Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reservoir Dogs.

'Lo all.

Returned alive and relatively intact from my travels to Lakes and back. Convenient time for a break, too.

Got up far too early and rushed to train station, things were ridiculously quiet and ridiculously expensive. I really need to get me a concession thingy now that I'm seventeen and unable to lie competently. Aiden and I had an entire carriage to ourselves, which was weird. Cos it was the last one, we could go to the window at the back and get tripped out.

Odd, however, that they had five carriages for a Saturday morning trip TO Bairnsdale. You bastards, Vline, it was empty.

Met Isaac at Bairnsdale, discussed the downloading of movies illegally, nearly fell asleep because of how ridiculously early it was, then arrived in Lakes to find Tom actually asleep at the bus stop.

After lunch, booted up the ps2s, lost about four hours playing the damned things. Tom's insane shooting car game was good, I'm still meh at Guitar Hero, and Tom is bloody scary at regular FPS crap.

Then Reservoir Dogs, which was entertaining, because they were all singing along, then more shooting, then Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which they seemed to enjoy. It was weird, there's something wrong with Tom's tv, so one side is all wavy.This makes playing Guitar Hero trickier, but makes stoner movies twice as good.

Next day, more games. My thumbs were almost worn off. Aiden beat Tom a couple of times in Red Faction, which he did not shut up about. Then they gave up, Tom started doing homework, Aiden and I gave up too and watched the millionaire who lives across the street in his mansion jump in his excavators and start digging holes. It was bizarre, but I suppose if I was a millionaire and my bitching hot wife was out, and the weather was no good for my yacht or private jet, I'd probably dig holes in my huge backyard too.

On the way back home, saw heaps of boardos, endured Tonilee, laughed at the people fighting, and my god damn headphones broke. Really not happy about this.

Get back to Sale, watch as Jesse Kefford nearly got beaten up, saw Annie, who wasn't particularly happy, then home. Fraser seems to be turning into a genuine douchebag, he's already got the attitude and the crappy music, now he's getting the fashion. If I see him getting a fake tan and making a guido face, I'll rip out his endocrine system and disown him.

Tomorrow is Monday, and that sucks. Not looking forward to school, or band, or anything, really. Not very happy with certain people. Don't want to do literature essay either, dammit.


Anyway, the end.

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