Thursday, August 6, 2009

Strange Times.

'Lo all.

Today was odd. They promised wind, we got strange humidity. Weird.

This morning, Denny dropped in, on his fancy new bike, then stumble into chapel, which briefly mentioned Hiroshima, which contrasts with previous years where they had full on candle lighting ceremonies and Japanese choirs.

Then we had a surprise, local demagogue Darren Chester dropped in to speak to us about achieving our potential. Seemed like he was trying a bit too hard to seem cool, calling politicians wankers, then invited questions. James Gray had a long winded, professional sounding one about climate change, Sam Fink had two about water (does Melbourne's water restrictions really impact on us? I think he was trying to get some information for a geography project or something), and Oliver asked the necessary Batman vs Spiderman question. Mr Chester said Spiderman because of gadget failures. Lies. Batman has giant metal things he can bash Spiderman with.

Biology wasn't too bad, we had a sub, I raced through the fairly easy questions, talked to Gav, businesss as usual.

Then recess. Funny, half the songs that start with G in my playlist are depressing. Weird.

Double maths in the funny room with just Mr Siebel for most of it. Tom and I confused him, and when the bell went Alison and Jasper joined us on the playground for five minutes. By the end of it everyone was sick of everything. Kelly kept on giving us odd looks as Tom and I discussed how a terrorist would pick off everyone in the room.

Lunch. Boring. The girls were sitting around reading the paper, the dudes were standing around not doing much, and half of everyone was missing. Aiden eventually rocked up and was ranting about how awesome his detention was, and then the girls all went insane pushing their eyes together or something.

Psych was a spare. Did tasksheet in library. Need to do a bit of study before the SAC tomorrow, but I think I'll be fine. The stuff I learnt has been encoded well, and has been stored, linked semantically, and can be retrieved easily. See that? Mad efficiency.

I don't know why we have lit in sixth. Honestly. Cartledge is tired, the kids are going a bit insane, we barely get anywhere. We pushed through to the end of the chapter, obviously Cartledge is sick of us taking so long to analyse things.

After school, went to work, high on Monster, had a quick chat to Cumpster at the lake while Alison shouted at me, saw Ryan and Denny waiting for Erin as a buttload of overly made up teenage girls walked past, and nearly got lost in the ghettos near Guthridge Primary.

After tea, went out, won twice, looked at new Russ kit (far too simple!) and now I'm third on the ladder (cos James was badmouthing the dude on top, he has to play him next week).

Back home, idly browsing interbutt, installed yet another antivirus thing, then get a call from Danielle about Scott going on elective camps. The poor child is picking the second most expensive and possibly the most boring camp so he can be with his mates. No guarantees, my friend.

Tomorrow is Friday, and we miss a period because of the big assembly. Unfortunately, we have to play music at said assembly. Fortunately, we get cake after said assembly. Cake Day is always fun.

Things are confusing at the moment. Says the teenager. Ahaha, aren't I funny.



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