Sunday, August 9, 2009


'Lo readers.

**For whatever reason, this didn't get posted, and since this public blog is the second most complete one, I'm chucking it on anyway.

As I type, the poms are 98/8. My god.

Right. Had a very odd dream that started out good then got bad, ended up getting soup off Hitler. What. Today started off bad because it was pouring rain and it was really windy, then Megan dropped in, stared at my stuff, and nicked off.

Get to school, still looked fairly bad, shorter periods though. First up was media, where we went through script, sorted out props. Looks like I'm still going to be filming most of the damn thing, and we're still going to bloody Seaspray.

Bio, which was another sub, and more meh questions we all got done pretty quickly.

Then recess which was cold and windy. A lot of people were hiding in their homerooms, so there wasn't much to do except hide and seek.

Lit. Fairly meh. Heathcliff is obviously a very mysterious character. *cough*.

Got five minutes of maths (where everyone was whinging about the test I won't have to do til Wednesday), then off to assembly. Little kids seemed as disinterested as us, except for when they were all dancing to the school song.

The only good part about Commemoration Day is the cake they give you. Today they gave us chocolate coated cupcakes. Yay. Lunch was fairly boring, weather had scared everyone away. Idly flipped through psych textbook, listened to a few lame mistranslated jokes from Isaac, hunted for people upstairs, ended up reading textbook again.

History wasn't too bad, as usual. Started off with a discussion about Chairman Henry's gradual socialist reforms to the school (muckup day is now Year Twelve Final Day), then notes on Kruschev cartoons.

Then the psych SAC. Oh god. Went in, got sheet that had a bunch of flow charts on it, filled in the questions, looked around. Emily seemed to be in a similar situation. I added examples, left after her, we whinged about it in the library. Had no trouble with it at all. Weird.

Went into homeroom, started raining. Then it was pouring and the wind picked up. Glorious tailwind all the way home. Since internet is still being retarded, watched Full Metal Jacket (three movies left now), and then The Prestige was on tv, so watched that as Carlton won and England got bowled out ridiculously quickly.

Tomorrow is work. Isobelle is doing her trial. This may be entertaining. Then Public Enemies.


Anyway, the end.

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