Monday, August 24, 2009

Indecision can kill a band, and Nirvana are suicidal.

'Lo everyone.

I hate Mondays.

Get to school, everyone's still alive, bio first up. Mr Bacon tells us to take notes off projector. Flicks it on. "ENGLAND WIN ASHES". "Oops, I must have left that open, here's the work..." *close tab* "AUSTRALIA LOSE; ENGLAND WIN ASHES". "Oops, I must have forgAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA".

Limey bastard.

Bio wasn't too bad, Gav and I need to find us some plants to torture, should be good. Test on Friday'll be interesting.

Then psych, did tasksheet work. I'm a week ahead, so no rush. Seem to drag like hell though.

Recess isn't really worth mentioning, is it?

Lit was scary cos we had to read out our statements of intention (mine seemed pitiful compared to Bernice's or Isobelle's), plus we got our essays back. B+ seemed to be the average.

Then maths, sat in my old seat. Brought back fond memories of making fun of Tara and Tabby with Cumpster and Isaac last year. Cept this time it's Tom editing the textbook and raping Emma's ruler.

Crap, forgot to mention Alison. Face the front, see what happens!

Lunch, thank gawd. After buggerising around, Pat started kicking the mini soccer ball at Gavin, and since we were bored, we went to the playground for a game of THROW THE BALL AT THE KID ON THE FLYING FOX HURRR!, which was good fun.

History wasn't too bad, had to do a googling activity and we got the sheet for the next assignment. Hurm.

Then media. I'm just wasting time here. Where is the actual stuff we're meant to be doing? I dunno.

After school, Sally said we were going out. Lol jokes. Damn girls were going to the pool and we were stuck in band. Then stupid Aiden and Louise got to play Pirates again. Afterwards, hung out with Kelly (who went swimming), Emma (who went running), Tabby (who went throwing), Gavin (who went mathsing), Tom (who went rowing), and the rest of us band geeks. Mixed crowd.

After that, talked to George (will get you a tshirt), who's moving up in the world, then more band. Turns out our effort yesterday was pretty good, we're the best d grade brass band in the bloody state. Suck on that, Booroondarra. So, free food, and Glenno and Mossy burnt a copy of one song. Awesome.

Back home, checked out Reservoir Dogs for tomorrow, and here we are.

Tomorrow's Tuesday, which sucks. Doubles day. Have to present my film thing, which is woefully unprepared but I'll be able to bluff my way through it. Cult and indie films are easy, really, cos all the good films are cult. No work though, need to go in and find out if I'm on this weekend.



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