Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crisis? What crisis?

'Lo everyone.

Gawd. Tired. Will be crashing straight after this, I think.

Get to school in bad mood, go to hall, play like crap in assembly like the rest of the band, escape to psych in the computer rooms to do my lit homework.

Lit itself was fairly quiet, Oliver was hitting on Jasper or something, I don't really remember.

Then recess. Whole lotta meh.

Media was meh too, we got the next assignment, which seems a bit more interesting than production. Gotta keep track of all the media we consume. Seems a bit complicated when one factors in the internet.

And then history, which was boring. Discussing Khruschev, which isn't all that interesting, really. Seemed a bit naive to be a dictator.

Lunch. Boring. Ended up discussing how to jump over girls. Then for some reason we were all tackling each other.

Maths was strange, Alison told me all about Henry VIII. This got her moved, of course. I am really behind on the gossip, it seems.

Finally bio, we got a letter from all the year threes, they were cool, then a lazy diagram and completely unrelated wordsearch, while Gavin and I discussed dead baby jokes and nearly ruined Claire's birthday.

After school, went down the street with the droogs to celebrate Ryan winning ICT week. Got chips, saw boardos, Potter showed off her mad subtlety skills, then away I went since I had bloody work.

Work itself was meh. People were all stretched out, so I was there fairly late. This is annoying.

Stop breaking up and getting back together, it's confusing. I don't think I'm 100% on the last round, let alone this one.

Tomorrow, running with Sam and Alison and maybe Jess after the Long Lunch, then a haircut to make sure Cartledge doesn't cut off my balls. Hurm.



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