Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Through the Loop.

'Lo everyone.

Right. I'm falling asleep here, jesus god. This isn't good.

So, today, I tried doing the media thing, where you put down every media thing you consume. That means every song you listen to on the iPod, every website, every textbook, every videoclip in class, every ad you notice... I gave up once I got home from school, I'll fill in half a day tomorrow or something.

Anyway. Today was doubles day. First up was assembly, lots of dancing girls and Sam and Hayden fighting, which was amusing. They might have gotten away with it if they weren't laughing and smashing chairs around.

Double history was quiet, had to do a googling thing and write an obituary, so Tom and I fed some Olympians to a woodchipper, then checked out Married to the Sea. Patchy, but ridiculously funny.

Don't think anything important happened at recess, though most of my friends went to this boy's choir thing to skip a period. I went to media instead, Jake had his film noir thing and Bernice had her bollywood thing. Both outclassed mine, which was just ranting. The dvd player wouldn't let me show the bit in Reservoir Dogs, I am a disappoint.

Lunch was straight into THROW THE BALL AT THE KID ON THE FLYING FOX!! game, which wasn't too bad. Gavin and Aiden are far too tall for this thing. Jess and Bree made it trickier when they joined in the throwing, cos we didn't want to be the first dude to have a girl get us out. Bree was too easily distracted though.

Maths. The usual. Tom makes despicable (and hilarious) observations, talk to Alison, watch as Mr Brennan slowly gets angrier at the kids who don't want to pay any attention at all. Formulaic, really.

Finally bio, no jokes about the cricket this time, had to do sheets. We annoyed Claire and Lulu. French dudes last bio lesson, so there was a card handed around. Gav and I had no idea what to write. Poor French kids. I suppose they needed to have stuck around a bit longer, like that other one... She was cool.

Get home, read rest of Married to the Sea, abandon media homework, internet cuts out so I clean out hard drive. I've finally got a clean version of Propane Nightmares, and the movies work now cos I've got the codecs. Which is pretty cool, there's a buttload.

This damn

Tomorrow is Wednesday, but it's the bad Wednesday, regular length periods. No lunchtime either, cos we're going to Seaspray if we don't get rained out to run around and go swimming. Meh. Hate Seaspray.

Oh yeah, and Pitchfork sucks.


Anyway, the end.

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