Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wake up time for work YOU'RE LIKE NOOO!

'Lo all.

No post last night. I was out.

Friday was alright, I suppose. In bio we were outside for most of the double talking to Akari. Lunchtime was flying fox game from hell, as usual, which was fun.

After school, went down the street with Denny and Ryan, for chips and stuff. Ryan got ridiculously cheap tickets for the gothic puppet show. At home, traded dead baby jokes with Pat on the facebookery, then Aiden tells me there's a thing on at Jason's.

So, walk down, Hayden, Isaac, Jason, Aaron, and Aiden are watching Teen Tourettes Camp on the youtubes. The premise is simple - send five British teenagers that suffer from tourettes to a camp where they fix them with other tourettes sufferers. The result is hilarious. One of the chicks was ridiculously hot, and her 'tics' included swearing very loudly at the most innapropriate times and opening car doors while it was moving. Very funny. We then tagged Hayden on facebook.

After getting bored with College Humor clips, Sam arrives, persuades us to go check out bottleos. Problem is, they're legally required to shut at 10:30, and we were out there at 11. Oh well. Maccas!

We get back, and Isaac and Sam say we should do 'the skittles thing'. So we sort out two bags of skittles by colour, add vodka, strain them, and take shots. Hurm.

Things that I have learned:
21. Green skittles + vodka is bad. Red/orange skittles + vodka is still bad, but not as bad as green.
22. Any of Sam's suggestions while anyone is mildly intoxicated should be treated with extreme caution.
23. Poker gets progressively more difficult when you add vodka.
24. Double shots of vodka are very bad.
25. Just because you're drunk and you can do a flip on a trampoline in the dark doesn't mean you should repeat it; this is called tempting fate.
26. If you puke, clean it up.
27. Remember to bring something to record the event; no girls (which is a problem in itself) means no cameras.
28. Girls improve parties a lot.
29. Don't go on facebook when you are drunk.You may lose friends and alienate people.

So, I came second in vodka poker, which sucked. At least I didn't go as badly as Aiden, he took the double shot thrice before he got out. We tried Halo3 (amusing), and went to the backyard to roll around. Stupid, really. Crashed around four, I crashed too hard, still a bit blurry. I know puke and floor was involved.

After the clean up ("The bin is full of bottles." "Crap."), walked home, made it home in time to have a shower and get a lift to work off Sam's mum. Good night, really, wouldn't do it every weekend though.

Work was hell. All the chefs were hungover too (I got off lightly, just tired), so we swapped stories, since half an hour felt like three. Not cool. Jeremy has kindly given me the Saturday night shift where there's a 21st, so I'll be there til midnight or so.

And now I'm home, a bit more recovered after drowing myself in the shower, even started psych homework.

Tomorrow, more work (ARGHSUNDAYSHIFTARGH), then starting lit draft, and catching up with Amaya.


Anyway, the end.

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