Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Sonic Re-creation of the End of the World.

'Lo all.

Not a bad day today really. Like, relatively.

I'm getting annoyed at this LOL SLEEP IN thing, cos it means that when I do stumble inside, there's someone else in the shower so I don't wake up properly.

Anyway. School and all that. Chapel was amusing cos Oliver and Aiden were singing, extended homeroom was us arguing about the year twelve jumpers. We voted for jock jackets (no hoodies, disappointing) that were black and white with all the names on the back. Stupid idea, should have stuck with hoodies, in my opinion. Oh well, I guess Chairman Henry will only let us wear them on Wednesdays anyway.

Media wasn't too bad, Pat did his thing on action films which was cool cos we got to watch bits of 300. Girls were shocked at the graphic decapitation sequence, can't imagine why. Then Chelsea did her thing on road movies, most of it seemed blatently copied off wikipedia. I've noticed a trend, people seem to think "MUST HAVE A BACKGROUND ON MY POWERPOINT" then put a pic they got off google stretched across the whole slide. They then fill the slide with text they copy off wikipedia, and put it in a pretty colour. This makes the text unreadable! At least, until you stutter your way through it. This is annoying, and should stop before someone loses a limb.

/rant. Damn year tens.

Recess was meh, as usual.

Double lit was meh too. Lots of examples to read. The statements of intention Cartledge seems to want are all puffed out flowery pieces of crap. I can't write these very well. Damn. Anyway, got the work done, creative piece to start writing over the weekend, hand it in on Friday.

Lunchtime. Bored. They were setting up Inglefest again, which seemed to amuse the little kids and everyone else, so Gav, Aiden and I escaped to year nine. Things don't seem to have changed much. Then game of flying fox ball (we need a proper name for this sport), which was amusing. One player threw the ball accidently in such a way that it went in a completely different direction to the flying fox. Hilarious.

Maths was relatively quiet. Alison rocked up with her new braces and promptly broke them. Tom was disgusting. Mr Brennan got angry. Meeeh.

Then psych, just task sheet stuff. Easy to jam in earphone, drown out year twelves gossiping, finish half the work.

After school, went down the street, I'm working Saturday and Sunday because Jeremy reckons I deserve two shifts after all the ones I've missed. Meh. No sleeping in this weekend.

Get home, haven't missed much. Seems it's fashionable to make random quizzes on facebook. Meh. Got bored, so I retreated and watched the next movie in the pile (there's only like two left, damn).

The Birds - ****
Hell, I had no idea how it'd finish. Maybe it's cos I watched it by myself, but there was tension. Plus the whole "WTF IS GOING ON" thing. Blonde was hot.

Now, tomorrow is Friday. Double bio. I'd be looking forward to it more if I could sleep in on Saturday, but no. Oh well.

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