Monday, July 13, 2009

Wish You Were Here.

'Lo all.

Hell, I hate first days back at school. It was far too cold and there were too many screaming retards and all the usual crap.

Anyway. Hope you enjoyed reading about my nearly-depressingly boring holidays. Hope you got up to something exciting, though if you're still reading, maybe not... It's a shame they're over though, I only got like 5? 6? hours sleep last night. I miss waking up after 13.

Right. Get to school, say hi to Bernice and Annie, Bernice gave me a surprisingly large chocolate frog. Said hi to Tom and Lulu too, everyone else was scattered around. Saw the New French Girl with Sarah. It's not Amaya. I am a disappoint.

First up was biology. We had the sardonic Mr Bacon, who brought in a stuffed Pooh Bear to teach us about living critters. Not a bad lesson, though I do find it amusing that Gav and I took up the entire middle row as none of the year tens had the balls to sit near us. We just laughed, discussed swine flu.

Then psych. Small class, did a fairly easy fill in the blanks thing. Meh.

Recess. Fairly quiet. Sam's new hairdo is still deceptive. Caught up with the horde, but unconsciously kept my distance. Weird.

Lit was the usual, rant rant rant tangent rant (this time it was a new sonnet, and the tangent was seeing Romeo and Juliet at the Globe). Cartledge also mentioned there was one girl in our year who really couldn't walk in heels, but refused to say who. Spoilsport. It's a quiet class since Sam wimped out.

Five minutes of maths, four of which were spent watching Bren-dog get increasingly angry at a group of girls who were standing around in the corner. Funny. Then a music lesson, both of us were tired, so meh.

Lunch. Finally. It was quiet. The usual suspects dropped in for a chat, I started my lit homework, got bored, since everyone else had nicked off broke into Bernice's chocolate and went for a walk with Kelly. Visited the horde playing soccer against Harry and co, Sam seemed so out of it, then back around, see Agnik and Sally. They're all very depressed, Amaya, come back here.

History was meh. For some reason the kids all thought that the Berlin Wall broke down 40 years ago (moon landing, you idjits). I got a good mark on the maps, 25/25, but I believe the only important bit will be Amsterdam (and Amaya's house, obviously). The rest of the class was whinging about how they messed up Finland and Norway. Hurm.

Then media. Oliver's wordle thing featured seven deadly sins and four horsemen of the apocalypse. Interesting discussion on the Hottest 100 as we cut stuff out, Ms Robbins seems to have a pretty cool taste in music. I still think this project is a bit too overambitious. It seems we're going to be hunted down on the Facebook too. I'm not sure if the blog still gets linked there. If it does, and you're reading this Ms Robbins, stare into the abyss long enough and eventually it'll stare back at you, it's worked for a few people.

Bell goes, Lulu says there's no band, go home, do homework, go to band, get bored, go home again, here I am. A lot of people seem to have been blogging, which is cool. Nice to have something to read.

George, letter should arrive by Thursday or Friday, it's only Monday today. Make sure you listen to the live version of Death Letter, it's so fething cool.

What else have we got. Didn't see Katie on le tour last night, unfortunately. Sick of school and homework already. Had an idea. Not that it's a good one. And Under the Bridge is good as, should have downloaded it a lot earlier.

Tomorrow will be Tuesday, which is never really a good sign. We'll have assembly (Jess, dunno if you read this, but you've got a surprise waiting for you next week...), and then either everything or doubles. Then work. Hurm.


Anyway, the end.

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