the girls were bored. Hurm.

So, buggerised around down the street, ended up in Aldi, then Jesss' playing GTA and crashing planes into skyscrapers. That night, kept refreshing the BDO website.

Now, having heard Massive Attack, among others, as rumours for it, I was expecting a pretty good lineup. Muse were the headliners, of course. I don't mind them, not a big fan of their new album though. Meh. Then Powderfinger, again, I like their older stuff, but I can't judge their new album. Tame Impala are on there too, which is awesome. However... the rest of them... I dunno. Grinspoon and Kasabian have a couple of good songs. Dizzee Rascal might be fun to watch. The rest, not interested. Mastodon vs Lily Allen crowds would be amusing. So, I dunno. 3 bands for $140 + train? Tempted to wait for second announcement, but by then it might be too late. Have heard Dead Weather, they're good.

So, after discussing this with Aiden, and downloading more music, bed.

And then today, Reg surprised me, took me for a drive out to the lake, only stalled the damn manual car a couple of times, touchy accelerator. Was kinda fun. Then more text messages, met the droogs at Dimmeys. Sam and Hayden were buying brightly coloured singlets, eventually made Aiden and I buy one too after jumping hedges and climbing trees in the park. I don't do singlets well, too damn skinny. Followed Meg and Jess around, didn't do much. Enjoyable afternoon away from homework.

Then home, I'm two paragraphs down in my lit homework, with a week to go. Doing well. Should finish it tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I need to finish of this homework tomorrow.



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