Monday, August 3, 2009


'Lo all.

Right. To all the kiddies (and aunts) who read the livespace version, I'm going to stop posting here next week if it keeps not working. I'm sick of it. If the virus goes away I'll resume posting. If it doesn't, I advise getting a stupid myspace or getting a link to the public blog. Sorry.

Anyway. Today was one of those glorious days where one is too tired to give a crap about much, and so simply goes with the flow. The flaw in my plan is when things aren't as cool, then it all gets tricky.

Woke up relatively early but slept in for all ten minutes of Achilles Last Stand (which is a fantastically ironic title, given the circumstances), rode to school since it wasn't raining, nearly fell asleep, but there were all these damn people hanging around. It was a bit annoying.

Double psych first up, Mrs Clemens kept using her experiences with The Wall to explain things so the damned year twelves were looking at me funny. Fairly meh lesson, got a fair bit done after a dud experiment. SAC sounds interesting, no doubt I'll screw something up. That's the problem with these 'cool', unorthodox assessments; tests are far easier because you know what the hell you're doing.

Recess. Freezing cooold.

Then lit, too tired to make up an excuse or lie or even get an answer off Emma like a certain red head did, however the detention she issued (which strangely was only for the honest people) ensured I'd be inside doing something vaguely occupying at lunch instead of standing around in the cold. That means I win, right?

In bio, things were pretty cool. Had to do a couple of fairly easy worksheets, listened to Mr Bacon, and at the end he gave Zulhaika, Jack and I chocolate for helping him with the year threes. Woo.

This, of course, made my detention with Mrs Cartledge much more better. When she finally rocked up, gave me simple task, which I stretched out, then Oliver rocked up and we discussed anarchy within hearing distance of a secretary. I escaped, caught up with Kelly, and found a few kids playing soccer in the wind.

History wasn't too bad. Have no distinct memories of what we did, however I do remember Nick making fun of Harry's reading, then stuffing up himself. That was funny. And one of those damn hot French girls was looking at me funny. Tu est a la SIDA. Lol.

And then media, Ms Robbins had a new haircut which was distracting, then a music lesson. Views on facial hair at school haven't changed since the seventies, according to Mr C. Good way to waste a period, music lessons.

Rushed back for bag, then band, where I came very close to falling asleep. Only reason I do this band is because mates are in it (and chance to go to music camp with girls, gigedy), so when they're skipping it, it's damnably boring. Rode home before it started raining again, then into the lit essay, which at times seemed fairly easy, but I got stuck on the conclusion.

Lack of internet is really, really annoying me. I need to get rid of this bloody virus.

Tomorrow, playing at bloody assembly, then school, then work. Tuesday is almost as bad as Monday, wow.



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