Monday, August 17, 2009

Salute Your Solution.

'Lo readers.

As expected, the karma fallout from getting Pearl Jam tickets arrived today. On the plus side though, Beardman managed to get tickets. Woo!

Stumbled into house this morning an hour late, no time to finish psych work, went to school with funny wheel. Talk to Aiden about tickets, give him shirt.

Double psych first up, stupid alphabet experiment took way too long, then we got to watch a video Mr Smith's science watched in May last year, with Zimbardo. Meh. Teacher gave me Evermore's album, told me to compare it to The Wall.

Then recess. Forgot about phone again. Pretty meh.

Lit was pretty cool, we had Mr Clemens, and he gave us free reign as long as we looked like we were working. Oliver attempted to describe all the different types of metal to a bemused Emily and I. It all sounds like the same crap to me.

Bio was alright, coloured in a kidney, discussed weekends. Jack reckons Will got king hit, which explains the mashed face, and Nick got shaved, which explains the suspension. No shaved heads at Grammar unless you have cancer, kiddies.

Lunchtime. Everyone nicked off again. I got my phone, beardman got us tickets in the back mosh. Close enough, I suppose. GOING TO SEE PEARL JAM WOOOOOOOOO. Rest of lunch was pretty dull, Sam, Jason and I plotted to make a bath full of jelly at Jason's. Got told something funny, the

History was alright, we're starting civil rights, which is interesting. I can't wait for the cultural expression bit of this unit. SHOTGUN MUSIC, dammit.

Finally media. We got told about the half dozen projects we're supposed to be working on. Hurm.

After school, optimism, then band, which was dull. We've got a gig in a few weeks, woah. Aiden and Louise got taken to sinfonia to play Pirates of the Carribean, the lucky bastards. Tyre burst on my bike on the way home, sick of this, buying new bike tomorrow afternoon, dammit.

Home, did homework, watched the girls in their Japanese musical (didn't make any sense, was about some heretical inch-high mutant who kills daemons, or something, there were rabbits involved somewhere), then more bloody band, over fairly quickly. Funny how everyone was laughing at Fraser's mantights.

Back home again, talk to the usual suspects, should be starting lit homework. Alison informs there's a maths retest tomorrow. Such fun.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's one of those damn everything days. Oh well. New bike in the afternoon.



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