Monday, August 31, 2009


'Lo everyone.

I hate Mondays. Today was cold. Not cool.

Got to school on time, people rolling around trading gossip about the drunken weekends. Looks like I wasted money, Alison.

Double psych first up, half the year twelves were whinging about Emily picking up one of their friends. Shock tactics work, but they only work for a short time. Then they stop caring.

Recess, more of the same. Georgia said there were hot donuts again. Woo.

Lit was scary, teacher thinks we haven't finished book yet. Blah blah blah.

Then biology, surprise test. Crap, says I, cos I thought it was Tuesday. Oh well. Flick through textbook, take a few potshots on some questions, bitch about it afterwards. All good.

Patrick has coined the name DEATHBALL for our flying fox game. I don't blame him. As well as throwing stuff at kids on the flying fox, Isaac is on the rebound wall, and there's a scrum for the ball in the first place. Someone will get badly injured playing this eventually. Case in point, girls start playing. Not sure why, but suddenly we're all about equal opportunity. Tom and Pat seem to enjoy pegging the ball as hard as they can at them. Jess got hit on the ribs (too close), but came back for more, but Aiden got (his girlfriend) Emma out in a spectacularly accurate and painful shot. He's sleeping on the couch tonight, no doubt. Fun game though.

Then history, doing the whole "I have a dream" thing. Meh. Get to watch video in class. Interesting how much class is a buzzkill, I dunno. I was definitely weirded out.

Finally media, had to watch a bit of Little Miss Sunshine, then Emma did half of her thing. Too much Strictly Ballroom flying around, man. That's terrifying.

After school is stupid band, fall half asleep. Get to listen to cd, which is better than having to do stuff. Get out, people are listening to Hannah Montana. Run like hell.

More band was dull too. Sick of it. And Fraser's being a dick, he thinks it'll be cool if he has a huge party out the front behind our 4ft fences with huge speakers. Neighbours might disagree, might get some gatecrashers (which is his point, I mean, sure he can only invite 5 mates, but how can he stop the 50 other kids from rocking up, really? lol), and Beardman seems livid. Little bastard needs to straighten up, he's only bloody thirteen. Two pregnancies and a pot addiction by age 16 if he ain't dead.

I'm going to advertise Ryan's cool new flash game he's titled Survival. It's still a bit wip, but it's fun. Addictive. Keep an eye out.

Skins season 3 is on, forgot about Emily and Katie being hot. Still not as good as first two seasons.

Tomorrow is bloody Tuesday. No work. Still not interested. Is this depressing, or just a teenager phase, that I have no motivation to go to school or really do anything? I dunno.



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