Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adventures in Dimmeys.

'Lo readers.

Right. So, yesterday, woke up, urgent looking text messages from Meg, telling me to get the hell down the street. WTF, says I, so I go through vicious headwind. Jess is standing there grinning and Sam and Hayden are looking tired and confused. Apparently, the girls were bored. Hurm.

So, buggerised around down the street, ended up in Aldi, then Jesss' playing GTA and crashing planes into skyscrapers. That night, kept refreshing the BDO website.

Now, having heard Massive Attack, among others, as rumours for it, I was expecting a pretty good lineup. Muse were the headliners, of course. I don't mind them, not a big fan of their new album though. Meh. Then Powderfinger, again, I like their older stuff, but I can't judge their new album. Tame Impala are on there too, which is awesome. However... the rest of them... I dunno. Grinspoon and Kasabian have a couple of good songs. Dizzee Rascal might be fun to watch. The rest, not interested. Mastodon vs Lily Allen crowds would be amusing. So, I dunno. 3 bands for $140 + train? Tempted to wait for second announcement, but by then it might be too late. Have heard Dead Weather, they're good.

So, after discussing this with Aiden, and downloading more music, bed.

And then today, Reg surprised me, took me for a drive out to the lake, only stalled the damn manual car a couple of times, touchy accelerator. Was kinda fun. Then more text messages, met the droogs at Dimmeys. Sam and Hayden were buying brightly coloured singlets, eventually made Aiden and I buy one too after jumping hedges and climbing trees in the park. I don't do singlets well, too damn skinny. Followed Meg and Jess around, didn't do much. Enjoyable afternoon away from homework.

Then home, I'm two paragraphs down in my lit homework, with a week to go. Doing well. Should finish it tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I need to finish of this homework tomorrow.



Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fool's Gold.

'Lo readers.

Long time no post. This is because I've had very little to talk about, see.

So, Friday. Dull. Went to work, sent home early. Meh.

Saturday. Pretty dull too. Did another one of those start homework things. Didn't get far.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - ****
Surprisingly good, once you get used to most of the characters. Good ending.

Then today, I have officially started my lit homework. Watched The Prestige, watching Casino Royale now. Finished World Tour too, yay.

Tomorrow, need to go to school to grab psych books. Meh. Practice exams...



Thursday, September 24, 2009

Got yourself a cannon.

'Lo all.

This morning, was woken up. Very not happy, after three hours sleep. Not interested in being social. Bugger off.

Went back to sleep, then news, then work, which was fairly quiet. Only had the usuals, no running around Melaleuca crt or Glass st.

After tea, games night, comprehensively beaten (he had a bloody valk left, need more AT), then home to a moody Fraser and boredom.

Tomorrow, work, then maybe going out, not sure, need to talk to Ryan. Going to start lit while I have an idea in my head too.



Wednesday, September 23, 2009


‘Lo all.

No post yesterday cos I didn’t feel like it. I’ve noticed that the last few posts have had practically no content, and while this is the holidays, and it’s expected, I felt I had very little to add. More worryingly, cos I skipped yesterday, might be I’ll skip more days in future. Meh. Doesn’t really matter.

Anyway. Yesterday, work didn’t call, so I could have gone camping after all, which was annoying. Downloaded a pair of Placebo albums cos Annie said so, thought they were ok.

Today I picked up World Tour and a new guitar, which is better than the old one, plus now I can sell the old one to Fraser. Fairly meh song selection, looking forward to unlocking Hendrix. Bloody Paramore was on there, strange.

They’re saying Massive Attack for the Big Day Out next year, which is weird. I mean, holy hell I’d be going if it was true, but I can’t picture them in a big festival setting. It’d be to promote the new album (downloaded the EP last night, not too bad), but I’ve heard they’re arriving in February. Will be keeping an eye on this. Massive Attack and Pearl Jam in the same six months means I could die relatively happy.

Right. Tomorrow, I dunno. Should probably be social. Will probably end up playing GH and ignoring people, before I go to work. Should start lit or media homework.



Monday, September 21, 2009

Gamma Ray.

'Lo all.

Once again, not much to report. I'm afraid that as it's the holidays, it'll probably be like this for a while. But then, you people don't come here for interesting content. Meh. Meh, I say!

Last night I grabbed the Jimi Hendrix Experience (not a cover band, the genuine article, strangely) discography. Are You Experienced decided to go stupid, so that's still sitting halfway through in the queue. Good thing about the holidays #454 - Can stay up ridiculously late to download stuff.

I'm half ashamed to admit it, but I'm stuck on a song in GH5, and it's bloody Sultans of Swing. Can never get enough points to get a proper 5 star thing. Oh well.

Band tonight, pretty dull. Mossy and the rest were arguing about the Brownlow. Meh.

Tomorrow, can't go camping, work says they 'need me on call!' in case Isaak dies or something. Stupid midweek functions. Best part is, if I don't get called up by the bastards, I'll be at home while most of my friends are camping. Ah well.



(strange, when I'm bored, you get mindless content!)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The New Pollution.

'Lo all.

Today was work. Preeetty crap.

Kids all came home. Far too noisy. Hid in shed for a while.

Been listening to Beck too much. No one else into his music, far as I know. It's interesting, pretty good, really. Go and download Odelay.

Tomorrow, as little as possible, hopefully.



Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nero's Day at Disneyland.

'Lo all.

Today I woke up late and did nothing of value.

Tomorrow, work.

I love the holidays.



Friday, September 18, 2009

District 9.

'Lo readers.

Aaaaah. End of term. Feels good man.

So. Scribble out evaluation of lit speech from yesterday before school. I forgot to mention this yesterday. Emma and Isobelle were pretty believable since they haven't finished their books, and Jasper didn't say like too much. I rushed through mine. Meh.

Get to school, everyone's still whinging about The Facebook Wars. So very funny, the FIRST BLOODY TIME I SAW IT. God damn.

First up was media, finished thing, Ms Robbins got a bit sidetracked and told us to look up her brother's band.

Then biology, had to do worksheets. Very easy to get through them, so I vandalised mine. Claire and Lulu almost got us all playing hangman.

Recess. Fairly quiet. Tom bought cake. Lulu dragged me back for more.

Literature was fun (shock), got marks on review back (B!), started Emily Dickinson stuff, then got completely sidetracked. Mrs Cartledge gave up by the end.

Maths was also pretty meh. Since it was all calculators, not much work.

At lunch, they said there was free food, so we all headed to the bbqs. Not sure why there was free food, but after a while there was. Pat and Julian had an eating competition (called off after 9 sausages each, I think, cos they ran out of sauce), and I drifted between groups. Emily and Annie were excited because apparently there had been a mixup with the results for the plays, so they were going to announce them at assembly. This got real boring real quick when the rest of the girls started being all self congratulatory about The Facebook Wars. Boring.

Anyway. Bell went, go to homeroom, get report. Didn't fail anything, which is good. Then assembly, get kicked out of seats, have to sit near back, Aiden's homeroom won the pantry appeal (of course), and Binks won the house plays. Woo.

After school, headed down the street, bought Backspacer, ate chips with the droogs, then home. Kids all nicked off, so I listened to new album. They gave me two free full bootlegs, which is pretty cool. Album itself is surprisingly meh, it's pretty radio friendly. Ah well. Worth a listen, I suppose.

Then bored, then down the street for District 9. Awesome trailer for The Wolfman, and only Denny and Aiden showed up, oh well.

District 9 - *****
Yeah, it's pretty good. Original as hell, too, though occasionally the dialogue seemed a bit cliche. Visually very good looking, made the prawns believable. I liked the allegory in the first half. Really liked the dreadnought at the end, love me some powered armour. Looking forward to the unneccesary sequel.

Got a lift home with Aiden, and here we are.

Tomorrow, sleep. That's about it. Not an invitation.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Only Happy When It Rains.

'Lo readers.

Jesus god. Still have another day left. This is not cool at all.

Woke up sick again this morning, Dad sent me to school saying I could survive yesterday. Felt worse, oh well.

Chapel was swapping stories with Aiden about GH5, and the 'chaplain' mentioned the HOTTEST 100 (symphonies) OF ALL TIME. How exciting.

In extended homeroom, got a chubachup off Ms Dyke, and a letter saying how awesome Cumpster is. Isobelle tried to photograph Marly.

First up was bio, Zulaikha and I have practically finished the slideshow thingy now.

Recess was quiet, I guess.

Double maths was relatively enjoyable, we only did work in the last ten minutes, the work was relatively easy, and I wore Alison's Stitch pencilcase. Found some bizarre boardgames and strange relics.

At lunchtime, recovered my pencilcase from the lecture theatre, then stood around and didn't do much. Topic of conversation was mainly the house plays, and every now and then Isaac and the rest would show up shouting about the pantry appeal. Stupid Aiden and his stupid milk.

Then psych, year twelves whinging about us year elevens who use facebook. Year twelves also went on facebook, since they were bored. I plugged in earphones and did half a practice exam.

After school, went home, shouted at Fraser, went down the street, and there was like ten thousand things to deliver. Tempted to do three runs, Chris rescued me.

Get home again, play a lot of Guitar Hero (easy campaign is easy, so far), observed more facebook arguments (LAWL), caught up with the usual suspects. Forgot to get presale tickets for Them Crooked Vultures, I still don't know whether to go or not.

Tomorrow is the last day of term. That means longarse assembly, where there's a good chance I'll have to go on stage at one point, and we get out early so I can pick up Backspacer. Might see District 9 too, not sure yet.



Wednesday, September 16, 2009


'Lo all.

Not enjoying this whole sick thing. Debated whether or not to go to school, came down to a coin flip, which sent me to school. Halfway there I realised I could have stayed home and played GH5 all day. Damn.

Lotta arguing about the pantry appeal in homeroom. See, we figured we were winning, and we even started bringing in money, but the other day we saw Aiden's homeroom bringing in heaps of longlife milk. The bastard chucked in heaps of money. These homeless people will be shocked at the amount of food us stupidly competitive teenagers are bringing in.

First up was biology, Mr Bacon drew a lot of pictures, then media, got a bit of work done, turns out Ms Robbins is going to Pearl Jam too. Weird.

At recess, us musos had to go for a lecture in the lecture theatre, because the techies had defaced the Sunday School's song thing. Then us concert band kids got a lashing from Fearless Leader.

Get to hall late, find seat at back, annoying. First play was Dargo's, it was about fairy tales. Jake was popular, plot made very little sense. Meh, in my opinion.

Then Blundell's, written by Emily. She cast herself as a whore, naturally. It was about pirates. We lol'd. Not too bad, Lulu makes a good pirate, Nick was shocking enough as Bruno.

Lunchtime. Nothing interesting. Headed to hall, at back doors. These opened after the front doors. So again, we got seats at the back. Couldn't hear anything.

So, Tisdall's play. Really couldn't hear anything when Sam or Rossy weren't speaking. This lead to a lack of engagement. Play seemed pretty meh. Towards the end, the entire crowd was chattering. Poor actors on stage, oh well.

Then Binks. No pressure. Plot vaguely resembled Beetlejuice. Was pretty funny, Jason and his brother were standouts. Steve's cameo was pretty good.

They announced the results before they let us go, Blundell last (WHAT?), then Tisdall (WHAT?), then Binks (DAMMIT), then Dargo. No one was particularly happy with this. In my opinion, should have gone Tisdall, Dargo, Blundell, and Binks to win it.. Oh well.

After school, tag along with a few kids, get bored, run to shop, get stuff, sprint home, and try out GH5. First thing that struck me was how easy All Along the Watchtower was on hard. I suppose that's more of a band thing. Still. Gonna try Sultans of Swing next, that'll be interesting.

Then off to work, very quiet, so I had to peel ten thousand potatoes again. Jezz got bored, so he showed me his professional dishwashing method (again), and helped out a bit. His kid got his nose broken at school today, which started them all taking about UFC for some reason.

Get home, intermittent internet, kinda bored, going to play GH. Yes, I'm a boring person, sue me.

Tomorrow, if my head isn't exploding, double maths, and a good chance of having to my lit review, dammit.



Tuesday, September 15, 2009


'Lo readers.

Getting sick again. Not cool.

School was meh, psych in the computer rooms first up. Passed both my SACs, not too bad.

Then a music lesson, Mr C was whinging about kids quitting and me not playing trombone. Funnily enough, I want to quit.

Didn't have to do my speech in lit, which was good.

Nothing much happened at recess.

Then media, with a sub. Got half the work done.

In history, got to watch more bad acted movie. Can't really complain.

Lunch was really boring. Copied Alison's cheat sheet for maths, think she had everything, which was good. Then bored. Really bored. Everyone had nicked off.

Maths was a test, no real problems with it.

Finally bio, Lulu was pissed off so we ended up browsing demotivators.

Went home, Denny decided to play stupid flash games on facebook, and copy all my music. He got about a fifth of the way through it all. Then not a lot. Sick, not much homework, bored.

Tomorrow, house plays. Apparently Dargo's is crap, Blundell's is meh, Tisdall's is pretty good, and so is Binks'. It'll be close, I think.

District 9 is finally coming to Sale, going to go and see it on the weekend. Hell yes.



Monday, September 14, 2009


'Lo all.

So tired.

School was meh. Had no problems with SAC, funny to watch my writing deteriorate then improve.

In lit we had to do oral reviews. Emily stumbled through hers, sucks to be first, Oliver did his usual shtick, Goody seemed enthusiastic, Ryan did pretty well. Cartledge was not rarely amused.

Then bio in the computer rooms, Zulaikha and I nearly finished. Got Claire excited about Pirates 4. Lol, Pirates.

Lunch was fairly boring, then deathball. Releases frustration. Got Gav hard enough to make him drop halfway, hilarious.

In history, my hopes of finishing my essay in class were dashed cos we were watching a movie. Terrible acting, made it slightly funnier than it should have been.

Finally media, were taken out to the sun, had textbook read to us while Oliver gathered grass for Patrick, who ended the lesson by kicking the huge pile of grass all over the year tens.

Missed band, went home to do history. Almost done, too, and now I have 5 sources! Aiden reckons we missed out on a good band, since none of the year elevens (other than Jake and Georgia) rocked up, no one to reign in the little kids, so Mr C walked out.

I have a new screen. It's very wide. I am so tempted to go wallpaper hunting. But no. Just got to format this essay, and force the printer to work.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Might have to do my review. Will have to put up with all these damn people again, when things are starting to sink in. I want to sleep, dammit!



Sunday, September 13, 2009


'Lo all.

No post last night. Got back late. Had to be social.

Anyway. Yesterday was work. Pretty quiet. Gotta work on Wednesday, same day GH5 and Backspacer come out, drag.

Get home (Fraser's mad as party had six teenagers rolling around on their bikes, two BIG ARSE SPEAKERS that were playing crappy metal, and one bored looking girl), have shower, Denny says he's coming round. Hurm. Head down to chicken shop and chill, then meet Sam, Molly, and Kelly at train station. Walk back to my place, Kelly says she's never seen Fight Club before. Our jaws drop.

Walk down street to meet the rest of them, didn't really do much. Got to cinema, saw Megan there, and Jason limped in.

Inglourious Basterds - *****
First Tarantino film I've seen in the cinema. Pretty damn good, too, think this is the best film I've seen (at the movies) this year, so far. The soundtrack was pretty cool, dunno if anyone else picked up on that. And holy hell, the violence! Hot damn. Go and watch this movie, it is really really good.

Came out giggling, then the rest start quoting District 9, which is supposed to be even better. Walk home via Annie's, all crash in shed, watch Kelly try to play Guitar Hero, argue over movies, and endure stilted conversation with a drunken and oblivious Beardman. Funny. Then Ryan ditched us, Denny and Kelly shotgunned the bed, Hayden and Nemo had couch and floor, and I had chair. Again. Hurm. Once they settle down and the chicos stopped flying around, Kelly and Denny both want to watch Starship Troopers, so we did. Crashed properly at like 4ish?

Woke up at seven (SEVEN!) cos I forgot to turn off all my alarms. Didn't get up til like eight. We discussed house plays, Kelly and Denny nicked off, Hayden and Nemo nicked off, I start trying to do homework a bit shellshocked.

Anyway. Spent all day doing lit review, and watching Dylan Moran standup. The (amazing) French was online, which was cool. Now, just need to finish two media questions, make sure I've got everything for the SAC, and all is relatively well.

Tomorrow, speaking of which, is the last psych SAC, which shouldn't be too difficult, then band and crap. Not interested.



Anyway, the end.

Friday, September 11, 2009

"Can we go to the milk bar now?"

'Lo all.

No Dayne, we can't.

Slow day today.

Got a lift to school, first up was a psych SAC, no real problems with it except for one question, but oh well.

Then history, apparently I'm doing fine on my essay. Gonna finish it on the weekend.

Recess was quiet. Jake and Pat were wearing suits for some reason.

In double bio we had a prac where we had to "burn weed", cover test tubes of said "weed" in tin foil, and were later encouraged to talk to these test tubes. Kinda funny. Got to burn all sorts of stuff.

Bus trip up to Bairnsdale was quiet. Much of the afternoon was spent wandering around, and playing cards. Not much interesting, really. We got heaps of pizza, eventually.

Concert itself was pretty meh, we didn't screw up too badly, and this little kid kept poking it's tongue out at me.

Bus trip home was quiet too, took the piss out of Twilight with Isobelle and Claire, and listened to the year twelves shouting chapel hymns.

Tomorrow is going to be tricky. Working all day, then going down the street. Going to watch Inglourious Basterds eventually. Not sure what happens next. Probably not going to be a post tomorrow night.

New Powderfinger album going to be released in November. Cool. Hope it's better than their last one.




Thursday, September 10, 2009

Unfinished Sympathy.

'Lo all.

Ah hell. Things are getting interesting.

Right. This morning there were all these punk kids in the backyard (it is only going to get worse).

Chapel was dull, Denny almost didn't get a seat, pretty funny. Brendog had to do the reading, and it looks like one kid's in an induced coma because of a car accident. Bloody hell.

In extended homeroom, Tom manically put up more Married to the Sea pictures.

First up was media, watched the rest of the movie.

Citizen Kane - ****
Imagery was pretty cool. Bit slow. Good story, I guess.

Then we got to watch Nick's media film, starring himself, Will, and Guy. Poor Lenny, gonna have to ask him about his mad dog acting skills on Saturday.

Recess was fairly quiet.

Double lit was terrifying, as usual. I zoned out in the poetry, almost got up when the bell went. We discussed Muckup Day, teachers have turned into nazis. We'll have to be creative. They can't suspend all of us!

Lunch. Talked about pokemon. Bored. Very, very bored.

Then maths, Tom, Alison, Jordan and I all swapped answers so we were all 90% finished. Got into an argument with Jasper over music. Never ever thought I'd meet someone with such Pitchfork-approved taste, and has never heard of it. He thought we shouldn't care about 'old' bands like the Beatles because we can't relate to them. Fair point, but can't we just enjoy the music? NO, he says, COS IT HAS TO HAVE MEANING! Interesting.

Psych, flicked through textbook. Going to cram a bit tomorrow morning, everything should be alright (famous last words).

After school, headed down the street for work, met Ryan and Denny for chips (interesting position Denny's found himself in), apparently they want to come to my place Saturday night. Hurm. Entire point was to get OUT of the house Saturday. Ah well. Work was ok, couldn't find a dvd of Dazed and Confused anywhere though, disappointing.

Get home, more people want to stay Saturday night. I am a bit confused. 'Beached Az' was on the tv. You know a meme's become unfashionable when they put it on the tv.

New iPods today, new nano looks exactly the same, but it has a video camera in the back, and a radio. Woah. Not particularly interested. New iTunes too, I prefered the old one. Muse and Beatles albums hit /mu/ in the same week, scarier place to visit. Next week, Pearl Jam and Guitar Hero 5, to waste my holidays on.

Tomorrow, miss some school for band. Most of the time will be spent wasting time. Should be fun?

Karma's going to kick my head in and chop off my balls, I think.



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beach Running: Electric Boogaloo.

'Lo everyone.

My feet hurt. Should I invest in new runners or not? I dunno.

Woke up ridiculously early today, which sucked. Got on bus, usual suspects are there. No big back seat. Pretty meh trip, everyone was a bit tired and stupid, though Meg tried to get through buttloads of health homework, and Jess wrestled with a moral dilemna. We tried to give Jake a mohawk with Sam's hair gel ("IT'S FOR AERODYNAMICS!"), didn't work very well.

Get to beach finally, pretty windy. Nervously ran around a bit as other schools arrived. Sam thought it'd be fun to jump off ledges.

Watched the first race go, was frozen, and given running shorts. Jesus god. Bastard things felt like they were designed for a grade four kid. Never again. Then we got marshalled, sent to line, and off. All seemed so quick.

Going to indulge a bit here. First klick or so was pretty meh, had an alright start but slowly dropped back, was in around fifteenth ish going up up the stairs. Seemed to go a lot faster than last year. Aiden got in front by the time we hit the grass, and basically stayed there the whole time.

Over the hill through the trees, kinda warm compared to the other side. Sun even came out. Overtook a few kids on my way down, almost came to a complete stop at the stairs I'd forgotten about on the other side. No bonfire this time either.

Hit the big beach, could vaguely see Pat pretty far away, and Will about three kids in front. Figured I'd try and catch up to him. Overtook a few more people, which was good, but I had the entire yellow team right behind me when we hit the dune. Bloody karma, I tell you. Duelled him all the way up, started sprinting as soon as I saw the buses. Apparently it was a thriller finish. Monique said there was a muckup, and I actually ended up with eleventh. Was hoping for top ten, this'll do. Got tenth last year, apparently.

Aiden won our race, Pat got seventh, Will got tenth, and Jake and the year nine sub managed to survive. Sam and Tom both beat Steve and James, so they were happy.

Anyway. Finish. While the girls are getting ready, go and jump of huge sand dunes, which was cool. Ended up doing flips. Then all the girls went, and we got told to go back to cheer the rest on as they came in. Jess got 7th in her race, Nemo got 11th, and Jordan got 12th. The next race was funny, girl got to the end of the track and started walking when she still had fifty metres to run, and another girl ran up and nearly overtook her. We laughed. Meg got 5th, Alison got 12th, Lulu got 26th. Hayden got beaten by his little brother, so Jake got a free lunch from Ms Dyke.

We ended up winning the carnival, I dunno if our team won our race, but I think we did. I hope we don't, if we won we have to go up in assembly.

Bustrip home was pretty mellow, everyone was tired, I got a double seat, so chilled out. Some boring movie was on, no one seemed that interested. Stop at maccas, pretty boring, then everyone seemed to be falling asleep around Traralgon.

Back at school, catch up with Agnik (apparently it was pouring all day), and there were year eights walking around dressed like dunces for medieval day. Home, showered, finished lit homework, and talked to the usual suspects.

Think I've found a way of getting out of the house Saturday; soon as I finish work, creep back home, shower, hang out down the street, then catch up with the droogs for Inglourious Basterds. After that, see what happens.

Tomorrow, double lit. Meh. Doing more poetry, how exciting.

Where is the french girl when I need her. Get on regular msn at a sane hour, man.



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Brick In The Wall.

'Lo all.

Very interesting plot twist today. Maybe a little predictable, but still. Wonder where this will go.

Anyway. Denny has worked out that the plants in our backyard will start growing fruit soon. We will soon have to chase him away, dammit.

Get to school, everyone's a bit meh, mercifully short assembly, then double history. Supposed to be doing a bit of research, no internet. Got to a point where no one could do anything else, so we just buggerised around. I worked out how to play SimCity.

Recess. Hungry. I'm using up far too much money. We need more things to eat, Beardman. It started pouring, which was funny because everyone jumped under the shelter. Then Oliver, Jake and I bravely crossed the quadrangle to the lecture theatre.

Stupid idea really. All of double media I was cold. Got to watch most of Citizen Kane though. Review when we finish it. Not sure what to think about it so far. And there's something about his sled I can't quite pick. Reminds me of Mr Burns.

Then it was lunchtime, thank gawd. More rain. At one stage, Sam, Gavin, Aiden and Isaac all lifted up Hayden, and carried him over to Naomi, then they all started laughing. Young love. Then Mr Smith took them into a classroom. We didn't understand. Ended up with Hayden and Nemo standing there awkwardly, and all their friends standing around giggling. Poor kids.

After all that excitement, maths. Pretty quiet. Bren-dog actually wants us to do work for the next test, dammit.

Finally bio, got through half the questions, got Gavin in trouble with Lulu and Claire, and Mr Bacon explained his dream of driving a bobcat around. He is a cool guy. Must be the valium.

After school, fix up Denny's bike, go to swimming pool, meet Sam, go on treadmills for 2km (SO BOOOORING!), go on vibrating box (wtf), then jump in pool. Lotta fatties rolling around, and little kids having lessons. Still, not bad. First time I've visited the pool since it got redone. It was relatively cheap too, maybe I should go again. Like I need more exercise.

Get home, flick through some homework, talk to a couple of people (fallout is bad, mkay), new SW sprues look good. Watched The Wall again, I still don't really like the soundtrack (BAAAWWW DADDY DIED IN THE WAR + synths), but the imagery is so cool.

Tomorrow, gotta get up early. That's the bit I don't like about cross countries. Well, that and the run. And the bus trips up and down. And the whole pain thing. Hmm. Still. Aiming for a top ten spot. Aren't I optimistic.

Speaking of optimism, keeping a weary eye on the proceedings. Sick of all this. Damn teenagers.



Monday, September 7, 2009


'Lo all.

Hell. Annoyed. And it's only Monday.

Got lit finished before school. Half the usual suspects were there, usual stilted Monday morning conversation. I'm not designed for Monday mornings.

Bio first up. Reproduction in mammals and stuff. Meh.

Then psych. Got 46/48 on a quiz with Tash and Georgia. Pumped for SAC.

Recess. Hungry.

In lit we officially finished Wuthering Heights. Thank gawd. Now we get to do more poetry, yay!

Maths was quiet, cept for Alison trying to strangle me.

At lunch I was bored and hungry. A game of bottle brandy devolved into keepings off. Very, very, very amusing to watch. Pat tried to program Akari's little machine to tell him swearwords in Japanese.

In history, did research. Start essay tomorrow, I guess.

Media was stuff about media ownership, which does interest me a bit. The whole manipulation-of-the-masses thing, at least. Might be a good unit.

After school, sun was out, went to band, didn't get overly bored to death cos Lulu's little brother was scribbling on the whiteboard. Then it started pouring. Absolutely pissing down. Argh. Exhilarating ride home to Pendulum, felt like I'd been dunked in a pool fully clothed.

Get home, interesting developments on the facebookery, more band which sucked, Fraser tells me I'm wanted by a pair of "bongrat gangsta gangsters" for "looking at them funny". Whatever. Let them kill me then.

Really tired. Soon as Dexter's finished, going to crash. Might improve mood. Damn teenagers.

Tomorrow is doubles day. Meh. Then Sam reckons he wants to go to the gym for a 'cooldown sesh'. I dunno. I don't do enough exercise to warrant one of them, I think. I dunno. Haven't been to the pool or gym since it opened.

Cookie for the kiddie who can tell me what the title means.


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trampled Underfoot.

'Lo all.


Today is Father's day. Hope Beardman enjoyed himself.

I have spent far too long locked in shed finishing psych tasksheets. At the moment I only have one question to go. Gorram Clemmo has put too many questions that need extensive, complicated answers. And this last question requires me to put three of them in together, and then answer more questions. I dunno. Last one though, then it's just revision for the rest of psych.

Downloaded live Portishead and some Aphex Twin last night. Does anyone else like this stuff? Oh well.

Not particularly happy at the moment. Meh.

Tomorrow is bloody Monday. I want to sleep more. Sick of this. Can't wait for holidays.



Saturday, September 5, 2009


'Lo all.

Woken up far too early (relatively), made to clean room, attempted to finish psych homework, watched movie instead.

The Exorcist - ***
Well, it wasn't as scary as I was expecting, maybe I'm just jaded. I did like the whole psychiatrist approach to possession. The scary faces weren't particularly scary after the first time, and the little girl annoyed me when she wasn't a demon.

Before I went to work, Denny filled me in on what the rest of them got up to on their way back to Hayden's. I'm in two minds, part of me is saying "GOD DAMMIT WHAT THE HELL HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THAT" and the other part is laughing it's arse off. Amusing.

Work was meh, finished before a chef, it was ridiculously quiet until about eight though. Lotta cops rolling around afterwards though.

Tomorrow is more homework. And Father's day.



Friday, September 4, 2009


'Lo all.

I'm ridiculously tired, so I'll be brief.

This morning was media (test, easy), and bio (reproduction, fairly interesting).

Recess was quiet, I think. I drift in and out, don't pick up anything from it.

Then lit, which dragged, but wasn't too bad, and maths, where Bren-dog was all shouty.

Lunch was deathball. Girls joined in. It's annoying with a large crowd, once I'm out I usually stay out. But it makes it a bit more of a challenge.

History, essay notes, meh, and then psych, where I finalised the stuff for the SAC Monday week.

After school, went down the street, got chips, watched Sam getting his hair cut, wasted time, went home, get told to meet everyone down the street, walk through rain, meet the rest, someone sets off a firework in the units behind us.

Eventually get to Hayden's, we prank people with soundboards, get free cake, then go for a wander. Hit a couple houses, jump a few hedges, explore a few places, then I get home. Exhausting evening.

Right now, I'm not sure what I'm doing. Maybe the French will go online. Need to get a couple of albums, like Binaural, dammit. Saw that today, if I can't find it tonight I may as well just pay for it.

Tomorrow, sleep in as long as possible, then work.



Thursday, September 3, 2009

Radio Silence.

'Lo all.

Bad mood. Sentence structure will suffer.

This morning, Denny rocked up, but my bike's tyre was mysteriously flat, and the pump wouldn't work on the valve. Walked to school confused, then suffered a bland chapel.

In homeroom, Lulu did another thing on year twelve jackets. I still think it's a bad idea, especially since we have to pay for them, and we probably will only be allowed to wear them on Wednesdays.

Bio was quiet, took down notes, fairly easy, cos we're doing conditioning in psych at the moment.

Recess. Getting sick of it.

Then double maths, which got slower, and slower and sloooweerr. Swapped music with Emma and attempted to reason with Alison.

Lunchtime. Deathball. Bree's getting damn good. Year twelves decided to join in. Awesome. Makes the flying fox bit more interesting, since you're swinging for life and limb. They tried a basketball with Gavin, poor bastard. Would do this again.

Good mood evaporated during psych, got half a tasksheet done though. One and a bit left, then that's it for psych.

Finally lit, Cartledge in a good mood again, screamed through three chapters. Oliver and Jasper have something going on, I swear.

After school, go to work, Denny rocks up, we ride around, go past school where Sam and the yellows are dancing, and Alison stole my bike. By the time we got away, and to the nursing home, it started pissing down. Damn.

After that, waiting for Mrs Cartledge to reply with my corrected draft. Working on that now. Fraser challenged me to teatowel fight, he has no technique, so I got him really hard on his arm. Little bastard.

Things need to be improving. I have no motivation. Holidays soon, I'll be sleeping more, so I suppose I'll be happier.

Tomorrow is double biology Friday. Nothing encouraging. Hurm.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Reign on the Masses.

'Lo everyone.

I dunno how to start this.

This morning was quiet, went to biology, went to cross country photos, Sam, Pat and I decided to photobomb the swimming photo, but we were sprung.

Then media, which was revision for a test on genres tomorrow. Meh.

Recess. I need to get me some noise cancelling headphones or something, it'd be awesome.

History was just research, I got a bit sidetracked. Christian movies are so funny. And bland.

And then maths, got some work done, funnily enough.

Lunchtime. Deathball. We've started to count how many rounds we've had, I got out on five, then got straight back in. Went to running undefeated on 14. Woo.

Running training was meh, as usual. Jess, Naomi, and I did the highway track, and it was pretty cool. Got a mean stitch, lost Jess, got to the finish with Nemo. The 'cool' year tens on the bus were being rude, respect your elders or we'll get you on muckup day. Little bastards.

After school, though PJ album was out, but it's not for another week, dammit. Got chips with Ryan, bagged out people and fed magpies.

Back home, there's two people having quarter-life-crises and two people who want to go and get pissed Saturday night. I'm in, but I'm working then, so hopefully it'll get postponed. I managed to finish my lit response, hot damn.

I have found this thing on iTunes, it's called Rockabye Baby, where these people make lullaby versions of rock songs. Artists include The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Metallica, NIN, Queens of the Stone Age, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and Led Zeppelin. Jesus god. I am going to get these albums somehow, and brainwash my children.

Tomorrow is double maths Thursday. Ew. And I'm slipping on the campaign board, gotta go whoop some ass.



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rental Car.

'Lo readers.

Jesus god. You know those days that just seem to drag like all hell, and you finish first period and you're expecting recess, that sort of thing? Bloody hell, had that today, irritating.

Speaking of which, after being neglected this morning (WAKE ME UP!), assembly that I nearly fell asleep in, then psych, where they made us knit. It was confusing. I would have prefered to keep working on the tasksheets.

Then lit, Mrs Cartledge was in a good mood. Oliver challenged her to a game of rock paper scissors, she refused and bagged him out all period. Oliver kept his arm up though, well done that man.

Recess. Hungry.

Media was The Castle (funny), then half of Oliver's horror presentation. Kept pissing on Twilight, it was pretty cool.

On my way to history, Sam grabs me and steers me to the chapel. Boy's choir. Wtf. Played along, it was just Mrs Candy trying to tame Pat and the rest of us, and we're only there to get out of a class. Oh well. I can't sing anyway.

Lunch was deathball, game called halfway through cos of meh.

Stupid maths was dull. I understand the work, but the tests and exams are open book. Puzzling.

Finally bio, Zulhaika and I looked up geckos cos we were bored while Lulu and Claire did cool animals. Screw them.

After school, pick up grass for bio project, and try and work through lit thing. I should be able to get it finished tomorrow night. Quiet night really. Bored.

Tomorrow is more beach running, hopefully it'll be less windy and I'll do better so I can get chips. That's a hell of a lot of motivation, really.