Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In My Time of Dyin'.

'Lo all.

Wednesdays, compared to Mondays and Tuesdays, are pretty damn good.

This morning, discussed the Grand Mario Kart Muckup Day plan with James, Ryan, Tom and Julian. James is planning on building a full scale model of the rainbow road track with taxpayer money and charging billions for laps.

First up on this glorious lit-free day was bio, which involved trying to figure out a diagram where arrows pointed to nothing.

Then media, my assignment of making a montage didn't work because school photos are low-res. Discussed locations, this film is going in strange places that don't really make a lot of sense.

Recess. Meh. Lot of people started nicking off to GIS.

Then history, where we got made to duck and cover, just like in the sixties. Then a googling thing about DEFCON levels. Not a bad lesson.

Maths was fairly dull, Alison moved all by herself this time. Nothing else to write about though.

The Long Lunch was, unsurprisingly, fairly long. No one was around because they'd all gone off to conquer Beaconhills or whoever we were playing, so discussed French women and exploding year sevens in assembly with James and Tom. These rowers are insane. Once they nicked off, went to playground out of sheer boredom, watched the photogenic kids frolic, then went to running training.

I got a nike singlet thingy off Sam cos he said it was too small for him, made me feel a bit self conscious, which is weird, then we had a warm up run. Led by Jess until Sam decided to cut through the trees. Jess was not happy with Sam. Then hill charts, which involved sprinting up a steep hill a few times. No one was particularly happy about this. Ms Dyke assigned Loki to take some girls at racepace around her square, then made David and Sam and I chase them. We overtook everyone else, Sam dropped out, then David and I caught them before the big hill at the end. Feels good man. Then we raided a car, it's now missing a hubcap and a wheel, which Sam had rolled down the hill.

Back to school, catch up with a few more people, walk down the street with Jess, get hair cut (not particularly happy with it, but it'll do for now), check out bikes (will pick one up very soon), then home, Beardman's checking the internet usage thingy and I started to slowly go through my lit essay. Looks like Cartledge thought it was alright, though I have to reword a couple of bits.

Tomorrow, gotta hand in the lit essay, and double maths, which is of course always very entertaining. After school is work, and apparently it's going to be windy as hell tomorrow, so that'll be really fun.




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