Saturday, August 22, 2009

Half Up Front.

'Lo everyone.

Today I got woken up for nothing, had a good coffee, suffered through rehearsal, got beaten comprehensively by Joe in table tennis, then watched cricket since everyone had buggered off.

Msn on mobile sucks, it cuts out and then runs around like an idiot. Blogging also sucks, there's no copypaste thing.

And facebook is hilarious sometimes. Seriously. Though it's weird, people are sticking on it and not msn. I prefer msn. Oh well. Interesting to watch the migration though, perhaps this is signalling a percieved maturity? No more myspace or msn, we're facebook people now?

I'm not enjoying Australia's performance in this test at all. We only needed a draw, come on!

Tomorrow, going to try and hold off the other D graders, see if we can scrape a placing, then home. I need to watch Brick and do lit homework, hell.



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