Saturday, August 15, 2009

Severed Hand.

'Lo all.

Nothing to post today, really.

Last night, got 3 Muse albums and started on Binaural and De Stijl, just for the sense of completion.

Staggered out of bed late, then found I had very little to do.

The Usual Suspects - ****
This was good, kept me guessing. Was confused near the end, but then it all made sense. Very clever flick.

Then not much else. Like, at all. Though it looks like we'll be picking up Pearl Jam tickets for Katie and James too. Tried to sort out movies but Denny seemed busy, so were a few others, so no movie tonight either. Watching Batman instead. Very Nolan film. Wasn't expecting ninjas.

Hurm. I am amused.

Tomorrow, I dunno yet. I forgot to mention, was in Aldi yesterday hunting for milk, found these little anatomy kits. Should buy some for George and Tom, you can start your own collections.


Anyway, the end.

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