Monday, August 31, 2009


'Lo everyone.

I hate Mondays. Today was cold. Not cool.

Got to school on time, people rolling around trading gossip about the drunken weekends. Looks like I wasted money, Alison.

Double psych first up, half the year twelves were whinging about Emily picking up one of their friends. Shock tactics work, but they only work for a short time. Then they stop caring.

Recess, more of the same. Georgia said there were hot donuts again. Woo.

Lit was scary, teacher thinks we haven't finished book yet. Blah blah blah.

Then biology, surprise test. Crap, says I, cos I thought it was Tuesday. Oh well. Flick through textbook, take a few potshots on some questions, bitch about it afterwards. All good.

Patrick has coined the name DEATHBALL for our flying fox game. I don't blame him. As well as throwing stuff at kids on the flying fox, Isaac is on the rebound wall, and there's a scrum for the ball in the first place. Someone will get badly injured playing this eventually. Case in point, girls start playing. Not sure why, but suddenly we're all about equal opportunity. Tom and Pat seem to enjoy pegging the ball as hard as they can at them. Jess got hit on the ribs (too close), but came back for more, but Aiden got (his girlfriend) Emma out in a spectacularly accurate and painful shot. He's sleeping on the couch tonight, no doubt. Fun game though.

Then history, doing the whole "I have a dream" thing. Meh. Get to watch video in class. Interesting how much class is a buzzkill, I dunno. I was definitely weirded out.

Finally media, had to watch a bit of Little Miss Sunshine, then Emma did half of her thing. Too much Strictly Ballroom flying around, man. That's terrifying.

After school is stupid band, fall half asleep. Get to listen to cd, which is better than having to do stuff. Get out, people are listening to Hannah Montana. Run like hell.

More band was dull too. Sick of it. And Fraser's being a dick, he thinks it'll be cool if he has a huge party out the front behind our 4ft fences with huge speakers. Neighbours might disagree, might get some gatecrashers (which is his point, I mean, sure he can only invite 5 mates, but how can he stop the 50 other kids from rocking up, really? lol), and Beardman seems livid. Little bastard needs to straighten up, he's only bloody thirteen. Two pregnancies and a pot addiction by age 16 if he ain't dead.

I'm going to advertise Ryan's cool new flash game he's titled Survival. It's still a bit wip, but it's fun. Addictive. Keep an eye out.

Skins season 3 is on, forgot about Emily and Katie being hot. Still not as good as first two seasons.

Tomorrow is bloody Tuesday. No work. Still not interested. Is this depressing, or just a teenager phase, that I have no motivation to go to school or really do anything? I dunno.



Sunday, August 30, 2009


'Lo readers.

Jesus god. The weekend is almost over. I don't want to work two days in a row again for a while, makes the weekend seem to go quicker.

Anyway. This morning I saw Amaya on the msn cos I was checking the news. It was 2am over there. She's insane.

Work wasn't too bad, it was definitely faster than yesterday. Near the end I was bored as hell, so I agreed to mop out the coolroom. Halfway through Scotty comes in and tells me to stop. I investigate. 10 minutes before I'm allowed to go home, there's buttloads and buttloads of dishes that have suddenly appeared in my sinks. You bastards.

Get home, start lit, it took ages but now I'm a paragraph down already. Ha. Didn't do much else, trawled through the usual sites, stumbled across a baww thread which is a downer, and discussed remakes on the facebook. I don't like this facebook commenting thing, it keeps emailing me!

Tomorrow is Monday, which means suck. As usual. Dammit.



Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wake up time for work YOU'RE LIKE NOOO!

'Lo all.

No post last night. I was out.

Friday was alright, I suppose. In bio we were outside for most of the double talking to Akari. Lunchtime was flying fox game from hell, as usual, which was fun.

After school, went down the street with Denny and Ryan, for chips and stuff. Ryan got ridiculously cheap tickets for the gothic puppet show. At home, traded dead baby jokes with Pat on the facebookery, then Aiden tells me there's a thing on at Jason's.

So, walk down, Hayden, Isaac, Jason, Aaron, and Aiden are watching Teen Tourettes Camp on the youtubes. The premise is simple - send five British teenagers that suffer from tourettes to a camp where they fix them with other tourettes sufferers. The result is hilarious. One of the chicks was ridiculously hot, and her 'tics' included swearing very loudly at the most innapropriate times and opening car doors while it was moving. Very funny. We then tagged Hayden on facebook.

After getting bored with College Humor clips, Sam arrives, persuades us to go check out bottleos. Problem is, they're legally required to shut at 10:30, and we were out there at 11. Oh well. Maccas!

We get back, and Isaac and Sam say we should do 'the skittles thing'. So we sort out two bags of skittles by colour, add vodka, strain them, and take shots. Hurm.

Things that I have learned:
21. Green skittles + vodka is bad. Red/orange skittles + vodka is still bad, but not as bad as green.
22. Any of Sam's suggestions while anyone is mildly intoxicated should be treated with extreme caution.
23. Poker gets progressively more difficult when you add vodka.
24. Double shots of vodka are very bad.
25. Just because you're drunk and you can do a flip on a trampoline in the dark doesn't mean you should repeat it; this is called tempting fate.
26. If you puke, clean it up.
27. Remember to bring something to record the event; no girls (which is a problem in itself) means no cameras.
28. Girls improve parties a lot.
29. Don't go on facebook when you are drunk.You may lose friends and alienate people.

So, I came second in vodka poker, which sucked. At least I didn't go as badly as Aiden, he took the double shot thrice before he got out. We tried Halo3 (amusing), and went to the backyard to roll around. Stupid, really. Crashed around four, I crashed too hard, still a bit blurry. I know puke and floor was involved.

After the clean up ("The bin is full of bottles." "Crap."), walked home, made it home in time to have a shower and get a lift to work off Sam's mum. Good night, really, wouldn't do it every weekend though.

Work was hell. All the chefs were hungover too (I got off lightly, just tired), so we swapped stories, since half an hour felt like three. Not cool. Jeremy has kindly given me the Saturday night shift where there's a 21st, so I'll be there til midnight or so.

And now I'm home, a bit more recovered after drowing myself in the shower, even started psych homework.

Tomorrow, more work (ARGHSUNDAYSHIFTARGH), then starting lit draft, and catching up with Amaya.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Sonic Re-creation of the End of the World.

'Lo all.

Not a bad day today really. Like, relatively.

I'm getting annoyed at this LOL SLEEP IN thing, cos it means that when I do stumble inside, there's someone else in the shower so I don't wake up properly.

Anyway. School and all that. Chapel was amusing cos Oliver and Aiden were singing, extended homeroom was us arguing about the year twelve jumpers. We voted for jock jackets (no hoodies, disappointing) that were black and white with all the names on the back. Stupid idea, should have stuck with hoodies, in my opinion. Oh well, I guess Chairman Henry will only let us wear them on Wednesdays anyway.

Media wasn't too bad, Pat did his thing on action films which was cool cos we got to watch bits of 300. Girls were shocked at the graphic decapitation sequence, can't imagine why. Then Chelsea did her thing on road movies, most of it seemed blatently copied off wikipedia. I've noticed a trend, people seem to think "MUST HAVE A BACKGROUND ON MY POWERPOINT" then put a pic they got off google stretched across the whole slide. They then fill the slide with text they copy off wikipedia, and put it in a pretty colour. This makes the text unreadable! At least, until you stutter your way through it. This is annoying, and should stop before someone loses a limb.

/rant. Damn year tens.

Recess was meh, as usual.

Double lit was meh too. Lots of examples to read. The statements of intention Cartledge seems to want are all puffed out flowery pieces of crap. I can't write these very well. Damn. Anyway, got the work done, creative piece to start writing over the weekend, hand it in on Friday.

Lunchtime. Bored. They were setting up Inglefest again, which seemed to amuse the little kids and everyone else, so Gav, Aiden and I escaped to year nine. Things don't seem to have changed much. Then game of flying fox ball (we need a proper name for this sport), which was amusing. One player threw the ball accidently in such a way that it went in a completely different direction to the flying fox. Hilarious.

Maths was relatively quiet. Alison rocked up with her new braces and promptly broke them. Tom was disgusting. Mr Brennan got angry. Meeeh.

Then psych, just task sheet stuff. Easy to jam in earphone, drown out year twelves gossiping, finish half the work.

After school, went down the street, I'm working Saturday and Sunday because Jeremy reckons I deserve two shifts after all the ones I've missed. Meh. No sleeping in this weekend.

Get home, haven't missed much. Seems it's fashionable to make random quizzes on facebook. Meh. Got bored, so I retreated and watched the next movie in the pile (there's only like two left, damn).

The Birds - ****
Hell, I had no idea how it'd finish. Maybe it's cos I watched it by myself, but there was tension. Plus the whole "WTF IS GOING ON" thing. Blonde was hot.

Now, tomorrow is Friday. Double bio. I'd be looking forward to it more if I could sleep in on Saturday, but no. Oh well.

You s



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Rip.

'Lo readers.

This evening I noticed that myspace thingy says I'm nearly at 500 posts, and almost 2500 views. This both astounds and shocks me. Surely you people have better things to do. Very strange. I wonder what the combined livespace/blogger/myspace total is...

Anyway. Today was good and bad. I had to rush like all hell this morning since my sisters and alarms conspired into not waking me up til eight. Due at school at eight thirty. JESUS GOD WTF HELL. However, this reinforces my point that if the showers and kitchen are clear I can get to school in half an hour. Lit homework was slightly neglected though.

Get to school, Tom's pinning up Married to the Sea comics on the walls. He forgot about all the swearing. I hope they're still there tomorrow.

Lit first up, always a fantastic way to start the morning. Thankfully we didn't do too much, cos Cartledge was ripping on the kiddies who didn't do the homework from last time.

Then history, watched more video. Civil rights movement is fairly interesting, though it all seems so low-key. And related to buses. Face the front, Alison.

Nothing of value at recess, I don't think. Hayden and Sam seem to need the slightest provocation to start wrestling while giggling. Funny when everyone else tries to join in. Aiden has signed up his homeroom for aerobics. There's something weird going on.

Hurm. Psych was fairly quiet. Didn't do any work cos we had a slideshow, woah. Operant conditioning looks complicated, but it might be fun to do an experiment on it, if I can shock people with lots of electricity...

Then media, Reservoir Dogs refused to work again, then Bernice, Belle and Jemma's thingies. Oliver made a big fuss about romantic comedies. Maybe he's insecure, the expectations in these films are too much for him. I have new respect for this Jemma girl, she seems to dislike High School Musical. Got caught behind, Ms Robbins told me she was taught by Mrs Cartledge when she was in year twelve. Weird. That's her and Sam's dad who got taught by her.

Anyway. Five minutes of lunch, then onto the bus. Relatively quiet bus trip. It was windy as all hell when we got there though. Sprinted with Aiden for the warm up, then sat down on the bloody razor grass to stretch. Took off with Aiden and Loki into the dunes, got sprayed in the face by sand. Got sprayed along the entire beach by sand, it was annoying. Us senior dudes were told to run to Mr Anderson, he took off a klick or so past everyone else, which was infuriating. Nearly died going over the dune again, which doesn't bode well, but when we finished, dunked in water, girls running around half naked, stolen chips, that sort of made it worth it. Bus trip home was amusing cos girls were whinging about being wet, so they tried to get changed on the bus. We lol'd. Jess attempted to pull on her shorts through her towel, refused help, shouting "I CAN DO IT MYSELF!" as she put her hands in her towel. We roared with laughter. Alison was whinging about sand everywhere, that poor girl.

Back at school, Sam's prank on Aiden backfired (why the hell do we listen to him), girls were arguing about converse shoes (Wiffy has like six pairs! Bloody hell), then home. Getting a lit essay tomorrow, already presented media thing, history thing isn't due for ages, same with psych, no maths and no bio. Woo. Listened to Beck and went through this band called Brand New. Not bad, really. Not awesome, but listenable. Apparently this album is the first non-emo one the band has done, so cool (I think?). New Massive Attack next year too, awesome.

Tomorrow's Thursday. Double lit. Oh boy. Gotta go to the Bis as well, to see if I'm working this weekend. Hurm. Need more sleep. Far too angry and tired, sure this isn't healthy.



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Through the Loop.

'Lo everyone.

Right. I'm falling asleep here, jesus god. This isn't good.

So, today, I tried doing the media thing, where you put down every media thing you consume. That means every song you listen to on the iPod, every website, every textbook, every videoclip in class, every ad you notice... I gave up once I got home from school, I'll fill in half a day tomorrow or something.

Anyway. Today was doubles day. First up was assembly, lots of dancing girls and Sam and Hayden fighting, which was amusing. They might have gotten away with it if they weren't laughing and smashing chairs around.

Double history was quiet, had to do a googling thing and write an obituary, so Tom and I fed some Olympians to a woodchipper, then checked out Married to the Sea. Patchy, but ridiculously funny.

Don't think anything important happened at recess, though most of my friends went to this boy's choir thing to skip a period. I went to media instead, Jake had his film noir thing and Bernice had her bollywood thing. Both outclassed mine, which was just ranting. The dvd player wouldn't let me show the bit in Reservoir Dogs, I am a disappoint.

Lunch was straight into THROW THE BALL AT THE KID ON THE FLYING FOX!! game, which wasn't too bad. Gavin and Aiden are far too tall for this thing. Jess and Bree made it trickier when they joined in the throwing, cos we didn't want to be the first dude to have a girl get us out. Bree was too easily distracted though.

Maths. The usual. Tom makes despicable (and hilarious) observations, talk to Alison, watch as Mr Brennan slowly gets angrier at the kids who don't want to pay any attention at all. Formulaic, really.

Finally bio, no jokes about the cricket this time, had to do sheets. We annoyed Claire and Lulu. French dudes last bio lesson, so there was a card handed around. Gav and I had no idea what to write. Poor French kids. I suppose they needed to have stuck around a bit longer, like that other one... She was cool.

Get home, read rest of Married to the Sea, abandon media homework, internet cuts out so I clean out hard drive. I've finally got a clean version of Propane Nightmares, and the movies work now cos I've got the codecs. Which is pretty cool, there's a buttload.

This damn

Tomorrow is Wednesday, but it's the bad Wednesday, regular length periods. No lunchtime either, cos we're going to Seaspray if we don't get rained out to run around and go swimming. Meh. Hate Seaspray.

Oh yeah, and Pitchfork sucks.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Indecision can kill a band, and Nirvana are suicidal.

'Lo everyone.

I hate Mondays.

Get to school, everyone's still alive, bio first up. Mr Bacon tells us to take notes off projector. Flicks it on. "ENGLAND WIN ASHES". "Oops, I must have left that open, here's the work..." *close tab* "AUSTRALIA LOSE; ENGLAND WIN ASHES". "Oops, I must have forgAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA".

Limey bastard.

Bio wasn't too bad, Gav and I need to find us some plants to torture, should be good. Test on Friday'll be interesting.

Then psych, did tasksheet work. I'm a week ahead, so no rush. Seem to drag like hell though.

Recess isn't really worth mentioning, is it?

Lit was scary cos we had to read out our statements of intention (mine seemed pitiful compared to Bernice's or Isobelle's), plus we got our essays back. B+ seemed to be the average.

Then maths, sat in my old seat. Brought back fond memories of making fun of Tara and Tabby with Cumpster and Isaac last year. Cept this time it's Tom editing the textbook and raping Emma's ruler.

Crap, forgot to mention Alison. Face the front, see what happens!

Lunch, thank gawd. After buggerising around, Pat started kicking the mini soccer ball at Gavin, and since we were bored, we went to the playground for a game of THROW THE BALL AT THE KID ON THE FLYING FOX HURRR!, which was good fun.

History wasn't too bad, had to do a googling activity and we got the sheet for the next assignment. Hurm.

Then media. I'm just wasting time here. Where is the actual stuff we're meant to be doing? I dunno.

After school, Sally said we were going out. Lol jokes. Damn girls were going to the pool and we were stuck in band. Then stupid Aiden and Louise got to play Pirates again. Afterwards, hung out with Kelly (who went swimming), Emma (who went running), Tabby (who went throwing), Gavin (who went mathsing), Tom (who went rowing), and the rest of us band geeks. Mixed crowd.

After that, talked to George (will get you a tshirt), who's moving up in the world, then more band. Turns out our effort yesterday was pretty good, we're the best d grade brass band in the bloody state. Suck on that, Booroondarra. So, free food, and Glenno and Mossy burnt a copy of one song. Awesome.

Back home, checked out Reservoir Dogs for tomorrow, and here we are.

Tomorrow's Tuesday, which sucks. Doubles day. Have to present my film thing, which is woefully unprepared but I'll be able to bluff my way through it. Cult and indie films are easy, really, cos all the good films are cult. No work though, need to go in and find out if I'm on this weekend.



Sunday, August 23, 2009

Monsters in the Parasol.

'Lo readers.


Woke up far too early this morning, spent way too long trying to find a park, then we performed and it wasn't too bad. Over quickly, thank gawd.

Then the drive home. No problems at all, though we were stuck behind some old bat doing 80 for ten minutes until we hit Sale, which sucked.

Now that we're home, talked to the usual suspects, watched Brick for media, right now I'm figuring out which suppressed scene to use for lit. It's going to be hell. Figure I could do the rest of Catherine and Heathcliff raiding the Linton's, I dunno. Tried out proper mobile msn, and it's stupid. Plus it advertises. Bugger that, sticking to this.

Tomorrow's going to suck. I dunno why, just got that feeling. Need another few days off, I think.



Saturday, August 22, 2009

Half Up Front.

'Lo everyone.

Today I got woken up for nothing, had a good coffee, suffered through rehearsal, got beaten comprehensively by Joe in table tennis, then watched cricket since everyone had buggered off.

Msn on mobile sucks, it cuts out and then runs around like an idiot. Blogging also sucks, there's no copypaste thing.

And facebook is hilarious sometimes. Seriously. Though it's weird, people are sticking on it and not msn. I prefer msn. Oh well. Interesting to watch the migration though, perhaps this is signalling a percieved maturity? No more myspace or msn, we're facebook people now?

I'm not enjoying Australia's performance in this test at all. We only needed a draw, come on!

Tomorrow, going to try and hold off the other D graders, see if we can scrape a placing, then home. I need to watch Brick and do lit homework, hell.



Friday, August 21, 2009

Novelty bit.

'lo all. This is going to be fun. Posting this evening from a mobile phone, so i'm not sure about paragraphs and stuff. Anyway, media test was ok, had to go for a run in bio, then did psych experiment. Lit was quiet, maths was fun, lunch was wet and boring. At various stages hayden and isaac were wearing their stormtrooper costumes. After history and psych, home, then drove to ballarat. Tomorrow will be quiet, i think. Sick of teenagers, sick of you. I'm crossposting this on a computer, btw. Peace

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A storm is threatening.

'Lo all.

Today, I got my bike. Bout bloody time. Beardman left in it in the foyer, so I got to try it out on the way home, it's not bad. Interesting baptism of fire for it as there was a thunderstorm during work.

Anyway. Everything else today was pretty meh. Woke up far too late, missed coffee, rushed to school, sit through chapel (Aiden's going falsetto now), get hard drive back off Tom with promises of Rocko's Modern Life and buttloads of music and movies, then waste time in homeroom. Should have done my psych experiment.

First up was biology, in the computer rooms. Gavin and I know what we're doing, and we have plenty of time, so I beat Growcube again.

Recess was cold.

Double maths, oh boy. Caught up in the work, threw things at Alison, talked to Emma, business as usual. Then Claire did her experiment on us, I wasn't expecting it. I'm an extraneous variable, yay!

Lunchtime. Got bike, it was cool. Talked to the usual suspects, they're plotting stormtrooper suits for the casual day tomorrow, then followed the horde upstairs, which was pretty boring. We shouted at some year sevens out of the window, they didn't look particularly happy.

Psych was quiet, did a buttload of worksheets, barely spoke. Again, business as usual.

Then lit. Went around the room sharing opinions. I don't mind this, it wastes a lot of time and as long as you've done the work there's nothing to complain about, unless you did it wrong.

Screamed home on new bike, tighten it up a bit, ride off to work, basically as soon as I left the chemist it started pouring. Was bucketing down past Araluen, stopped at foodies for a bit, and then it all stopped. Bastard.

Back home, ordered to fix up other bikes, get sent to band, come home, start going through stuff on hard drive. Looks like there's some interesting stuff, far too much indie stuff though. Maybe I should give it to Emma or something. Few movies too, which is cool. Now to clear out the useless doubles and random stuff, make it all less confusing. Still no clean versions of Propane Nightmares, there was two here but one had the damned radio announcer over the top and the other was crap quality. Hurm.

Tomorrow, media test, doing psych thingy, and casual day. Plus it's Friday, which is cool. We're heading to Ballarat tomorrow night, I think, so there may not be a blog post, I dunno.



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Store Bought Bones.

'Lo everyone.

Meh. Meh meh meh.

So today I slept in again and was nearly late for school. I find it odd that when I crash early (like, 11), I'll sleep through an hour's worth of alarms, but when I go to bed really late (say, 2:30), I'll wake up on the first alarm. Probably has something to do with NREM sleep and crap, I dunno. Just an idea.

Get to school, not much to see, careers dude first up. He says I should do International Studies, which would mean more writing and dropping a subject I'm comfortable with, but it sounds really interesting. It looks like lit and english are interchangable, except in lit my marks'd get scaled up a bit, and in english they'd get scaled down. Hurm.

Then media, more horror movies. Cult films are easy.

Recess. Can't think of anything.

History was ok, googling stuff with Emily, as they whinged about the rules for exchange student's letting their hair down. Whinge whinge whinge.

Then maths, everyone was yelling at Mr Siebel about his spelling. Hell, he ain't a PE teacher. Trig is always so much fun.

The Long Lunch was, unsurprisingly, long, and pretty dull once most of the girls nicked off. We headed to the playground and fought each other with Jason's crutches. Then it was time to go, I told Jess but she was busy, get on bus, we drive off, but neither Jess nor Alison showed up. "WE'RE ALREADY LATE!" says Ms Dyke.

Anyway, running training wasn't too bad, discussed music festivals with Loki, didn't die, all good. Back at school, Jess and Alison hit me, blah blah blah. They almost convinced Serrurier to drop them off in Longford.

After school, walked down the street with Ryan, Jess, and Brad, bike is in and if I come in tomorrow they'll assemble it for free, which is cool. Get to go to work on fancy new bike. It is blue.

Home, intermittent internet (lol), so did lit homework and struggled through media, nother hundred words and then I'd done with it. Stupid thing.

Tomorrow, I think I'll do one of those media analysis things. Basically, I have to list every single media thing I'm exposed to over an entire day. So, every song I listen to on the iPod, and every website I visit. Hurm. Plus it's double maths day, yay.

I'm not allowed to bag him out, but Fraser got himself Rockstar brand dogtags, so he's reverted to being a WWA (wigga wit attitude), which is funny considering how last week he was a ambiguously-gendered scenester. Those crazy teenagers and their fashions.



Tuesday, August 18, 2009


'Lo all.

I have to stop this whole staying up really late, don't care if it's genetics, it's not good for me. On the other hand, most of last night was cool, except for the hungry bit. Should do this more often.

Anyway. After crashing at 2:30, woke up again at seven through four alarms, everything seemed to be working fine except a funny elbow joint. Must have slept on it wrong. Since bike is indisposed (RAGE), walked to school, get there in time to get meh seat in assembly. It's weird being back in the maelstrom after playing music for a buttload of weeks. I prefer this to it. We had the ambassador from Pakistan as a random guest speaker. He had a bodyguard. Very strange.

First up was psych in the computer room, I'm ahead already so I didn't do much. Realised how tired I was. Hurm.

Then lit, with a sub, so it was cool. Got a bit of work done, discussed DoW2 with Ryan and double meanings with Isobelle. More homework to do, oh well, it seems easy enough.

Recess. It was quiet, cos a lot of people were trying to flog cupcakes and puppies.

Media. Meh. We're 'researching' films in our topic. So, Oliver's randomly looking up horror films and whinging about Snoop Dog, and I'm getting mildly sidetracked wondering how to approach indie/cult films. Figure I'll show them a bit of Reservoir Dogs. Stuck in the middle with you...

Then history, which as usual, wasn't too bad. Isobelle and I were falling asleep. Passed the test pretty well though.

Lunchtime. Start doing maths work which I'd forgotten about. Alison decided to join me. Things took longer than they should, especially when Gavin and Tabby started a waterfight. The droogs came out of the debate pretty happy, looks like Oliver used the Chewbacca Defence.

Maths test. Oh boy. No real difficulties, just time, finished last question just after the bell, and I took a guess on it anyway.

And then bio, no year tens so we were all just chilling. Went to library, Gav and I picked an experiment (going to torture some plants), then we started googling random things with Claire and Lulu. Meh.

After school, walked to bike shop with Jess and Annie, hung around a bit, when Beardman arrived, was told that the bike I was interested in had a cheaper model coming in the next day. Oh well, says I, let's wait til tomorrow. So, NEW BIKE TOMORROW (hopefully) YAY! Then picked up two really cool movies and a Dylan Moran dvd.

Back home, didn't do a lot. Should have been doing media stuff, cos now I have OpenOffice. Oh well. Listened to the rest of the Muse album via iTunes preview, it all sounds fairly meh.

Tomorrow is GIS day, so classes are short, there's less people, and there's a really long lunchtime. Then (hopefully) picking up a new bike.

There are tickets to Pearl Jam sitting right in front of me. Woooooooo.



Monday, August 17, 2009

Salute Your Solution.

'Lo readers.

As expected, the karma fallout from getting Pearl Jam tickets arrived today. On the plus side though, Beardman managed to get tickets. Woo!

Stumbled into house this morning an hour late, no time to finish psych work, went to school with funny wheel. Talk to Aiden about tickets, give him shirt.

Double psych first up, stupid alphabet experiment took way too long, then we got to watch a video Mr Smith's science watched in May last year, with Zimbardo. Meh. Teacher gave me Evermore's album, told me to compare it to The Wall.

Then recess. Forgot about phone again. Pretty meh.

Lit was pretty cool, we had Mr Clemens, and he gave us free reign as long as we looked like we were working. Oliver attempted to describe all the different types of metal to a bemused Emily and I. It all sounds like the same crap to me.

Bio was alright, coloured in a kidney, discussed weekends. Jack reckons Will got king hit, which explains the mashed face, and Nick got shaved, which explains the suspension. No shaved heads at Grammar unless you have cancer, kiddies.

Lunchtime. Everyone nicked off again. I got my phone, beardman got us tickets in the back mosh. Close enough, I suppose. GOING TO SEE PEARL JAM WOOOOOOOOO. Rest of lunch was pretty dull, Sam, Jason and I plotted to make a bath full of jelly at Jason's. Got told something funny, the

History was alright, we're starting civil rights, which is interesting. I can't wait for the cultural expression bit of this unit. SHOTGUN MUSIC, dammit.

Finally media. We got told about the half dozen projects we're supposed to be working on. Hurm.

After school, optimism, then band, which was dull. We've got a gig in a few weeks, woah. Aiden and Louise got taken to sinfonia to play Pirates of the Carribean, the lucky bastards. Tyre burst on my bike on the way home, sick of this, buying new bike tomorrow afternoon, dammit.

Home, did homework, watched the girls in their Japanese musical (didn't make any sense, was about some heretical inch-high mutant who kills daemons, or something, there were rabbits involved somewhere), then more bloody band, over fairly quickly. Funny how everyone was laughing at Fraser's mantights.

Back home again, talk to the usual suspects, should be starting lit homework. Alison informs there's a maths retest tomorrow. Such fun.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's one of those damn everything days. Oh well. New bike in the afternoon.



Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stockholm Syndrome.

'Lo everyone.

Last night involved getting all three Portishead albums, an Emancipator album, and another Massive Attack album. Still didn't download De Stijl or Binaural, I am a disappoint. But then, if these were good albums, more people would have seeded them, right?

Today, I got up late, listened to Muse (pretty meh for most of it, very overambitious and crap songwriting, and all the background stuff sounds similar. Couple of good songs though), then while doing lit homework Megan dropped in, gave me a Matrix shirt for Aiden, hung out, went off to work. Wat.

Spent afternoon doing psych homework (TEDIOUS) while Triple J put on a live Tame Impala set. Very cool. They played Angel. I want to find an .mp3 of this, holy god damn.

Portishead is very cool, I have decided. I need to find a copy of Eraserhead. Sam has a virus. District Nine better come out in Sale this week. Oh yeah, and Fraser's talking about getting stretchers (things that put huge holes in your ears) and lip piercings. Oh god. I will laugh so hard when his douchebag transformation is finished. Laugh and laugh and then disown him.

Tomorrow's school, and that sucks, cos there's band too. Sick of it. Hopefully Beardman will get gold tickets though, that'd make my day.



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Severed Hand.

'Lo all.

Nothing to post today, really.

Last night, got 3 Muse albums and started on Binaural and De Stijl, just for the sense of completion.

Staggered out of bed late, then found I had very little to do.

The Usual Suspects - ****
This was good, kept me guessing. Was confused near the end, but then it all made sense. Very clever flick.

Then not much else. Like, at all. Though it looks like we'll be picking up Pearl Jam tickets for Katie and James too. Tried to sort out movies but Denny seemed busy, so were a few others, so no movie tonight either. Watching Batman instead. Very Nolan film. Wasn't expecting ninjas.

Hurm. I am amused.

Tomorrow, I dunno yet. I forgot to mention, was in Aldi yesterday hunting for milk, found these little anatomy kits. Should buy some for George and Tom, you can start your own collections.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lullabies to Paralyze.

'Lo all.

Argh. Last night I stayed up til two illegally downloading things. I am a bad person. However, I've now got two more Pearl Jam albums, both Saboteurs albums, all but one album from Queens of the Stone Age, and Let It Bleed. Great success.

Today I woke up very late with a sore head, then spent day listening to all this crap. Aiden appeared on msn, with a similar idea to what I had. If all goes to plan, we're going to GO AND SEE PEARL JAM IN NOVEMBER WOOOOOOOOOO. However, we're going to need to get tickets, so Beardman will be refreshing the site as soon as they're available until he's got them.

Debated whether to go out tonight or not, Amaya gave me a good reason to do so, so I did. Rushed to bus, there was only Sally, Alison, Annie, and Molly there. Had whole bus to ourselves. Met Sam and Hayden with Jake when we got there, fairly boring til the first band got up, and they were alright. One kid was playing a guitar and a digeredoo. Second band was Jake's, and they were good as, Jake had a fully sick solo. Then it was boring again. Went backstage to congratulate Jake, girls latched onto the other members of the band, then two dudes were soloing. Drums and guitar. They were awesome. At one stage, guitarist put guitar in case, then picked up bass and kept going, ten minute kickarse bass solo. Don't care if the rest of them were getting bored, these guys were cool. Then the Hod, who were ok, and the screamo band with Matt Taylor in it. Sounded crap, as usual, except this time there were two huge fat girls twirling around in the middle. Normally, the silly violent dance the scene kids do to metal is harmless, but not when there's two whales doing it. At the end there was a wall of death, which was funny.

I signed up for the cd, cos I figured it'd help the karma balance after downloading so much last night, and the bigger Mawley-Mills kid was there. He was very, very amusing, specially during the wall of death. Got bus home, talked to Alison (face the front), got maccas and walked home.

Tomorrow will involve sleep. I'm not working this weekend, for some reason. Jeremy's changed everything around, looks like I won't be working Tuesdays anymore, because he reckons they don't need a dishpig on weeknights. Like hell you don't.



Thursday, August 13, 2009

On A Plain.

'Lo all.

Hurm. What have we got for today.

After struggling to school, suffered chapel, where they were advertising the 40 Hour Famine. Now, I'm all for this sort of fundraising thing. However, ethically, we've noticed there's something a little bit wrong with filming all these starving children to make us want to starve too. I mean, how much would it have cost to sent over the film crew, and all their equipment, and the produce it all, and everything? Couldn't that money be used on the kids themselves? Ah well.

Then media, had a sub, did another line on my report, got sidetracked looking at guitar hero five.Want.

Recess, cold. Talked to Isobelle, not much else was eventful, as far as I can remember.

And double lit was sssssssslllllllllooooooooooowwww. No mention of the shenanigans from yesterday. Had to read out one of my crappy responses, and we all nearly fell asleep. Today's tangent was fundamentalist christians. Very funny, of course.

At lunchtime, played a bit of hacky with a mini soccer ball, until we accidently kicked it onto the roof so many times (and nearly hit Ms Brown) that we got ordered to go to the oval. So, played a bit of ye olde THROW THE BALL AT THE KID ON THE FLYING FOX! which was fun. Gavin was brutal but innaccurate, Isaac seemed terrified.

Maths sucked, we got an assigment which I almost finished in one lesson. Talked to Alison, and got a phone call. A phone call? Jordan answers it, gets phone confiscated. Oh well, says I, and I forget all about it.

In psych, we're starting the last outcome. Woah. Learning is supposed to be complicated, but oh well. Mrs Clemens wants to lend me Evermore's new album for my opinion comparing it to The Wall. May as well. Afterwards Alison attempted to step on my damn shoelace, took her ages.

Get home, realise phone is still in maths office, shrug. Only one person who occasionally texts at the moment anyway, how sad. Off to work. I ordered the new Pearl Jam album from Leading Edge, ordered GH5 from EB, that's my christmas shopping half done already, then away we went. Had to go all over the bloody place, not particularly fun with a headwind half the time.

Home again, check news, sent to band (no other euphos, have to play bloody solos), then get home and watch Nirvana Unplugged. It was better than I expected, lot more banter. Acoustic In Bloom would have been cool.

And here we are. Tomorrow, if I can escape, might go down to Briag to watch Jake's band play, I dunno. Planning on downloading a lot of music tonight, and then sleeping in til mid afternoon tomorrow, if at all possible. Student Free Days are the best days.



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Waters of Nazareth.

'Lo all.

I have a conundrum. Pearl Jam are in Melbourne for one night only on November 20. November 20 is also the end of year twelve exams, and a student free day. Tickets are on sale. I have cash. But I dunno. Don't want to go by myself really, but I don't know anyone else who like Pearl Jam enough to pay to see them. I'm definitely getting the new album and grabbing the bootleg when they come out.

Actually, that album, and Them Crooked Vultures, and then I have to hunt down both Saboteurs/Raconteurs (same thing different shovel) albums, and then QotSA and John Butler Trio... Hurm. Should start a list. No one else is particularly interested in this sort of music, which is a shame. New Muse stuff sounds meh, by the way, heard United States of Eurasia today. It's not bad, but not as good as some of their earlier stuff. Album might be worth a download, I dunno.

Hurm. Damn kids these days, listening to their crappy gangsta rappers and their crunk crap and their shallow pop stars. Oh well.

Anyway. It was raining all day today.

Got a lift to school this morning after girls lost their bike helmets, everyone was screaming around til I checked the study.

First up was lit. Excellent start to the day. I was berated for not calling or emailing Mrs Cartledge when I didn't know what I was doing. Took notes, kept mouth shut.

Then a history SAC. Oh boy. Sat down, Ms Henry introduced the Finnish girl (blonde hair, what a surprise), and stated that her history class was the most multicultural in the school, cos we have two hot French girls, Akari the Japanese girl, and now this Finnish girl. Hurm. SAC itself was meh, first question stumped me when I first got it, but then I realised what it was asking, and had no real problems. A blank look into space managed to get Ms Henry to ask if I needed any help, how strange.

Recess was cold and wet. Tom and I visited tuck shop, I got me a hot chocolate and a marshmallow. Woo.

Psych was quiet, went to library, printed out sheets, next week I'm going to go and experiment on some year sevens. Observed the class struggle in year ten, as the bourgeoisie kids (the girls were prawns and the blokes had too much product in their hair) discussed who they'd picked up. Very, very amusing. Mr Fraser thinks my voice has dropped even further. Hurm.

In media, they all laughed at me because I left the doll in the shot where Emma's pregnant. Teacher thought it was because of the dead babies thing. Lawl. Then we had to do a report, which would cause me problems later.

Lunch was raining too. Emma mentioned gork. Nearly everyone was in detention. Hayden and Sam escaped at one stage and were dragged back in. Don't think we did a lot, really.

Now, the problem with it raining like hell on a Wednesday is that they cancel sport. If they cancel it in the middle of sport, they put on a movie in the lecture theatre. If not, they give you two more classes. Then you either have to do work or you have a sub and you just muck around.

Bonus bio was alright, looked at what I'd missed, then hung out and discussed music and drawing with Jack, Lulu, Claire and Gav.

Then bonus lit. Walked in terrified. No teacher appeared. So, we indulged in throwing things at the fans til they wiggled dangerously, laughing at people's stupid problem in teenage girl magazines, and Jasper made fun of Emily. He's getting very good at it. Cartledge is going to rape us all tomorrow.

Anyway. Get a lift home, start lit homework, get nowhere, don't do much else. Idly browsing interbutt, not much news. Fraser has started wearing ridiculously tight jeans (?), which I think is very amusing. It's only for bike riding, he insists. Interesting dichotomy here too, guys at school rib each other all the time and laugh, do the same to Fraser and he gets all pissy, throws a tantrum, storms to his room. DO NOT FEED THE TROLL, bro.

Right now I've got a bloody headache, and had an interesting conversation with Tara while waiting for media teacher to reply. Hurm. I need to re-install office, or download open office on the weekend.

Tomorrow is double literature Thursday, which I'm looking forward to. I'm starting to develop a cold again (thanks Pat), and then it better not be raining in the afternoon. It'll feel like a Friday though, cos Friday's a Student Free Day.



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bring It On Home.

'Lo readers.

I don't ever want to wake up at 5:30 ever again ever, if I can help it. I know I'll have to do it again in a month, but still. Bloody hell.

So, get up then, drag self to shower, drown self, wake up, get coffee, wake Beardman, go to school, steal the back of the bus with Jess and Sam (and Rossi, who made things difficult for the girls), fall half asleep with fuzzy new headphones. The bass isn't too bad, Bonzo's drums are punchy as hell, but everything else just fuzzes together, eq doesn't help a lot. Oh well.

Rain threatened all the way there, spat a bit as we arrived, but nothing really there. We walked the course, nothing new, ate a bit, went for a warm up (Pat insisted on sprints, though he was suffering from a cold), then come back to headquarters where Sam gleefully tells us we'll have to wear tiny running shorts. Conveniently, there's none left.

Our race arrived far too quickly. Was numbered GGS40 this year. New start too, we were only boxed for the marshalling, then got taken to the starting line. Gun went off, I kept to the outside so I wasn't flattened, get within sight of the leaders after the first hill. Cumpster took the lead here and didn't lose it the entire way.

The big bastard of a hill wasn't too bad, no headwind once I got to the top, and I started gaining ground on some kids, including a chubby looking ranga. Hit the gate, saw Pat and Sam fairly close, Pat overtook me around there somewhere, then we hit the downhill. Always fun. Was taking it a bit too cautiously because of the wet. Got to the bottom, chest seized up. WTF, says the alarm bells in head. Jesus god, still another 2 klicks to go.

So, drop pace a bit too much, try and recover without losing too many positions, and bloody Sam overtakes me. He's an invitational runner too, so if he beat me, I had to buy him dinner. Bugger that, says I. Start trying to accellerate despite chest whinging at me and making me splutter. Got to last corner, end in sight, duel with one bloke but he got in front, the bastard. Came in and got a free gatorade, Sam quickly reminding me that he beat me.

Half an hour later, slightly recovered, turns out Cumpster won by like a WHOLE minute, then we go and watch the girls arriving. Meg did pretty damn well, and so did Jess and Nemo, and Jess's little sister Sophie (year seven) was running in their (year eleven/twelve) race. She was sprinting in with some gaunt and scary looking girl behind her. "RUN SOPHIE!" The girl behind her loses her shoe ten metres from the finish, beaten by a year seven. Lawl. Someone thought the girl did it on purpose, so she had an excuse for not catching Sophie at the end.

After that was fairly meh, we captured the back again, Aiden got his medal, we won the shield (by like a hundred points), and then back on the bus as the sky turned grey and yellow. My kind of weather, all dark grey and forbidding, just before the rain. Bus trip home was fairly uneventful, drifted in and out of conversations. Girls were trying to do homework, they ended up watching the movie because it got dark. Pat seemed a bit depressed, but hell, he beat me, and he was sick. Stop at KFC, bought Sam popcorn chicken to shut him up, and Meg kept on whinging about how everything had cancer in it.

Get home, fairly wasted, and on a low after the endorphins from running and the caffiene from a Monster. Didn't do a lot, caught up on garbled news from Alison, and glanced at history textbook in case Ms Henry makes me do the SAC tomorrow.

Anyway. In conclusion. I'm sort of worried about chest, either I had a particularly bad stitch or there's something up with my right lung (must be fine cos my heart's still beating), and I reckon I could have done better, but oh well. Sixteenth isn't too bad, I suppose. Had two Zeppelin songs stuck in my head THE ENTIRE BLOODY TIME, but oh well. The whole

Speaking of which, Them Crooked Vultures. Must remember this name.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, so only four classes, but more running training, which I'm really looking forward to, obviously.




Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Director.

'Lo readers.

Gawd. I hate Monday mornings.

Was enjoying a slightly late breakfast when Denny rocked up, then got to school, stuck head in psych book, fended off questions about casuals, then bio, which was yet another sub. I hope Mr Bacon hasn't died, he was cool.

Psych SAC, part two: Electric Boogaloo. Did it in ten, Zac and I were staring around like retards until Emily got up, then waited for Mr King while reading Tom's big Kurdt Kobane book, which was pretty interesting.

Get dropped off at mansion, Ruby's in fishnets and there's kids waddling around everywhere. Get to film a couple of scenes, pretty meh since there was no tripod. Then off to Seaspray, ignored surroundings and read more book. At one stage Ruby asked if we could listen to RatM on my iPod with her headphone splitter. That crazy hippy.

Get to beach, Pat draws huge genitals in sand, film a few sequences, the ridiculous dice concept is included, got out quickly. Back in Sale, few more sequences in a car park, then back to school, where after hearing points of view from both Sam and Pat (and attempting to get confusing lit homework off Isobelle while Agnik was shouting), decided to not wear out legs at running training, so I followed Meg and Annie down the street. Bought fresh headphones, pulled a Jess to find Monster, and didn't do a lot. Oliver found a Lamb of God dvd in the cool cd shop, he was so excited.

Home, tired, watch half of Pearl Jam dvd and then get dragged to band. No one home. Go back to dvd. I'm posting this ridiculously early because I'm tired, I need an early night (gotta wake up at five thirty tomorrow), and I'm sick of you lot. However, I am greatly amused by the ironic situation someone's in. Aha ha.

Tomorrow, victory. Or at least top fifteen, I'll let Pat or Cumpster win. Not looking forward to early morning, bus trip will be ok because I can laugh at Sam's shaven armpits and drown out the noise with my new headphones. The run won't be too bad, I know I'm relatively fit, so I don't think I'm going to die yet.



Sunday, August 9, 2009


'Lo readers.

**For whatever reason, this didn't get posted, and since this public blog is the second most complete one, I'm chucking it on anyway.

As I type, the poms are 98/8. My god.

Right. Had a very odd dream that started out good then got bad, ended up getting soup off Hitler. What. Today started off bad because it was pouring rain and it was really windy, then Megan dropped in, stared at my stuff, and nicked off.

Get to school, still looked fairly bad, shorter periods though. First up was media, where we went through script, sorted out props. Looks like I'm still going to be filming most of the damn thing, and we're still going to bloody Seaspray.

Bio, which was another sub, and more meh questions we all got done pretty quickly.

Then recess which was cold and windy. A lot of people were hiding in their homerooms, so there wasn't much to do except hide and seek.

Lit. Fairly meh. Heathcliff is obviously a very mysterious character. *cough*.

Got five minutes of maths (where everyone was whinging about the test I won't have to do til Wednesday), then off to assembly. Little kids seemed as disinterested as us, except for when they were all dancing to the school song.

The only good part about Commemoration Day is the cake they give you. Today they gave us chocolate coated cupcakes. Yay. Lunch was fairly boring, weather had scared everyone away. Idly flipped through psych textbook, listened to a few lame mistranslated jokes from Isaac, hunted for people upstairs, ended up reading textbook again.

History wasn't too bad, as usual. Started off with a discussion about Chairman Henry's gradual socialist reforms to the school (muckup day is now Year Twelve Final Day), then notes on Kruschev cartoons.

Then the psych SAC. Oh god. Went in, got sheet that had a bunch of flow charts on it, filled in the questions, looked around. Emily seemed to be in a similar situation. I added examples, left after her, we whinged about it in the library. Had no trouble with it at all. Weird.

Went into homeroom, started raining. Then it was pouring and the wind picked up. Glorious tailwind all the way home. Since internet is still being retarded, watched Full Metal Jacket (three movies left now), and then The Prestige was on tv, so watched that as Carlton won and England got bowled out ridiculously quickly.

Tomorrow is work. Isobelle is doing her trial. This may be entertaining. Then Public Enemies.


Anyway, the end.

Use Your Pineal Gland!

'Lo all.

Now, last night, I stayed up ridiculously late to watch Rage. Was cool seeing like five or six really good songs in a row once they hit Teardrop. I did not get wasted though, unlike what looks like everyone else.

Then woke up, did history and lit homework, panicked when I realised my psych textbook was at school, did revision based off wikipedia (got sidetracked pretty badly though. I'm now going to try and find adrenochrome, join Discordianism, and attempt lucid dreaming, plus my broken old phone has working internet), and was fairly bored. All day. Hurm.

Tomorrow is bio, then the SAC, then filming for bloody media. Plus side is, we get to wear casuals, and skip band. Downsides include stuck in a bus with one of those year tens two days in a row, going to Seaspray, and missing out on important crap.

Wait, thought of another plus side. Get to ignore 90% of school population for two days. Yay.



Saturday, August 8, 2009

Al-Dog, Peeler of Ten Thousand Potatoes.

'Lo readers.

Last night Beardman watched the Hottest 100 countdown on Rage. For Kashmir they cut the studio version to the clip of (Earls Court 75 (!)) live version. Bit disappointing, would have preferred a straight live version.

Today was work. Isobelle was there for her trial shift. She did not seem to be having much fun, since there were a buttload of old people there for a show. It was pretty hectic for a while. Jeremy was the Fuhrer for a while. I peeled potatoes and mopped a lot.

When I got home, didn't do much. My hard drive has been nuked to try and get rid of the virus (no, there's no partyvan, and no, I can't see audio), so I've been chucking all my music and stuff back on the computer.

No movies tonight, cos Denny's bummed, girls are all out, and hell, even I'm bloody tired. Maybe next week.

Tomorrow will be doing some homework and maybe a bit of running, but mainly sleep. Looking forward to this, really.

Oh yeah, and if anyone has a spare copy of Office 2007, please to send it here? Might need it to do homework and stuff.



Thursday, August 6, 2009

Strange Times.

'Lo all.

Today was odd. They promised wind, we got strange humidity. Weird.

This morning, Denny dropped in, on his fancy new bike, then stumble into chapel, which briefly mentioned Hiroshima, which contrasts with previous years where they had full on candle lighting ceremonies and Japanese choirs.

Then we had a surprise, local demagogue Darren Chester dropped in to speak to us about achieving our potential. Seemed like he was trying a bit too hard to seem cool, calling politicians wankers, then invited questions. James Gray had a long winded, professional sounding one about climate change, Sam Fink had two about water (does Melbourne's water restrictions really impact on us? I think he was trying to get some information for a geography project or something), and Oliver asked the necessary Batman vs Spiderman question. Mr Chester said Spiderman because of gadget failures. Lies. Batman has giant metal things he can bash Spiderman with.

Biology wasn't too bad, we had a sub, I raced through the fairly easy questions, talked to Gav, businesss as usual.

Then recess. Funny, half the songs that start with G in my playlist are depressing. Weird.

Double maths in the funny room with just Mr Siebel for most of it. Tom and I confused him, and when the bell went Alison and Jasper joined us on the playground for five minutes. By the end of it everyone was sick of everything. Kelly kept on giving us odd looks as Tom and I discussed how a terrorist would pick off everyone in the room.

Lunch. Boring. The girls were sitting around reading the paper, the dudes were standing around not doing much, and half of everyone was missing. Aiden eventually rocked up and was ranting about how awesome his detention was, and then the girls all went insane pushing their eyes together or something.

Psych was a spare. Did tasksheet in library. Need to do a bit of study before the SAC tomorrow, but I think I'll be fine. The stuff I learnt has been encoded well, and has been stored, linked semantically, and can be retrieved easily. See that? Mad efficiency.

I don't know why we have lit in sixth. Honestly. Cartledge is tired, the kids are going a bit insane, we barely get anywhere. We pushed through to the end of the chapter, obviously Cartledge is sick of us taking so long to analyse things.

After school, went to work, high on Monster, had a quick chat to Cumpster at the lake while Alison shouted at me, saw Ryan and Denny waiting for Erin as a buttload of overly made up teenage girls walked past, and nearly got lost in the ghettos near Guthridge Primary.

After tea, went out, won twice, looked at new Russ kit (far too simple!) and now I'm third on the ladder (cos James was badmouthing the dude on top, he has to play him next week).

Back home, idly browsing interbutt, installed yet another antivirus thing, then get a call from Danielle about Scott going on elective camps. The poor child is picking the second most expensive and possibly the most boring camp so he can be with his mates. No guarantees, my friend.

Tomorrow is Friday, and we miss a period because of the big assembly. Unfortunately, we have to play music at said assembly. Fortunately, we get cake after said assembly. Cake Day is always fun.

Things are confusing at the moment. Says the teenager. Ahaha, aren't I funny.



Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In My Time of Dyin'.

'Lo all.

Wednesdays, compared to Mondays and Tuesdays, are pretty damn good.

This morning, discussed the Grand Mario Kart Muckup Day plan with James, Ryan, Tom and Julian. James is planning on building a full scale model of the rainbow road track with taxpayer money and charging billions for laps.

First up on this glorious lit-free day was bio, which involved trying to figure out a diagram where arrows pointed to nothing.

Then media, my assignment of making a montage didn't work because school photos are low-res. Discussed locations, this film is going in strange places that don't really make a lot of sense.

Recess. Meh. Lot of people started nicking off to GIS.

Then history, where we got made to duck and cover, just like in the sixties. Then a googling thing about DEFCON levels. Not a bad lesson.

Maths was fairly dull, Alison moved all by herself this time. Nothing else to write about though.

The Long Lunch was, unsurprisingly, fairly long. No one was around because they'd all gone off to conquer Beaconhills or whoever we were playing, so discussed French women and exploding year sevens in assembly with James and Tom. These rowers are insane. Once they nicked off, went to playground out of sheer boredom, watched the photogenic kids frolic, then went to running training.

I got a nike singlet thingy off Sam cos he said it was too small for him, made me feel a bit self conscious, which is weird, then we had a warm up run. Led by Jess until Sam decided to cut through the trees. Jess was not happy with Sam. Then hill charts, which involved sprinting up a steep hill a few times. No one was particularly happy about this. Ms Dyke assigned Loki to take some girls at racepace around her square, then made David and Sam and I chase them. We overtook everyone else, Sam dropped out, then David and I caught them before the big hill at the end. Feels good man. Then we raided a car, it's now missing a hubcap and a wheel, which Sam had rolled down the hill.

Back to school, catch up with a few more people, walk down the street with Jess, get hair cut (not particularly happy with it, but it'll do for now), check out bikes (will pick one up very soon), then home, Beardman's checking the internet usage thingy and I started to slowly go through my lit essay. Looks like Cartledge thought it was alright, though I have to reword a couple of bits.

Tomorrow, gotta hand in the lit essay, and double maths, which is of course always very entertaining. After school is work, and apparently it's going to be windy as hell tomorrow, so that'll be really fun.




Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crisis? What crisis?

'Lo everyone.

Gawd. Tired. Will be crashing straight after this, I think.

Get to school in bad mood, go to hall, play like crap in assembly like the rest of the band, escape to psych in the computer rooms to do my lit homework.

Lit itself was fairly quiet, Oliver was hitting on Jasper or something, I don't really remember.

Then recess. Whole lotta meh.

Media was meh too, we got the next assignment, which seems a bit more interesting than production. Gotta keep track of all the media we consume. Seems a bit complicated when one factors in the internet.

And then history, which was boring. Discussing Khruschev, which isn't all that interesting, really. Seemed a bit naive to be a dictator.

Lunch. Boring. Ended up discussing how to jump over girls. Then for some reason we were all tackling each other.

Maths was strange, Alison told me all about Henry VIII. This got her moved, of course. I am really behind on the gossip, it seems.

Finally bio, we got a letter from all the year threes, they were cool, then a lazy diagram and completely unrelated wordsearch, while Gavin and I discussed dead baby jokes and nearly ruined Claire's birthday.

After school, went down the street with the droogs to celebrate Ryan winning ICT week. Got chips, saw boardos, Potter showed off her mad subtlety skills, then away I went since I had bloody work.

Work itself was meh. People were all stretched out, so I was there fairly late. This is annoying.

Stop breaking up and getting back together, it's confusing. I don't think I'm 100% on the last round, let alone this one.

Tomorrow, running with Sam and Alison and maybe Jess after the Long Lunch, then a haircut to make sure Cartledge doesn't cut off my balls. Hurm.



Monday, August 3, 2009


'Lo all.

Right. To all the kiddies (and aunts) who read the livespace version, I'm going to stop posting here next week if it keeps not working. I'm sick of it. If the virus goes away I'll resume posting. If it doesn't, I advise getting a stupid myspace or getting a link to the public blog. Sorry.

Anyway. Today was one of those glorious days where one is too tired to give a crap about much, and so simply goes with the flow. The flaw in my plan is when things aren't as cool, then it all gets tricky.

Woke up relatively early but slept in for all ten minutes of Achilles Last Stand (which is a fantastically ironic title, given the circumstances), rode to school since it wasn't raining, nearly fell asleep, but there were all these damn people hanging around. It was a bit annoying.

Double psych first up, Mrs Clemens kept using her experiences with The Wall to explain things so the damned year twelves were looking at me funny. Fairly meh lesson, got a fair bit done after a dud experiment. SAC sounds interesting, no doubt I'll screw something up. That's the problem with these 'cool', unorthodox assessments; tests are far easier because you know what the hell you're doing.

Recess. Freezing cooold.

Then lit, too tired to make up an excuse or lie or even get an answer off Emma like a certain red head did, however the detention she issued (which strangely was only for the honest people) ensured I'd be inside doing something vaguely occupying at lunch instead of standing around in the cold. That means I win, right?

In bio, things were pretty cool. Had to do a couple of fairly easy worksheets, listened to Mr Bacon, and at the end he gave Zulhaika, Jack and I chocolate for helping him with the year threes. Woo.

This, of course, made my detention with Mrs Cartledge much more better. When she finally rocked up, gave me simple task, which I stretched out, then Oliver rocked up and we discussed anarchy within hearing distance of a secretary. I escaped, caught up with Kelly, and found a few kids playing soccer in the wind.

History wasn't too bad. Have no distinct memories of what we did, however I do remember Nick making fun of Harry's reading, then stuffing up himself. That was funny. And one of those damn hot French girls was looking at me funny. Tu est a la SIDA. Lol.

And then media, Ms Robbins had a new haircut which was distracting, then a music lesson. Views on facial hair at school haven't changed since the seventies, according to Mr C. Good way to waste a period, music lessons.

Rushed back for bag, then band, where I came very close to falling asleep. Only reason I do this band is because mates are in it (and chance to go to music camp with girls, gigedy), so when they're skipping it, it's damnably boring. Rode home before it started raining again, then into the lit essay, which at times seemed fairly easy, but I got stuck on the conclusion.

Lack of internet is really, really annoying me. I need to get rid of this bloody virus.

Tomorrow, playing at bloody assembly, then school, then work. Tuesday is almost as bad as Monday, wow.



Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reservoir Dogs.

'Lo all.

Returned alive and relatively intact from my travels to Lakes and back. Convenient time for a break, too.

Got up far too early and rushed to train station, things were ridiculously quiet and ridiculously expensive. I really need to get me a concession thingy now that I'm seventeen and unable to lie competently. Aiden and I had an entire carriage to ourselves, which was weird. Cos it was the last one, we could go to the window at the back and get tripped out.

Odd, however, that they had five carriages for a Saturday morning trip TO Bairnsdale. You bastards, Vline, it was empty.

Met Isaac at Bairnsdale, discussed the downloading of movies illegally, nearly fell asleep because of how ridiculously early it was, then arrived in Lakes to find Tom actually asleep at the bus stop.

After lunch, booted up the ps2s, lost about four hours playing the damned things. Tom's insane shooting car game was good, I'm still meh at Guitar Hero, and Tom is bloody scary at regular FPS crap.

Then Reservoir Dogs, which was entertaining, because they were all singing along, then more shooting, then Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which they seemed to enjoy. It was weird, there's something wrong with Tom's tv, so one side is all wavy.This makes playing Guitar Hero trickier, but makes stoner movies twice as good.

Next day, more games. My thumbs were almost worn off. Aiden beat Tom a couple of times in Red Faction, which he did not shut up about. Then they gave up, Tom started doing homework, Aiden and I gave up too and watched the millionaire who lives across the street in his mansion jump in his excavators and start digging holes. It was bizarre, but I suppose if I was a millionaire and my bitching hot wife was out, and the weather was no good for my yacht or private jet, I'd probably dig holes in my huge backyard too.

On the way back home, saw heaps of boardos, endured Tonilee, laughed at the people fighting, and my god damn headphones broke. Really not happy about this.

Get back to Sale, watch as Jesse Kefford nearly got beaten up, saw Annie, who wasn't particularly happy, then home. Fraser seems to be turning into a genuine douchebag, he's already got the attitude and the crappy music, now he's getting the fashion. If I see him getting a fake tan and making a guido face, I'll rip out his endocrine system and disown him.

Tomorrow is Monday, and that sucks. Not looking forward to school, or band, or anything, really. Not very happy with certain people. Don't want to do literature essay either, dammit.


Anyway, the end.