Sunday, August 30, 2009


'Lo readers.

Jesus god. The weekend is almost over. I don't want to work two days in a row again for a while, makes the weekend seem to go quicker.

Anyway. This morning I saw Amaya on the msn cos I was checking the news. It was 2am over there. She's insane.

Work wasn't too bad, it was definitely faster than yesterday. Near the end I was bored as hell, so I agreed to mop out the coolroom. Halfway through Scotty comes in and tells me to stop. I investigate. 10 minutes before I'm allowed to go home, there's buttloads and buttloads of dishes that have suddenly appeared in my sinks. You bastards.

Get home, start lit, it took ages but now I'm a paragraph down already. Ha. Didn't do much else, trawled through the usual sites, stumbled across a baww thread which is a downer, and discussed remakes on the facebook. I don't like this facebook commenting thing, it keeps emailing me!

Tomorrow is Monday, which means suck. As usual. Dammit.



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