Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Rip.

'Lo readers.

This evening I noticed that myspace thingy says I'm nearly at 500 posts, and almost 2500 views. This both astounds and shocks me. Surely you people have better things to do. Very strange. I wonder what the combined livespace/blogger/myspace total is...

Anyway. Today was good and bad. I had to rush like all hell this morning since my sisters and alarms conspired into not waking me up til eight. Due at school at eight thirty. JESUS GOD WTF HELL. However, this reinforces my point that if the showers and kitchen are clear I can get to school in half an hour. Lit homework was slightly neglected though.

Get to school, Tom's pinning up Married to the Sea comics on the walls. He forgot about all the swearing. I hope they're still there tomorrow.

Lit first up, always a fantastic way to start the morning. Thankfully we didn't do too much, cos Cartledge was ripping on the kiddies who didn't do the homework from last time.

Then history, watched more video. Civil rights movement is fairly interesting, though it all seems so low-key. And related to buses. Face the front, Alison.

Nothing of value at recess, I don't think. Hayden and Sam seem to need the slightest provocation to start wrestling while giggling. Funny when everyone else tries to join in. Aiden has signed up his homeroom for aerobics. There's something weird going on.

Hurm. Psych was fairly quiet. Didn't do any work cos we had a slideshow, woah. Operant conditioning looks complicated, but it might be fun to do an experiment on it, if I can shock people with lots of electricity...

Then media, Reservoir Dogs refused to work again, then Bernice, Belle and Jemma's thingies. Oliver made a big fuss about romantic comedies. Maybe he's insecure, the expectations in these films are too much for him. I have new respect for this Jemma girl, she seems to dislike High School Musical. Got caught behind, Ms Robbins told me she was taught by Mrs Cartledge when she was in year twelve. Weird. That's her and Sam's dad who got taught by her.

Anyway. Five minutes of lunch, then onto the bus. Relatively quiet bus trip. It was windy as all hell when we got there though. Sprinted with Aiden for the warm up, then sat down on the bloody razor grass to stretch. Took off with Aiden and Loki into the dunes, got sprayed in the face by sand. Got sprayed along the entire beach by sand, it was annoying. Us senior dudes were told to run to Mr Anderson, he took off a klick or so past everyone else, which was infuriating. Nearly died going over the dune again, which doesn't bode well, but when we finished, dunked in water, girls running around half naked, stolen chips, that sort of made it worth it. Bus trip home was amusing cos girls were whinging about being wet, so they tried to get changed on the bus. We lol'd. Jess attempted to pull on her shorts through her towel, refused help, shouting "I CAN DO IT MYSELF!" as she put her hands in her towel. We roared with laughter. Alison was whinging about sand everywhere, that poor girl.

Back at school, Sam's prank on Aiden backfired (why the hell do we listen to him), girls were arguing about converse shoes (Wiffy has like six pairs! Bloody hell), then home. Getting a lit essay tomorrow, already presented media thing, history thing isn't due for ages, same with psych, no maths and no bio. Woo. Listened to Beck and went through this band called Brand New. Not bad, really. Not awesome, but listenable. Apparently this album is the first non-emo one the band has done, so cool (I think?). New Massive Attack next year too, awesome.

Tomorrow's Thursday. Double lit. Oh boy. Gotta go to the Bis as well, to see if I'm working this weekend. Hurm. Need more sleep. Far too angry and tired, sure this isn't healthy.



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