Monday, July 20, 2009

What is and what should never be.

'Lo everyone.

My iPod headphones are officially busted. The left side died on the walk to school this morning (since my bike is currently being repaired). Not happy. There is music on a GORRAM LOOP in my head. Will need to pick up new gooder headphones and some tyre repair crap tomorrow before work or something, hell.

Anyway. Today is a Monday. This means no sleep last night. I'm slowly being driven insane, and we've only had a week of school so far. Hurm.

Stressed over lit homework a bit with Emma ("I'm not feeling anything, are you?" "Not really, I'm just gonna make up stuff" "Cool"), then school, where there were too many people.

Double psych. Quiet. Remembered 29/30 random words in some memory thing, was annoyed that I only forgot one, Clemmo thought this was funny.

Recess. Demoralising.

Lit. Also demoralising. We had one of those things where Cartledge asks us a question, and though we're all thinking the answer, we all think it's not right, so no one says anything. I think it's funny, she hates it.

Biology was alright, Mr Bacon has some very lame jokes (that and the year tens are stupid). Looking forward to doing field work, I think.

Then lunch. Tom took pity on me and lent me his headphones, which led to Machine Gun getting out of my head until Meg thought it'd be funny to put on something really loud. It was fairly boring til Kelly got bored too, then we stalked Erin and Bree. Jess gave me more Hersheys.

History was studying a Billy Joel song and looking at editorials about the Moon landing. Ruby was freaking out because she didn't do the media crap. Emily said something stupid that she told me to mention, but I can't remember what it is. So nyeh. Told you I'd forget.

And then media. Patrick has joined our class. He seemed a bit shocked at how stupid we all were. We did more in that lesson than we have in a while, but the script is still plodding along. I submitted my bit, but it's pretty crap.

Before homeroom, had the Hershey stuff. Everyone thought it was alright til they asked for more. Meg said she could taste the fat in it. In large doses, it's not that great. Walked to gate with Lulu, after she nearly got captured by boardos.

Home again, began fixing bike, realised I was lacking essential supplies, downloaded some Massive Attack sounding indie stuff, got some research from a Russian news website where all the main stories were about strippers or tanks, and all the pictures were of naked girls and fighter jets. Those crazy Ruskies. Then suffered band. Soon as I got out, Australia lost the test. Oh well.

Right now, they're about to show the Hilltop Hoods set on the tv. Yay.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. That means work. Not looking forwards to this because my clothes are still filthy and damp.



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