Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Waters of Nazareth.

'Lo all.

I have a conundrum. Pearl Jam are in Melbourne for one night only on November 20. November 20 is also the end of year twelve exams, and a student free day. Tickets are on sale. I have cash. But I dunno. Don't want to go by myself really, but I don't know anyone else who like Pearl Jam enough to pay to see them. I'm definitely getting the new album and grabbing the bootleg when they come out.

Actually, that album, and Them Crooked Vultures, and then I have to hunt down both Saboteurs/Raconteurs (same thing different shovel) albums, and then QotSA and John Butler Trio... Hurm. Should start a list. No one else is particularly interested in this sort of music, which is a shame. New Muse stuff sounds meh, by the way, heard United States of Eurasia today. It's not bad, but not as good as some of their earlier stuff. Album might be worth a download, I dunno.

Hurm. Damn kids these days, listening to their crappy gangsta rappers and their crunk crap and their shallow pop stars. Oh well.

Anyway. It was raining all day today.

Got a lift to school this morning after girls lost their bike helmets, everyone was screaming around til I checked the study.

First up was lit. Excellent start to the day. I was berated for not calling or emailing Mrs Cartledge when I didn't know what I was doing. Took notes, kept mouth shut.

Then a history SAC. Oh boy. Sat down, Ms Henry introduced the Finnish girl (blonde hair, what a surprise), and stated that her history class was the most multicultural in the school, cos we have two hot French girls, Akari the Japanese girl, and now this Finnish girl. Hurm. SAC itself was meh, first question stumped me when I first got it, but then I realised what it was asking, and had no real problems. A blank look into space managed to get Ms Henry to ask if I needed any help, how strange.

Recess was cold and wet. Tom and I visited tuck shop, I got me a hot chocolate and a marshmallow. Woo.

Psych was quiet, went to library, printed out sheets, next week I'm going to go and experiment on some year sevens. Observed the class struggle in year ten, as the bourgeoisie kids (the girls were prawns and the blokes had too much product in their hair) discussed who they'd picked up. Very, very amusing. Mr Fraser thinks my voice has dropped even further. Hurm.

In media, they all laughed at me because I left the doll in the shot where Emma's pregnant. Teacher thought it was because of the dead babies thing. Lawl. Then we had to do a report, which would cause me problems later.

Lunch was raining too. Emma mentioned gork. Nearly everyone was in detention. Hayden and Sam escaped at one stage and were dragged back in. Don't think we did a lot, really.

Now, the problem with it raining like hell on a Wednesday is that they cancel sport. If they cancel it in the middle of sport, they put on a movie in the lecture theatre. If not, they give you two more classes. Then you either have to do work or you have a sub and you just muck around.

Bonus bio was alright, looked at what I'd missed, then hung out and discussed music and drawing with Jack, Lulu, Claire and Gav.

Then bonus lit. Walked in terrified. No teacher appeared. So, we indulged in throwing things at the fans til they wiggled dangerously, laughing at people's stupid problem in teenage girl magazines, and Jasper made fun of Emily. He's getting very good at it. Cartledge is going to rape us all tomorrow.

Anyway. Get a lift home, start lit homework, get nowhere, don't do much else. Idly browsing interbutt, not much news. Fraser has started wearing ridiculously tight jeans (?), which I think is very amusing. It's only for bike riding, he insists. Interesting dichotomy here too, guys at school rib each other all the time and laugh, do the same to Fraser and he gets all pissy, throws a tantrum, storms to his room. DO NOT FEED THE TROLL, bro.

Right now I've got a bloody headache, and had an interesting conversation with Tara while waiting for media teacher to reply. Hurm. I need to re-install office, or download open office on the weekend.

Tomorrow is double literature Thursday, which I'm looking forward to. I'm starting to develop a cold again (thanks Pat), and then it better not be raining in the afternoon. It'll feel like a Friday though, cos Friday's a Student Free Day.



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