Thursday, August 20, 2009

A storm is threatening.

'Lo all.

Today, I got my bike. Bout bloody time. Beardman left in it in the foyer, so I got to try it out on the way home, it's not bad. Interesting baptism of fire for it as there was a thunderstorm during work.

Anyway. Everything else today was pretty meh. Woke up far too late, missed coffee, rushed to school, sit through chapel (Aiden's going falsetto now), get hard drive back off Tom with promises of Rocko's Modern Life and buttloads of music and movies, then waste time in homeroom. Should have done my psych experiment.

First up was biology, in the computer rooms. Gavin and I know what we're doing, and we have plenty of time, so I beat Growcube again.

Recess was cold.

Double maths, oh boy. Caught up in the work, threw things at Alison, talked to Emma, business as usual. Then Claire did her experiment on us, I wasn't expecting it. I'm an extraneous variable, yay!

Lunchtime. Got bike, it was cool. Talked to the usual suspects, they're plotting stormtrooper suits for the casual day tomorrow, then followed the horde upstairs, which was pretty boring. We shouted at some year sevens out of the window, they didn't look particularly happy.

Psych was quiet, did a buttload of worksheets, barely spoke. Again, business as usual.

Then lit. Went around the room sharing opinions. I don't mind this, it wastes a lot of time and as long as you've done the work there's nothing to complain about, unless you did it wrong.

Screamed home on new bike, tighten it up a bit, ride off to work, basically as soon as I left the chemist it started pouring. Was bucketing down past Araluen, stopped at foodies for a bit, and then it all stopped. Bastard.

Back home, ordered to fix up other bikes, get sent to band, come home, start going through stuff on hard drive. Looks like there's some interesting stuff, far too much indie stuff though. Maybe I should give it to Emma or something. Few movies too, which is cool. Now to clear out the useless doubles and random stuff, make it all less confusing. Still no clean versions of Propane Nightmares, there was two here but one had the damned radio announcer over the top and the other was crap quality. Hurm.

Tomorrow, media test, doing psych thingy, and casual day. Plus it's Friday, which is cool. We're heading to Ballarat tomorrow night, I think, so there may not be a blog post, I dunno.



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