Tuesday, August 18, 2009


'Lo all.

I have to stop this whole staying up really late, don't care if it's genetics, it's not good for me. On the other hand, most of last night was cool, except for the hungry bit. Should do this more often.

Anyway. After crashing at 2:30, woke up again at seven through four alarms, everything seemed to be working fine except a funny elbow joint. Must have slept on it wrong. Since bike is indisposed (RAGE), walked to school, get there in time to get meh seat in assembly. It's weird being back in the maelstrom after playing music for a buttload of weeks. I prefer this to it. We had the ambassador from Pakistan as a random guest speaker. He had a bodyguard. Very strange.

First up was psych in the computer room, I'm ahead already so I didn't do much. Realised how tired I was. Hurm.

Then lit, with a sub, so it was cool. Got a bit of work done, discussed DoW2 with Ryan and double meanings with Isobelle. More homework to do, oh well, it seems easy enough.

Recess. It was quiet, cos a lot of people were trying to flog cupcakes and puppies.

Media. Meh. We're 'researching' films in our topic. So, Oliver's randomly looking up horror films and whinging about Snoop Dog, and I'm getting mildly sidetracked wondering how to approach indie/cult films. Figure I'll show them a bit of Reservoir Dogs. Stuck in the middle with you...

Then history, which as usual, wasn't too bad. Isobelle and I were falling asleep. Passed the test pretty well though.

Lunchtime. Start doing maths work which I'd forgotten about. Alison decided to join me. Things took longer than they should, especially when Gavin and Tabby started a waterfight. The droogs came out of the debate pretty happy, looks like Oliver used the Chewbacca Defence.

Maths test. Oh boy. No real difficulties, just time, finished last question just after the bell, and I took a guess on it anyway.

And then bio, no year tens so we were all just chilling. Went to library, Gav and I picked an experiment (going to torture some plants), then we started googling random things with Claire and Lulu. Meh.

After school, walked to bike shop with Jess and Annie, hung around a bit, when Beardman arrived, was told that the bike I was interested in had a cheaper model coming in the next day. Oh well, says I, let's wait til tomorrow. So, NEW BIKE TOMORROW (hopefully) YAY! Then picked up two really cool movies and a Dylan Moran dvd.

Back home, didn't do a lot. Should have been doing media stuff, cos now I have OpenOffice. Oh well. Listened to the rest of the Muse album via iTunes preview, it all sounds fairly meh.

Tomorrow is GIS day, so classes are short, there's less people, and there's a really long lunchtime. Then (hopefully) picking up a new bike.

There are tickets to Pearl Jam sitting right in front of me. Woooooooo.



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