Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Store Bought Bones.

'Lo everyone.

Meh. Meh meh meh.

So today I slept in again and was nearly late for school. I find it odd that when I crash early (like, 11), I'll sleep through an hour's worth of alarms, but when I go to bed really late (say, 2:30), I'll wake up on the first alarm. Probably has something to do with NREM sleep and crap, I dunno. Just an idea.

Get to school, not much to see, careers dude first up. He says I should do International Studies, which would mean more writing and dropping a subject I'm comfortable with, but it sounds really interesting. It looks like lit and english are interchangable, except in lit my marks'd get scaled up a bit, and in english they'd get scaled down. Hurm.

Then media, more horror movies. Cult films are easy.

Recess. Can't think of anything.

History was ok, googling stuff with Emily, as they whinged about the rules for exchange student's letting their hair down. Whinge whinge whinge.

Then maths, everyone was yelling at Mr Siebel about his spelling. Hell, he ain't a PE teacher. Trig is always so much fun.

The Long Lunch was, unsurprisingly, long, and pretty dull once most of the girls nicked off. We headed to the playground and fought each other with Jason's crutches. Then it was time to go, I told Jess but she was busy, get on bus, we drive off, but neither Jess nor Alison showed up. "WE'RE ALREADY LATE!" says Ms Dyke.

Anyway, running training wasn't too bad, discussed music festivals with Loki, didn't die, all good. Back at school, Jess and Alison hit me, blah blah blah. They almost convinced Serrurier to drop them off in Longford.

After school, walked down the street with Ryan, Jess, and Brad, bike is in and if I come in tomorrow they'll assemble it for free, which is cool. Get to go to work on fancy new bike. It is blue.

Home, intermittent internet (lol), so did lit homework and struggled through media, nother hundred words and then I'd done with it. Stupid thing.

Tomorrow, I think I'll do one of those media analysis things. Basically, I have to list every single media thing I'm exposed to over an entire day. So, every song I listen to on the iPod, and every website I visit. Hurm. Plus it's double maths day, yay.

I'm not allowed to bag him out, but Fraser got himself Rockstar brand dogtags, so he's reverted to being a WWA (wigga wit attitude), which is funny considering how last week he was a ambiguously-gendered scenester. Those crazy teenagers and their fashions.



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