Sunday, August 9, 2009

Use Your Pineal Gland!

'Lo all.

Now, last night, I stayed up ridiculously late to watch Rage. Was cool seeing like five or six really good songs in a row once they hit Teardrop. I did not get wasted though, unlike what looks like everyone else.

Then woke up, did history and lit homework, panicked when I realised my psych textbook was at school, did revision based off wikipedia (got sidetracked pretty badly though. I'm now going to try and find adrenochrome, join Discordianism, and attempt lucid dreaming, plus my broken old phone has working internet), and was fairly bored. All day. Hurm.

Tomorrow is bio, then the SAC, then filming for bloody media. Plus side is, we get to wear casuals, and skip band. Downsides include stuck in a bus with one of those year tens two days in a row, going to Seaspray, and missing out on important crap.

Wait, thought of another plus side. Get to ignore 90% of school population for two days. Yay.



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