Thursday, August 13, 2009

On A Plain.

'Lo all.

Hurm. What have we got for today.

After struggling to school, suffered chapel, where they were advertising the 40 Hour Famine. Now, I'm all for this sort of fundraising thing. However, ethically, we've noticed there's something a little bit wrong with filming all these starving children to make us want to starve too. I mean, how much would it have cost to sent over the film crew, and all their equipment, and the produce it all, and everything? Couldn't that money be used on the kids themselves? Ah well.

Then media, had a sub, did another line on my report, got sidetracked looking at guitar hero five.Want.

Recess, cold. Talked to Isobelle, not much else was eventful, as far as I can remember.

And double lit was sssssssslllllllllooooooooooowwww. No mention of the shenanigans from yesterday. Had to read out one of my crappy responses, and we all nearly fell asleep. Today's tangent was fundamentalist christians. Very funny, of course.

At lunchtime, played a bit of hacky with a mini soccer ball, until we accidently kicked it onto the roof so many times (and nearly hit Ms Brown) that we got ordered to go to the oval. So, played a bit of ye olde THROW THE BALL AT THE KID ON THE FLYING FOX! which was fun. Gavin was brutal but innaccurate, Isaac seemed terrified.

Maths sucked, we got an assigment which I almost finished in one lesson. Talked to Alison, and got a phone call. A phone call? Jordan answers it, gets phone confiscated. Oh well, says I, and I forget all about it.

In psych, we're starting the last outcome. Woah. Learning is supposed to be complicated, but oh well. Mrs Clemens wants to lend me Evermore's new album for my opinion comparing it to The Wall. May as well. Afterwards Alison attempted to step on my damn shoelace, took her ages.

Get home, realise phone is still in maths office, shrug. Only one person who occasionally texts at the moment anyway, how sad. Off to work. I ordered the new Pearl Jam album from Leading Edge, ordered GH5 from EB, that's my christmas shopping half done already, then away we went. Had to go all over the bloody place, not particularly fun with a headwind half the time.

Home again, check news, sent to band (no other euphos, have to play bloody solos), then get home and watch Nirvana Unplugged. It was better than I expected, lot more banter. Acoustic In Bloom would have been cool.

And here we are. Tomorrow, if I can escape, might go down to Briag to watch Jake's band play, I dunno. Planning on downloading a lot of music tonight, and then sleeping in til mid afternoon tomorrow, if at all possible. Student Free Days are the best days.



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