Saturday, August 8, 2009

Al-Dog, Peeler of Ten Thousand Potatoes.

'Lo readers.

Last night Beardman watched the Hottest 100 countdown on Rage. For Kashmir they cut the studio version to the clip of (Earls Court 75 (!)) live version. Bit disappointing, would have preferred a straight live version.

Today was work. Isobelle was there for her trial shift. She did not seem to be having much fun, since there were a buttload of old people there for a show. It was pretty hectic for a while. Jeremy was the Fuhrer for a while. I peeled potatoes and mopped a lot.

When I got home, didn't do much. My hard drive has been nuked to try and get rid of the virus (no, there's no partyvan, and no, I can't see audio), so I've been chucking all my music and stuff back on the computer.

No movies tonight, cos Denny's bummed, girls are all out, and hell, even I'm bloody tired. Maybe next week.

Tomorrow will be doing some homework and maybe a bit of running, but mainly sleep. Looking forward to this, really.

Oh yeah, and if anyone has a spare copy of Office 2007, please to send it here? Might need it to do homework and stuff.



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