Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Director.

'Lo readers.

Gawd. I hate Monday mornings.

Was enjoying a slightly late breakfast when Denny rocked up, then got to school, stuck head in psych book, fended off questions about casuals, then bio, which was yet another sub. I hope Mr Bacon hasn't died, he was cool.

Psych SAC, part two: Electric Boogaloo. Did it in ten, Zac and I were staring around like retards until Emily got up, then waited for Mr King while reading Tom's big Kurdt Kobane book, which was pretty interesting.

Get dropped off at mansion, Ruby's in fishnets and there's kids waddling around everywhere. Get to film a couple of scenes, pretty meh since there was no tripod. Then off to Seaspray, ignored surroundings and read more book. At one stage Ruby asked if we could listen to RatM on my iPod with her headphone splitter. That crazy hippy.

Get to beach, Pat draws huge genitals in sand, film a few sequences, the ridiculous dice concept is included, got out quickly. Back in Sale, few more sequences in a car park, then back to school, where after hearing points of view from both Sam and Pat (and attempting to get confusing lit homework off Isobelle while Agnik was shouting), decided to not wear out legs at running training, so I followed Meg and Annie down the street. Bought fresh headphones, pulled a Jess to find Monster, and didn't do a lot. Oliver found a Lamb of God dvd in the cool cd shop, he was so excited.

Home, tired, watch half of Pearl Jam dvd and then get dragged to band. No one home. Go back to dvd. I'm posting this ridiculously early because I'm tired, I need an early night (gotta wake up at five thirty tomorrow), and I'm sick of you lot. However, I am greatly amused by the ironic situation someone's in. Aha ha.

Tomorrow, victory. Or at least top fifteen, I'll let Pat or Cumpster win. Not looking forward to early morning, bus trip will be ok because I can laugh at Sam's shaven armpits and drown out the noise with my new headphones. The run won't be too bad, I know I'm relatively fit, so I don't think I'm going to die yet.



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