Sunday, July 5, 2009

We're late.

'Lo everyone.

You've all terrified me, I had no idea so many people read the blog. I don't get it, or the appeal. Oh well.

Right. At the moment I'm on a laptop in Ocean Grove next to a heater, and it's freezing outside. Feels good man.

Today was interesting. Joe stumbled home in the morning, caught a couple of hours sleep, told me it was worth it because he actually won money. Then off to Geelong, and iPod, phone, and little gps thing were all running out of battery, which wasn't cool. Used up far too much phone battery last night (and I'm still confused, by the way).

Met with rellies, answered same questions about school five times through the afternoon (I think that's a record low!), enjoyed food, suffered photos, pranked Fraser, the usual. Then we had to watch the footy, and it was an interesting game. Caught the tail end back at the house, Peter and Lance were a bit over excited, definitely not paying attention to Nanna K opening her presents. Still funny though, would have been better if it was a draw.

Then everyone left, Katie lent me a buttload of kickarse movies, and now Le Tour's on and I'm considering trying to get more sleep as tomorrow I'll have to be up early >.<

Speaking of tomorrow, driving home, clean up, go hang with horde for Annie's birthday. Not sure about movements yet, so maybe no blog post tomorrow, I dunno. Meh.



****400TH POST ****

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