Friday, August 14, 2009

Lullabies to Paralyze.

'Lo all.

Argh. Last night I stayed up til two illegally downloading things. I am a bad person. However, I've now got two more Pearl Jam albums, both Saboteurs albums, all but one album from Queens of the Stone Age, and Let It Bleed. Great success.

Today I woke up very late with a sore head, then spent day listening to all this crap. Aiden appeared on msn, with a similar idea to what I had. If all goes to plan, we're going to GO AND SEE PEARL JAM IN NOVEMBER WOOOOOOOOOO. However, we're going to need to get tickets, so Beardman will be refreshing the site as soon as they're available until he's got them.

Debated whether to go out tonight or not, Amaya gave me a good reason to do so, so I did. Rushed to bus, there was only Sally, Alison, Annie, and Molly there. Had whole bus to ourselves. Met Sam and Hayden with Jake when we got there, fairly boring til the first band got up, and they were alright. One kid was playing a guitar and a digeredoo. Second band was Jake's, and they were good as, Jake had a fully sick solo. Then it was boring again. Went backstage to congratulate Jake, girls latched onto the other members of the band, then two dudes were soloing. Drums and guitar. They were awesome. At one stage, guitarist put guitar in case, then picked up bass and kept going, ten minute kickarse bass solo. Don't care if the rest of them were getting bored, these guys were cool. Then the Hod, who were ok, and the screamo band with Matt Taylor in it. Sounded crap, as usual, except this time there were two huge fat girls twirling around in the middle. Normally, the silly violent dance the scene kids do to metal is harmless, but not when there's two whales doing it. At the end there was a wall of death, which was funny.

I signed up for the cd, cos I figured it'd help the karma balance after downloading so much last night, and the bigger Mawley-Mills kid was there. He was very, very amusing, specially during the wall of death. Got bus home, talked to Alison (face the front), got maccas and walked home.

Tomorrow will involve sleep. I'm not working this weekend, for some reason. Jeremy's changed everything around, looks like I won't be working Tuesdays anymore, because he reckons they don't need a dishpig on weeknights. Like hell you don't.



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