Sunday, August 23, 2009

Monsters in the Parasol.

'Lo readers.


Woke up far too early this morning, spent way too long trying to find a park, then we performed and it wasn't too bad. Over quickly, thank gawd.

Then the drive home. No problems at all, though we were stuck behind some old bat doing 80 for ten minutes until we hit Sale, which sucked.

Now that we're home, talked to the usual suspects, watched Brick for media, right now I'm figuring out which suppressed scene to use for lit. It's going to be hell. Figure I could do the rest of Catherine and Heathcliff raiding the Linton's, I dunno. Tried out proper mobile msn, and it's stupid. Plus it advertises. Bugger that, sticking to this.

Tomorrow's going to suck. I dunno why, just got that feeling. Need another few days off, I think.



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