Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stockholm Syndrome.

'Lo everyone.

Last night involved getting all three Portishead albums, an Emancipator album, and another Massive Attack album. Still didn't download De Stijl or Binaural, I am a disappoint. But then, if these were good albums, more people would have seeded them, right?

Today, I got up late, listened to Muse (pretty meh for most of it, very overambitious and crap songwriting, and all the background stuff sounds similar. Couple of good songs though), then while doing lit homework Megan dropped in, gave me a Matrix shirt for Aiden, hung out, went off to work. Wat.

Spent afternoon doing psych homework (TEDIOUS) while Triple J put on a live Tame Impala set. Very cool. They played Angel. I want to find an .mp3 of this, holy god damn.

Portishead is very cool, I have decided. I need to find a copy of Eraserhead. Sam has a virus. District Nine better come out in Sale this week. Oh yeah, and Fraser's talking about getting stretchers (things that put huge holes in your ears) and lip piercings. Oh god. I will laugh so hard when his douchebag transformation is finished. Laugh and laugh and then disown him.

Tomorrow's school, and that sucks, cos there's band too. Sick of it. Hopefully Beardman will get gold tickets though, that'd make my day.



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